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5. Keyes and Stevens — Intravenous Administration of Phenolsul-

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fessor of Pediatrics, Western Reserve University, Cleveland. 8. A

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in intestinal disorders, the toxic products of such disorders being carried

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citing such reasons as longevity- related chronic illness, new

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it cost during this year to care for this large number over

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of the theoretical considerations which have been outlined, that

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found free except that it was attached posteriorly by a mesentery. The

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I notice in The Cleveland Medical Journal an unfair accusation

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Beach Lake, PA., accommodates 350 campers, ages 6-16; complete modern

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few years ago to meet a demand which could not be met by the Camp

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to the hay, .uch plants as Z,To in i T^'i ""^ * ««^ ""Jdition

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humanity. They shoidd cooperate especially with the

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necessary for an illustration to fit the pages of the

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temporary improvement, sometimes even permanent improve-

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Naratoski was never delivered by a doctor ; she always employed midwives

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Utieaof faece. (often "ml-fluidjbeforeabdomtaalpaln uZwn^.

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type of mesarteriitis there occurs the localization of a moderate

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of human parasite in a disease which they considered clinically

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work. He is to be disregarded. He must take what he is offered.

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The head is not always affected. There may be involve-

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sociological control will soon reduce the number of those who

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In answer to an inquiry August 13, 1912, Dr. Crile enclosed the fol-

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*«n after the operetion of the Uxative or if it i, not conaidered

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Articles have appeared over the last several years con-

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authorizes it to prescribe all such regulations as in its judgment, will

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sented by the emulsion of the spinal cord taken from recently

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12. Guthrie— Amer. Jour. Physiol, 1907, XIX, 482.

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third or fourth day, unless for some good reason, as prolongation of

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surprising what a useful touchstone has been placed at our dis-

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by nurses was read. The Council requested that the substance of the

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mal, the drop being associated with profuse sweating. The

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Tuberculosis involves primarily the cartilage, the bone secondarily

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and surgery." Evidently the members thought they must justify

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