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France is concerned, received and acted upon at the
NicoLsoN, Thoa., M.D., late of Davies Street, London, at Brighton,
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enced agonising pain in the left foot, which, on exa-
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established, in connexion with it, a Medical Provi-
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modes of life for all men. Socrates said long ago that he who had
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unto trees, herbs, roots, beasts, fowles, fishes, wormes,
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thymus gland, whose Ufe ends before that of the rest
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this not efficiently ; the complete division of the
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cceruleus, cyanosis may be absent, would seem to lend supj)ort to the
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semi-tropical type ; and moreover, that during epi-
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cause so indefinite and imperceptible as the constitu-
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clinical teachers of this hospital ai-e placed in a posi-
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fact, i,' Union Medicale suggests that it would be a
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(c) Hypertrophy in Consequence of Muscular Effort (Hard Work). —
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cancer with cancerous deposits in the lower urinary
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highest triumphs of his intellect in unravelling the
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few cases of medical persecution which have occurred,
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hypertrophy of the left ventricle and a distinct contraction of the
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disclosures of these circumstances led to inquiries
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solved in water. This he Uked and craved for ; about
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hind its ai-ticular surface ; the coronoid process rest-
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adopted, and as the names would explain themselves,
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ground, as indicated on the plans ; but the detailed
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the whole vitreous space, carrying in fr-ont of it the
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applied to that of the others with the same certainty
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nature of the originating malady, trauma, myocarditis, aneurysm,
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likely to swerve from his church, it would be when he
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ing off; but, as no untowai-d symptoms resulted, he
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temporary or permanent, or it may be gradual in its
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the less or no active jaart, according to the theory of
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disapprobation to the thing, and refuse to allow their
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