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cent structures. In the rare instances in which the
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was found to be exquisitely tender on the right half
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Genitourinary system: The left kidney showed chronic
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as follows: Manhattan, 14.15; the Bronx, 13.41; Brooklyn,
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needed at once. The immense outlay necessary to provide
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tion and continued for three or four days. The tempera-
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some bacterial infection, and this has caused a pro-
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was found in and was removed from the thickened gall-
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the strange mental cults. There is no better and sim-
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Whereas. The method of attempting to check the spread of vene-
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rarely, in this condition of mental and physical tor-
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treatment will be of little avail in effecting perma-
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After this he fired an engine on a river steamer for three
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For his views expressed there,^ Vesalius was violent-
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who do become infected; that it protects regardless
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am quite self conscious when walking. My thoughts are
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left anterior part of the sella turcica. Its surface was very
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death rate for the week in each of the five boroughs was
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the case and try to establish an setiological factor.
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pital : East Side Microscopical Society ; Brooklyn Med-
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flow, which should go into the rectum drop by drop.
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tions of neurotic ill adaptability. They were physi-
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dimentary, has been shown to present a sufficiently
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ity as suggested for empyema ; this failing, it may
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tile. Liouillon ; turbid ; no pellicle. Gelatin stab ;
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Protective Measures Against Cholera in Germany. —
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i6th. Dr. Charles AL Bertholf, aged thirty-five years.

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