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External Hard Drives: What To Look For

Shopping for an external hard drive can be a difficult process. You want to find one that suits your needs. External drives are handy for both professional and personal uses.

When you are working with digital files it is important to back up that information. CDs can be made with digital files and documents, but they are also easily scratched or broken. Hard drives on computers can also get clogged quickly by all the files on it.

This is where external hard drives come in. They are handy with backing up important files from your computer so you can access them or have them available for the future. They are also handy in case accidents happen, such as accidentally losing or deleting files on your computer.

External hard drives make it possible to have copies of your files. Find a drive that fit your needs. If you are only using a file to back up a few files you don’t have to invest in as fancy a hard drive system as a professional trying to protect his professional portfolio.

Start by looking at storage capacity. Storage of 1 TB will allow you plenty of room to put all your movies, music, pictures, and documents on it with no problem. You can put thousands of items on your drive and not have to worry about clogging up your computer with them.

Also search for a drive that is compatible with your computer system. Some external hard drives are compatible with windows systems, but are not with Mac users. Find one that fits your computer before you buy it.

Next is to find a style of external hard drive that you like. Find one that matches the environment it will be in. If you are using it in your office, for example, you would probably not want to buy that bright pink model. Instead, find one in white, black, or even a professional metallic finish.

Also find a drive that has a strong back up system. Back up software with hard drives should be used to backup their files automatically. That protects the files by copying the files ahead of time in case of emergencies.

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The Importance Of Having A PC Backup Software

Many are getting crazy of having a PC backup software today as a must have software, but do you think it is necessary to have one? If you went through a system crash and you realized you just lost a few files, then you would perhaps understand the drastic effect that may result to this problem. Before anything will be gone, it is good that you secure yourself to have at least a backup system on your files. According to recent data studies, one out of ten hard drives is deemed to fail each year making the end-users disappointed using their computers.

It is definitely a misfortune if you wake up one day and learn that all your computer data and files are all gone? It could be one of your horrible nightmares! It is for sure that you use the computer to save you business files, reports, project presentations, photos and videos. Losing these information will greatly affect your business transactions and could bring problems in the future. Having regular backup strategy could be a big help on your part but it might seem a burden as well. It will be time consuming and requires a lot of energy to do. But it is better than having all your files gone by just for nothing.

You will get many advantages in making backups of your computer with a good PC backup software program. If you find to select the correct program to backup your computer files, it will have a feature called data deduplication. The de-dupe feature allows you to at least save 90% – 95% of the bandwidth and 95% of the time will be spent in the backup process of your system. Also another feature to check in a backup program is one that allows you to backup everything remotely.

It will be easier for you or perhaps your IT administrator to manage your operations if you have a simple backup program to follow with a fully automated backup system. This means that those employees who have field work will not worry of backing up their data as long as they are online as this system will allow you to have it backup on a regular basis. In the event of a hard drive failure or system crash, you can still recover the files and be able to work and continue with your business activities. It means you can save all the hard work and efforts you made in times of these crises.

Investing in PC backup software could be a good investment you can take. You can think of it as an inexpensive insurance to your business. The little time and money you spent to get one will save you much from headaches, money, replacement, and future problems. You don’t want to lose your important documents and data in your computer whether you do work offsite or onsite. Getting the right PC backup software today will ensure that you can restore your computer should there be problems on data theft or loss!

Check infos about backup software for PC. Are you able to save a copy of your file from your PC? Are you familiar with data backup softwares? Jeff Matthuis is a web owner. He has been writing about data backup. to keep your data safe. Find out more by visiting his website.

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How To Choose Disk Repair Software

How would you imagine if all the data files you saved in your hard disk are all gone or inaccessible and you’ve got nothing to do but scratch your head because of such predicament? It will be harder than you may think like your credit card bills. Certainly, reality bites on technology. We always rely on it for our business operations and even other personal matters. It seems we can’t live without technology. But sad it may seem like losing your data contained in the hard disk, there is still hope in recovering and repairing the data in it, and that is when you have the right repairing software for hard disk recovery that you can use.

With the software development that relates to data recovery, man was able to create a very sophisticated software called hard disk repair software to provide solution to data loss when the hard disk gets corrupted. It is not only used on hard drives but is also compatible with storage devices like USB drives, damaged CDs and DVDs. And not only that, those deleted emails can still be restored back and one has options to encrypt or compressed their chosen files instantly. It even allows you to make image copy of the data you have in the hard drive as its way of recovering data.

Still confuse on what kind of hard disk repair software to buy out from the many available choices we have in the market? It will be a challenging part from your end if you know little about the key features of a data repair software. We always want to get the best value for our money and not just that, the capability of the product to provide what we need and other extra features it have. Certainly, we will identify what the most important features that we need to consider. Let us check the hard disk repair software package.

1. It should have the ability to pull data from various storage media including the SCSIs, serial ATAs, RAIDs and IDEs as well as other external drives and removable media 2. It should support multiple file systems 3. It should have the ability to restore data and files from BIOS and lost partition tables 4. It should have the ability to restore data lost because of virus attacks, accidental deletions, power outages, corrupt storage devices and corrupted or damaged files 5. It should be equipped with a variety of search options feature that allows the user to perform extensive search using creation/updating dates, filenames and extensions and other methods 6. It should be user friendly. 7. It should be able to assist documentation. 8. It should have the effectiveness in recovering complete or maximum amount of lost data.

If you are tight on a budget and don’t have funds in buying disk repair software, you may have the option to download it online in websites like Undelete Plus or Pandora Recovery which are free. Though, it works the same as those paid softwares, it doesn’t contain some of those additional features that are usually found or as part of the complete package in a paid disk repair software. There is always that value-added difference if you get the full package. However, disk repairing maybe totally different from disk recovering as it is not at all times that you can always repair data after it has been recovered from the damaged disk. The disk repair software is there to function to repair damaged data being recovered. It can be use or is compatible to other storage and removable media mentioned above. As advised, you have to backup data first before doing the data repair.

Check infos about hard disk repair software. Are you able to repair your hard disk when it gets damaged? Have you heard about repair softwares for hard disk? Jeff Matthuis is a web owner. He has written articles about hard disk recovery, hard disk repair, etc. Find out more by visiting his websites.

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System Disaster Recovery Assistance Through Managed IT Services

Running any type of business is not really easy at all. You have to put much time, dedication, and hard work to keep it on track. In getting serious with business, the owner expects positive activities to run as smoothly as possible even with a few slips along the way. However, sometimes there are unforeseen events that might happen and disaster will make its own agitation. This time, you might need to call help from Managed IT Services to help you with disasters issues. Featured below are the services provided my Managed It Services in terms of flood, fire and other system disaster recovery.

You could never go wrong if you secure services from a Managed IT Service company to take care of your backup and system disaster recovery needs rather than trusting to your own capabilities in handling those disaster situations alone. With the Managed Disaster Recovery feature that you could avail, you can be sure that every single data that is important to your business will be stored safely come to the point when you need it if disasters have totally damaged your networking system. The security is guaranteed as the data files will be stored somewhere else that is safe.

It is the job of your hired Managed IT Services to handle your data records and keep them in a secured location remote from your physical business location but still accessible by you anytime when you need it. That is why, when times disasters struck you that could possibly fail your business operations, you won’t need to worry at all losing your files as they are kept secured by the system disaster recovery company. The service in storing your files is done 24×7. It is definitely a non-stop data storage service.

In order to know that what are the most basic things that are done when hiring a Managed IT Service company to handle your disaster recovery plan, it is best to know how they do it. It starts with data backup which is made accessible anywhere for you. They permanently update the backup system every time new data is generated from your end to make sure nothing is lost. By the time, you unfortunately experience disaster, and if you have the system disaster recovery service, your employees will not mind how to get the files as it can be accessed anywhere else.

You can’t predict when destructive disasters would hit you so badly like fire or flood. If you are not well prepared, it could pull down your business big time! So the primary reason why you get services from Managed IT companies is to basically secure you important data files that no matter what happens, you will still be able to retrieve it and continue your business operations. It is life saver for the business if you still have your data accessible.

We recommend that you visit this link for system disaster recovery. Recovering your data is one thing that one should think in storing important data. Jeff Matthuis is a web owner. He has written articles on system disaster recovery, Recovering your data, etc. Check more of his articles in his website.

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Solutions in Copying Files In The Hard Drive

One of the most irritating issues a computer user can experience is transferring files from one hard drive to another. In the case of little file size, you simply use a standard diskette, copy the file(s) needed to your diskette drive, and copy these from the diskette to the desired storage computer. If you are planning to copy from one drive to another within the same computer, it is definitely not a problem. However, it is quite a hassle getting large amounts of data from one computer to another rather than replacing the contents of your current hard drive when upgrading to a new one.

Other people may have a hard time copying large amount of files from their hard drive to another computer. Certainly, nowadays, it will not be a problem anymore as there are a lot of options where you can transmit files already through various methods. It could be through physical connections of serial or parallel cables, some portable applications that aid in a quicker and easier transfer of files between computers. And not only this, several factors are also considered like the physical proximity of the computers involved, their portability, the data files and the number of times it need to be repeated (transferring of files).

Direct Cable Connection.

With the Direct Cable Connection Utility by Win9x, connecting computers and transferring files between them will not be a problem anymore. If you have two computers you want to network or share information with, that is very possible now. How will you do it? You have to configure one computer to be the HOST and the other computer as the GUEST. There are instructions to follow in the Direct Cable Connection Utility dialog boxes. It is so simple and easy. Click Start, Choose Programs, Select Accessories, then Communications (only in Win98 OS), and you can now Select Direct Cable Connection. The HOST needs to be configured and the drive directories need to be selected for the GUEST access. The folder should be chosen. Just click File and click Sharing. Select Shared As and just simply select the type of access you want for the GUEST computer. For security purposes, you may opt to select a password. To complete the whole process, connect the cable between the computers and just select files that you want to copy.

Remote Access.

Other users prefer to transfer files from a desktop computer to a portable computer while doing some work. Cases like these require remote access software that allows the two computers to communicate effectively via telephone lines and their designated modems. Many software companies give several powerful programs to cater such purpose. Traveling Software Inc.’s LapLink Professional ($149.99), for example, makes you have a remote access to data files and programs on a remote PC. Of course, the software needs to be installed on both PCs, and data transmission speeds is limited on the capacity of the modems and telephone lines file transfers. LapLink allows one to connect properly configured computers through a Universal Serial Bus (USB), parallel, or serial cable (it comes with the software), and through an infrared or network connection.

Hard Drive Copying.

There are many softwares that came package with application that is capable of copying files from one hard drive to another drive or some backup system. It is really helpful in today’s technology of data copy and process. This old application includes Window’s backup utilities and copying the contents or data of the drive to storage devices like floppy disks or zip disks.

One software company, PowerQuest Corp. offers two drive copy utilities. And these are Drive Copy that cost $29.95 and Drive Image that cost $69.95. The Drive Copy will make a new hard drive to connect and transfer contents from the old drive to the new one. Once everything is set up. The drives can then be disconnected, a new drive will be installed, and everything will be good to go. The utility which is called Drive Image works the same as the first utility. Files are copied from its tiniest detail of the old hard drive including configurations and special settings. You can load an image on the new hard drive and a new hard drive on another computer or perhaps be prepared in case hard drive would crash.

We recommend visiting the link on hard drive copying. It will give you the necessary details on what to do on a hard drive failure and how to recover it. Jeff Matthuis is an internet marketing and software developer. He has written articles on hard drive copying, data recovery, etc. Check more of his articles in his website.

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Is Your Computer Slow? Seven Tips to Fix Your Computer’s Speed

To answer the question “Why is my computer so slow”?, it seems that the longer you use a computer, the slower it will go. Most times, the age of the computer is not the problem. Instead, years of surfing the Internet, saving files, and downloading media has slowed it to a standstill. Before buying a new computer, try the following tips to speed up your slow computer and performance of the one you already have.

1. Run Disk Defragmenter: Disk fragmentation will close up and hinder your computer’s performance. When files are broken, the computer must find the hard disk to locate all of the pieces before the file can be opened. A fragmented disk will slow your computer down , especially when you run large programs or files. If you organize your files, your computer will work faster and perform better. Use your computer’s disk defragmenter at least every thirty days.

2. Repair Disk Errors: If your computer has ever crashed or shut down improperly due to a power outage, your computer may have disk errors. Windows provides an error checking utility to search the hard disk for bad sectors to repair, giving your computer extra performance as a result.

3. Remove Fonts: Most computers have a list of fonts to use in word processor applications. Some of these fonts, for example the TrueType fonts use a big portion of your computer’s system resources. all the fonts, but those you normally use.

4. Scan for Viruses, Spyware and Adware: Some viruses can wreak havoc on your computer, while other programs such as spyware and adware will stay dormant in the background as they collect personal information and display random pop up messages. Whether you have a virus, spyware, adware or all three, programs such as Ad-Aware can be used to protect your private and personal information from a third party. When your computer is free of viruses, spyware and adware, its speed will also improve.

5. Limit Programs at Start Up: Some have set their computers to start some programs automatically, when the computer is turned on. This can slow down your computer and it is important to limit these so that they do not eat away at the speed and performance of your computer. The less that is running on your computer, the more space can be saved to run the programs you really want.

6. Clear Browser Cache: Your browser cache, also known as the Temporary Internet Files folder, stores some of the images, sounds, video, and web pages when you are surfing the web. Most of these stored items will never be visited again and by clearing some of the cache on a regular basis, you can free up some memory space on your computer.

7. Delete Cookies: Nearly every website will give you a cookie. Most times you will never use these cookies again. After a while your computer will build up thousands of cookies that take up space on your hard drive and slow your machine. It is best to delete your cookies every month to keep your computer at its optimum performance.

Before you buy a new PC, see what you can do to make your current computer work for you. By using these seven tips, you can easily shorten the time that you spend staring at a screen waiting for your program to load. Computer lag doesn’t have to happen. By tweaking your computer to make it work for you, it will run at its optimum performance once again.

The author: Jacqueline Gharibian. She is hoping that these tips can help you save lots of time and money. You can visit her blog Registry Error Cleaner to read more and get other information and resources.

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The Importance of Offsite Data Storage

Being prepared from the effects of catastrophic disasters and data loss will ensure that business or other functional activities will be ongoing. Reason why the most big time companies and organizations are having an offsite data storage plan as a strategy to keep data safe and other important files. These are then stored remotely through a server that can be accessed online using a web interface. This process could lessen the perils of data security like data theft, natural disaster, technical failure, virus attacks and other forms of data loss. This could be a good backup plan for a company or organization to follow.

If you think you lack the budget to secure your important data, don’t worry as offsite data storage is a sure way affordable alternative to traditional data storage nowadays and it guarantees to be secured. It could be that you will have too many data information that you need it to be organized and safely stored in a remote server as the business grows. Before these data backup methods are developed, most companies are using tape and disk drives to save their data for future reference even though the data size is not really a major concern that time. It is the cheapest in that period. Having those large volume of files stored in one location is an option to keep data secure while there is a greater security for multiple accesses of the data by different data users.

Ways of Offsite Data Storage

Offsite backup to external media: In doing this, you need to have a backup software. You will be making a backup in an external storage device and you can then store it in an offsite storage location. It will take you a lot of time and effort to do this and has bigger chances of data delay and loss.

Offsite server backup: This requires you to store files or data through a server that is located remotely. It doesn’t consume much time and data recovery will be done fast and is even more flexible.

Offsite Electronic Vaulting: This is done through storing data via electronic vaulting in an offsite storage facility. It needs professional help from a Vaulting company. It might be expensive to have this kind of service but it can guarantee you maximum security.

Benefits of Offsite Data Storage

Even though there are many storage media or options available today in making a backup of your files, getting an offsite data storage method is one affordable way in securing your important files. Though it will be stored remotely, only high quality mirrored disk severs are used. You can also ensure that data is reliable as it undergoes a series of integrity checking to block those perils of data security. Many find it convenient to do as they can schedule the backup plan according to their availability and have the options to do it manually or automatically.

Successful businesses are known for their reliable information given to their customers and clients. They take giving out of correct information seriously which paved their way to get the credibility and the image they are living for. So you have to make sure that you have the right data storage plan as it is as crucial as the life of the business.

Jeff Matthuis is an internet marketing and software developer. He has written articles on data storage, data backup, data recovery and etc. Find out more by checking his site.

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Do You Have Disaster Recovery and Network Backup Security Software?

Disaster recovery is the process, policies and procedures that correlate to the preparation for recovery and continuation of critical technology infrastructure to any business organization and a disaster report be it human-induced or natural. Disaster recovery should consider the resumption of the entire IT infrastructure, applications, communications, data, and hardware.

The company should determine the process and procedures, guidelines and policies, steps and the effectiveness on the preparation for disaster recovery and keeping the IT infrastructure intact at times of disasters whether human-induced or natural phenomenon. Part of the plan should mention how communication, hardware and software, applications, data recovery and business operations are protected and secured amidst the known devastation of such disasters.

If you bought disaster recovery backup software, network backup software also comes in handy. It is a vital security software providing IT administrators with an exceptional approach to the security of networks. The software offers an accurate view of the entire subnets and network. It would be easier then to spot any discrepancies. Furthermore, it enables timely action for the protection against open vulnerability. Network backup is a tool that has come in handy in the improvement of vulnerability in networks.

There is a network backup and auditing software that will aid IT administrators and the organization as whole with regards to the maintenance of their network management and security. Through this tool, they will be able to make decision on how to run their network systems. It shows the device configuration and the topology of networks that already existed in the company as well as its capability to determine the vulnerability of the network if it starts to fail to function that will surely affect business activities. The network auditing tool will show the devices and components that might need replacement as well as it checks the network performance from time to time. The aid of the software allows the company to make significant actions even the very small problems that may arise that might affect the business negatively.

Any network is prone to distinct vulnerabilities that can lead to failure in network connectivity, breakdown of a device or subnet, data and file theft and virus attacks via unprotected network ports. Network backup software lets network users to scan the entire ports and network for finding, assessing and correcting of security vulnerability. The GFI LANguard, which is a premiere network auditing software for medium and small businesses attends to the various network auditing needs of customers. Have an entire look of your network by using this software, maintain and control network security and ensure an efficient and fast business operating environment. If there are any data you regard as important, ensure you have a backup copy of it; backup software will be of great help. Backups have a major role in data protection and recovery. You will only know the importance of a disaster recovery backup software until a disaster knocks you off hard. Avoid this by making use of backup software to set up a backup for all your data.

We don’t know when disaster would strike and devastate our business operations, so it is better that we could have at least a backup software installed to help in keeping copies of our files. One thing to check in a backup software is the disaster recovery feature. This is often times present in many free backup software solutions just like the GFI backup software. So it doesn’t need to be costly in getting one. All you need to do is to be prepared in time of disasters. It should be a business-as-usual mind-set even if there are network vulnerabilities that could affect business operations.

We suggest checking the link on the latest network backup software. It will give you the necessary details on why it’s significant to backup your network data. Jeff Matthuis is an internet marketing and software developer. He has written articles on data backup, network backup, and etc. Find many good reads of his writings in his site.

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Hard Disk Failure And Data Recovery Solutions

You may have thought that you bought a well-tested hard drive from the computer store but you later realize that it is vulnerable and it eventually crashed. You have checked the labels and other product features regarding its reliability and the capacity it can hold large amount of data files. You may be thinking twice why hard drives crash sometimes. It may be because you are careless or gawky when installing it or it could be some factory defect on the hard disk you bought.

Though there is no doubt that hard drives do really has the capability to store data for a very long time but its shelf life may not be as long as what you expected. Reason why that is there might be engineering flaws on the manufacturing of the hardware itself and this is one minor disadvantage of the hard drive. But the hard disk is created for the user’s convenience with regard to data storage. As of today, continuous research and development is conducted to at least perfect the many hard drive aspects.

The quest to enhance the usability and reliability of hard drives has been tested many times already including series of innovations. Hard metal casing for the hard disk, air-tight aspect to prevent particles like dust and contaminant and added more spins for better data accessibility are the many concepts considered to have more rigid and long lasting hard drive. Unfortunately, we are still having hard disk failures because of some facts that were overlooked along the creation of the hard drive.

There are important features in the hard disk that are very sensitive, and this is the internal part. The external body of the hard drive is designed to be stiffer and compact against physical breakage. Data storage in hard drive is done when it passes through a magnetically coated platter that memorizes the contents or data with its alignments of the magnetic particles. In making the hard disk, the manufacturer should make sure it made dust-free and contaminants-free. It is because when the distinct component called Read/Write Head is affected with the tiniest dust or any foreign body will lead the hard drive to crash. That is the reason why the hard disk internal is to be fully protected as it is the most sensitive part.

There are other internal parts of the hard drive that are also sensitive and may also be a factor that may cause hard drive failures. This includes its controller and circuit board that when there is electrical surge, it will lead the hard disk to be damage. Extreme heat as well that might be caused by the high-spinning of the platters will add up to the issue making some possible scratches in the magnetic alignment that is responsible in storing data. Once destroyed, it will be hard to recover data as it known to fully damage the entire hard drive.

When your data files are gone or lost because your hard drive failed to work, it is recommended to seek help and get service form those who offer data recovery. There are many professionals who could take charge of the issue instead of you yourself would attempt to fix by opening the hard drive. It could further damage it or it will be goodbye to all your data files. There are certain data recovery processes that should be followed including the right tools and a sterilized environment or a laboratory before doing the data recovery service. It should definitely be handled by professionals.

We suggest checking the link on recovering hard drive failure. Detailed information is discussed on what to do on a hard drive failure and how to recover it. Jeff Matthuis is an internet marketing and software developer. He has written articles onrecovering hard drive failure, data recovery, etc. Check more of his articles in his site.

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Do You Know How To Recover Hard Drive Data Using Data Recovery Software?

Losing your important data files needs a quick remedy for you to recover it. You might lose these important data because of system or hard drive failure, virus or worm attacks, corrupted software applications and the like. So it will be much easier if you are able to recover hard drive data at the least possible time than waiting for a longer period before you set a hard drive recovery.

Rather than putting time and money into waste on other recovery solutions, you may try to check on a reliable software tool that can aid to recover hard drive data in few times. Opportunely, there are many options that you can choose in considering the most appropriate software application. There are a number of things in why you should choose these software tools if you thought of seeking professional help from data recovery experts. It has gained popularity by many through these recent years. Here are some key factors that you need to know that work fine for the software tools designed in data recovery:

1. Cost

You would agree that consulting an expert’s advice each time your system would crash or the hard drive failed, or the operating system gets affected by a virus usually has a price to pay. You might need to cash out at least a few hundred dollars on for such service. Nevertheless, having a good investment in data recovery application would mean a one-time expenditure only and you will not be required to spend extra after which.

2. Convenience

When computers crashed, it will be untimely if you still need to look for a data recovery expert to get your lost data or files back. Therefore, instead of getting panic, you may want to have a software tool downloaded in the system already as it will be convenient for you to be able regain access to your lost files or data.

3. Time

Since there are many data recovery software available not just in the market but online as well, it will be easier for one to search and choose what he prefers to use. These softwares are thought to be effective in recovering lost data within a few minutes only. So this means that it will easy for those new to it and the installation might be easy to do as it may seem.

4. Multi-utility

The software program is designed for recovering lost files and data and is developed to suit all kinds of requirements. With just single software program, you will be able to retrieve all your lost files, folders, pictures, emails and even partitions. This is a smart decision to make in getting this software tool.

Word of caution

Not all you see around about the many enticing offers that you see on a particular software is true. It could be misleading and manufacturers might just be only after for your money. So, aside from considering the price of the software tool, you should see to it that it is user-friendly and simple to navigate the menu tabs as well. If you can possibly get a trial account for a demo only, then, that will be better before buying the full version of it. At least, you can gauge in if it’s worth getting it.

For more detailed information on how to recover your hard drive, please follow this link: Did you accidentally delete a file or data folder or an email? How do you do to restore them? It is simple and easy to do if you know how. Jeff Matthuis is an web owner. He has a website about data storage.

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