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Ebay Not as Fun as New Electronics Auction

Burbank, California – Muulu ( is growing in popularity as a cheaper alternative to eBay. Why? Because the average winning bid for new electronics items, like iPhones, game systems, and iPods, is substantially lower on Muulu than on Ebay. People pay for bids. These payments buy down the possible winning price of the item being auctioned until it is won for well below wholesale price. Other electronic items include HDTVs, laptops, desktop computers, and GPS systems.

The first thing you notice about Muulu is the insane deals. People can win a new Samsung 46-Inch HDTV for $350, a new Apple iPod Touch for $90, or a new Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Console for $150. Some bidders virtually camp out on Muulu for the better part of a day trying to figure out a strategy for consistently winning ridiculously good deals using as few bids as possible.

Muulu is a completely different mindset from Ebay. Some people view Muulu as a fun way to spend their spare time, a game, a challenge, a chance to win a plasma HDTV for very little money. But, it definitely demands more thinking and strategy than a conventional auction.

If you are trying Muulu for the first time, it would be wise to start in the less expensive auctions. These auctions require fewer bids to win the item and will give you a chance to get used to Muulu. Once you have figured out how the auctions work, move on to the more expensive items.

Here’s a secret that the majority of Muulu bidders don’t know, avoid bidding in the first front-page auctions that appear, because they get the bulk of the traffic. Choose a different auction category instead. The most important strategy on Muulu is to bid in the auctions with fewer bidders, because this will result in a lower winning bid. Finally, wait until there are many auctions for a particular item, because the bids for that item are spread over several auctions.

Before you bid on Ebay, be sure to check out Muulu’s newest Ebay alternative. Or, you can register for a Muulu bidding account.

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