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situation are sufficiently contracted to draw the spine of

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inocuhited with the ohl prophyhu^tic as were formed in those of

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throughout the course the advantages of the baths, etc., at Hot Springs. Hie

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grip, and though one is too prone, perhaps, during the

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the serum to be tested, by means of a capillary pipette. Into each of

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pampiniform plexus just underneath the skin, and that the vas

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knowledge on this subject. The admission of a single circumstance into the

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them. He described these pigmented bodies in the various stages of

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unequal effort, the sound loses muscular tone, becomes vibrating and

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traumatic injury. Six morUhs later, exacerbation of arthritis and suppuration in cavity

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reason we recommend the following plan for the washing out of fetid lung

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excellent photographs T. R. French illustrates his method,

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however, that this is far from being the truth. In-

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and one should not refuse a rhinological inspection because there seemed to

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I am accustomed to tell my classes that strophanthus acts

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higher than at the former examination, and has been steadily increasing ;

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upper surface of the handle in this figure will be seen

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scar o\'er the knee, another a small sore on the elbow, and the third a little

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in the consent rate when three elements are in place. 2

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rhomboids were softened and pol3rpoid at their edges, showing

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Cfub-Foot. After having passed through a cycle of accepted methods of

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In the painful Colic of Epidemic Dysentery. — Eichter.

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A New Aseptic Ether and Chloroform Inhaler. — By Ernest

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doses — a grain every half hour, in the smallest possible pill ; and discontinued

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those we have just been discussing. — Med. Times and Gazette, Jan. 3, 1880.

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The Post-mortem Detection and Estimation of Strychnine.

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gers were overestimated by nearly everyone; it was be-

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contribute bearing upon the percentage of cures. To secure

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We must then look for a similar condition of the lower extremity on uie

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pulse, 84. Blood examination: Erythrocytes, 931,540; leukocytes,

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wandering tribes been smitten. Let the attention of Christians and

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matous strurase, when circumscribed and not vascular, enu-

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and organical science ; but we will not, at this time, dwell on

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other words, if he was diagnosed three years after the discharge, then he

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