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differential diagnosis from other conditions producing abdominal tumours

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of epithelium of the vagina or neck of the uterus. The

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ments to the tissues of the abdominal incision after

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lent collections are classified respectively as lumbar iliac

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organs and commonly myxedema are associated with brachycardia. In

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physician should be felt in the locality where he resides in

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water by itself and those who drink equal parts of vin ordinaire

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tongues The opening sentence of the work in hand brings this thought

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for it is needful. Let him stand in all the time of the

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in a year thus prolonged after treatment is necessary for restoration

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River some days later July d and took advantage of the

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again we must admire the incomparable design and perfect

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danger lies. But he assumed also that simultaneous opening on

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is better to increase the frequency rather than the quantity given

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cities in hospital and private practice on the altar of this

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from the cortex to the spinal cord. The most weighty evidence favoring

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inunction over the inguinal region its anodyne antiseptic

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cessary encumbrance to the Pharmacopceia is prepared by rub

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great pain is produced after two or three hours and I

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cord and disproportion in the other. Here too may be

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inspiration and the upper portion of the chest hardly moved. There was

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