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Post-Graduate Medical School. Early in his career, Dr. Satterthwaite

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3. Carry out the dry toilet of the skin by means of an aseptic

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Dr. McGuire 's preliminary education consisted in a Junior Leav-

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fatal in twelve minutes, the mode and character of the action

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was followed by a course in the University of Paris, France, where

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and woodland, pleasantly foreign to what may be called the

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post-graduate courses in leading hospitals and clinics of Europe, re-

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body three times. In April, 1SS9, he was graduated from

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and give an injection of hot water before I arrived.

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conditions are almost infinite in variety and complexity, and are

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In the cases observed thus far there has been found on examination a true

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pared a "Manual on Nursing"; appointed honorary Consulting Sur-

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right, and then let nature manage the case. Third, Instruct your

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ence on fermentation, the fluid extract can be given with excel-

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nent position. Of these, we have met with none that seems more effective than

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rdoctora. Much mgrc af;T«eabte w^-i'! ■ *- - ■■-' "l

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in better health than she has been for years, and is conscious of

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assistants are im-ariably devoted to him because of the

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Of the latter, a recent historical writer has said : " When

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who discovered ampicillin

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