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and occasional coughing. The pulse is slow and weak the

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soluble compound silver chloride further the sodium

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medical science of Europe and of this country. The latter

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edition is also the richer by five new engravings and three new plates

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some respects to be regarded as the mere mode of expressing

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Moizard ascribes the death to the toxic action of the

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superintendent into closer touch with school boards and has enabled

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exhibition of mercury. Resolution commenced on the fourteenth but

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This treatment consists of giving from the After the morphine is stopped strychnine

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writer s name and addritss ttjot necessarily for publication. No at

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many cases is yet to come. But the results reached in prophylaxis

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cough and the expectoration had lost its bloody character. But

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Any puncture of the scalp ordinarily produces bleed

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Advisory Committee the Review Board and other experts

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any inflammatory swelling has subsided. It is always advisable to

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placements eversion of the cervical mucous membrane cys

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lic hygiene do to resist the progress of consum tion.

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respiration is generally short and hurried the circulation quick and

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hst were prepared. It will be sufficient in the case of large skeletons

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tinued until he came under observation. Any slight bruise was always

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Following the eruption desquamation may occur. In al OUt one fifth of

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ticular part which is most essential and pass lightly

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stone forceps pincers we had no better success the collum

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results according as inoculation is by bite by hypodermic or intrave

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fluid containing organisms being precipitated into the cavity in

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of the bath. Arrangements should be made for supplying fresh cow s

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A more serious permanent loss of memory may however occur as a

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Meetinos. Annual second Tuesday in January semi annual second

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Cardiovascular Endocrine. Sex and Reproduction Gastrointestinal

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ed. Variant Sexuality Research and Theory. Beckenham Kent

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accustomed to the disease. There are also some reasons for believing that

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distorted to such an extent that the movement of the affected

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ing operation was peiformcd on the twelfth day after

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