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the major part, is sharply marked off from this eosin-stained tissue by its lilac color.

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annual temperature is more than 14° less, yet the contrast in the seasons of

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studies on the lymphatic system draining such areas.

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many peculiarities in it which make care in all the common habits of life still

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1 Amer. Jour. Med. Sci., September, 1912, cxliv, 327.

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pulse slow and full; skin and extremities warm; venesection, twelve ounces,

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self-reproach and the phobia no conscious association.

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cyanic acid, hot mustard poultices were applied to the side, fomentations to

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i f Turner, B. B., removal of diffusible substances from the circulating blood by

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essay, are curious and important. The composition of the first hun-

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the body the formation of urobilin from urobilinogen constantly

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« i./r- 1 1, ^ ^ Class. Atlantic coast from Delaware Bay to Savannah.

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Differential Diagnosis. While the occurrence of pus in and

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the thirtieth and seventieth day after the first injection. The

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with hydrochloric acid gas. After dilution if necessary with alcohol

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patients, each of whom received 5 mg. neosalvarsan in 4 c.c. solution intraspinously.

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conclusive: hence the necessity of following the advice of Morgagni— not only

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ing the parts, and on removing it, he found that no protrusion took place. At

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sels are to be tied, and the heart separated; after trying whether they

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ings and while I do not wish to enter into a discussion of this subject

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mercurial cancrum orix. An ademato\is inflammation of the cheeks, lips, and

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unabated. During the winter she had two attacks of hemorrhage, which

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ciable, being followed instantaneously b}' the organic lesion, while, in the second,

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of the sick. None can know but those who have felt it, the sudden and deli-

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in our language; he is a practitioner, a scholar of indefatigable industry and

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The army is as well protected against smallpox as repeated

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physiologists, i\Q formative force or power — a power which is supposed

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with a diagnosis of osteomyelitis, because of the rapidly developing

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letter; my object being to prevent those who were going to the dry bracing air of

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A strict attention to it will enable him often, by a timely administra-

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25th, two da^'s afterwards, rallied considerably, to the great astonishment of M.

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without regard to the strict situation of the parts injured; severe inflamma-

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sensible writer, and we conceive his present production to afford confirmation of

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put upon a generous dret, with the use of tonics. About ten days after the

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a pilular consistence before thirty-six hours. After a few days it resists, in a

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Starting with an alleged phobia for towers, we find it is more

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Skin and Cellular Tissue. — Haemorrhages in these textures constitute what are

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