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How To Avail Low-Cost Cisco Merchandise

Cisco systems, is international business collaboration supplying networking equipments, and organisation services for the internet. It has 65,535 employees according to the calculations of year 2009, functioning with immense enthusiasm to bring far-sighted development. Its head Quarter is positioned at San Jose, California. It earns takings of 36.17 US dollars. Numerous hardware, software, and service programmes formulate the use of internet rapid, and dexterous. By means of the devices, one can contact anything depending upon necessitate, and aspiration. It has an extended list of networking, and communication products. The hardware products consist of broadband cable products, routers, switches, and optical networking devices. The hardware products comprise control servers, modules, and interfaces.

The use of internet has been made quick, and proficient due to the various hardware, software, and service programmes. Anything can be accessed by using these devices, depending upon the requirement of the individual. There is a long list of networking, and communication products. These hardware products include broadband cable products, routers, switches, and optical networking devices. The hardware products include control servers, modules, and interfaces.

The wide variety of services includes firewall, virtual private networks, security management, and building systems. Along with all these, it also provides data centre services. The data service includes the unified computing, data centre switches, and blade switches.

All the Cisco products have become part and parcel of life, be it education or business. Choosing the best suitable product for a particular task is key to its successful implementation. The other most important factor in buying is the expense factor. Cisco offers discounts over its wide range of products.

Network liquidators are one of the significant sources that make available the Cisco products on concession. They acquire, and put up for sale new, used, and refurbished Cisco products on concession with instantaneous delivery. The generally obtainable merchandise is used Cisco routers, and used Cisco switches. All the merchandise after examination, testing, and refurbishing is sold to the purchaser with a lifetime certification. Barcode discounts are the distributors that make available Cisco telecommunication and other merchandise at level-headed rates. Another suggest of getting inexpensive manufactured goods is through deep concession traders of Cisco.

A highly developed dedicated concession programme is there that proposes reduction in three technologies: Advanced unified communication specialisation, advanced security specialisations, and advanced wireless LAN specialisations. This merchandise is prearranged with a convinced ASP code. The merchandise that does not have the ASP code is not appropriate for reduction under this programme.

Cisco offers an elite concession to the members of Spiceworks community. It provides about 10 percent concession on the safety measures, and surveillance network storage merchandise. Furthermore, the products can be purchased at 70 percent concession under the services NFR programme. All the Cisco smartnet merchandise is qualified for this concession. Another programme obtainable is the SMB fast track discount programme, which provides concession to the partners over most important networking merchandise. The qualified merchandise includes wireless, security, switching, and routing products. This programme offers concession up to 39 to 44 percent.

Cisco offers an exclusive discount to the members of Spiceworks community. It provides about 10 percent discount on the security and surveillance network storage products. Moreover the products can be purchased at 70 percent discount under the services NFR program. All the Cisco smartnet products are eligible for this discount. Another program offered is the SMB fast track discount program which provides discount to the partners over leading networking products. The eligible products include wireless, security, switching and routing products. This program offers discount up to 39 to 44 percent.

You can also buy their products on instalments. In this manner, the customer can take full advantage of all the products of Cisco systems.

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The Lowdown On Nokia Firewalls

The reputation and fame of Nokia in the mobile phone industry is not a hidden fact from anyone. On the apparent level of statistics, the company has managed to reach almost every part of the world, making its devices a necessity for the inhabitants of those regions. Despite its fame, it is not a commonly known fact that Nokia has been thriving in the field of computers and internet security as well. It is not only true with respect to individuals but is also meant for companies.

Nokia firewalls and Virtual Private Network agents have been around for quite some time. These easy-to-use but advanced, and quality IT Security Platforms are efficiently protecting individual entities, and organisations.

The Nokia IP Firewall line has a number of models to offer to the small office market with the help of Enterprise core deployments. Being based on software coming from Check Point (Check Point VPN-1 Power, Check Point VPN-1 UTM, and Check Point VPN-1 VSX), these appliances contain IPv6 support, the redundancy of VRRP and also IP clustering. It also has Web based management capabilities besides its other attributes.

Being the third one in the market of firewalls and VPN applications, Nokia is categorized in the range of the three best brands in this industry, along with Cisco and Juniper, capturing the first and second spots respectively. Mid-sized as well as large organizations happen to form the target market of Nokia, the ones that are in need of remote access from a number of sites with the help of enterprise deployed mobile devices. As far as the prices of the packages are concerned, these are based on the simple devices that are used on an individual basis, being more economical as compared to what is offered to service providers and large organizations.

Along with each system, the hardened IPSO operating system of vendors is also included. This operating system has a built-in IP routing functionality, along with an IPv6 standard compliance. Not only this, but the appliances can be managed remotely with the help of the Web that connects through the Network Voyager Software of the vendor. Besides, multiple appliances can be managed on a central basis via Nokia Horizon Manager Software. There is support for CLI management as well.

IPv6 support, HA features that contain support for Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol, and other intrusion prevention capabilities are the key features. The firewalls are turned hybrid by the vendor with the help of Sourcefire Intrusion Prevention software that is a famous name in the industry. IP45, IP1220, IP560, IP690, IP2255 are some of such samples.

The target base meant for Nokia IP1220 is the range of mid to large sized companies. This is just one of the offerings. The target base of this offering happens to be in need of robust performance, along with leading technology solutions. The synthesis of the IP Security Platform is purpose oriented. Besides having utilities like Check Point Firewall/VPN Secure XL 2.x, and the Nokia Secure Access System software, the IP1220 has the latest version of Nokia IPSO secure operating system. The main features of this offering are inclusive of Nokia Encryption Accelerator IV, 4 x Integrated 10/100 Ethernet ports that is up to 2GB RAM along with 2 x 6U CPCI slots for 4 PMC NICs. Then there is the option of 2-Port 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, along with features of 2-Port 1000BaseF Multi-mode fibre (MMF) and 2-Port 1000 BaseT.

Despite all the reputation of Nokia in the internet security industry, there are some loopholes in the technology that need to be dealt with. Take the Nokia Security appliances, for instance. They are running Nokia IPSO 4.1, 4.2, 5.0, 6.0 or older versions, and this can create a state of panic if SecureXL and NAT are enabled. Moreover, certain malformed packets are sent that can attack the network. Despite all this, Nokia proves to be a completely dependable brand not just in respect to personal machine protection but also in respect to providing services to the enterprises.

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Five Advantages Of IP Phones

Communication and interaction has become a vital thing in almost every field of life. Verbal communication is the easiest and most attractive means of communication. With the advancement in technology, many devices are made for exchanging ideas through voice. IP phone is one such device. There are many synonyms of IP phones such as VoIP telephones, sip telephones, and soft phones.

An IP phone is the communication device based on VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) technology instead of public switched telephone network. This technology permits the telephone calls to be made over the internet, using a general purpose computer. It works by converting the voice to digital signal and vice versa. It appears like an ordinary telephone or a cordless phone with buttons, display screen and a handset. The handset is connected to the sound card of the personal computer.

The hardware components of the IP telephone include speaker, ear phone or microphone for receiving and delivering voice messages. It possesses ADC and DAC converter for the exchange of voice and digital messages. The other essentials include general purpose processor, Ethernet network hardware and voice engines. The most commonly used power sources are batteries and direct current sources. It requires no separate wiring.

The communication is established through routers that give these IP phones the provision to share information resources over the network. To make these IP phones work, you also need to install a VoIP software programme that can be bought cheaply from the market, or you can also download some freeware from the internet. In addition, you can also convert a regular phone into an IP phone by just adding an ATA adapter with it. The function of this adapter is to convert the analogue signals into the digital signals, and this is what needed for communication over the internet.

It provides many alluring features, including many business tools, call management services and other tools, as per the communication needs. It provides call forwarding, call waiting, local number portability, call blocking, FAX, three way calling, Last number re-dial and many other services. It keeps the complete record of caller ID, contact list and the voice mails.

IP phones have a lot of benefits over any other means of communication. Home and business voice communication has become trouble-free by the use of IP phones. By using it, one can have easy access to anybody across the globe. It is the cheapest mean of access. You can make local and international calls free of cost. The only expense you have to pay is the internet service provider charges.

On a simple telephonic conversation, only two persons can chat. With an IP phone, on the other hand, you can set a conference call. Thus, you can make extensions, and more than one call can be handled on one access line. It utilizes the compressed bandwidth that makes the transmission continuous and fool proof.

The portability feature outclasses this telephone, and is the main reason for its popularity. You can take these phones to any place; you just need an internet connection to connect this phone to your office, or any private network. The call diverting, and auto-attendant features enable you to work from home or at any remote location across the globe.

The IP phones are dominating in the business world, and have brought convenience, and comfort for the people. It has all the qualities of a traditional phone, plus so many additional features for which you do not have to pay anything.

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Cisco Certification – Routed Protocols Vs Routed Protocols

You must know the difference between a “routed” protocol and a “routing” protocol. A routed protocol can be routed by a router, which means that it can be forwarded from one router to another. Examples of a routed protocols are IP, IPX and AppleTalk.

A routed protocol contains the data structure for a packet to be sent outside of its local network segment. This structure is called an addressing scheme. Based on the addressing scheme, you will be able to identify the network to which a host belongs, in addition to identifying that host on that network. All hosts on an internetwork (routers, servers, and workstations) can communicate with each other by using a routable protocol such as IP, IPX or AppleTalk. A routingprotocol is used to communicate routing information between routers. Its purpose is to help routers building and maintain routing tables. Examples of routing protocols are RIP, IGRP, EIGRP and OSPF(there are many others). When a router has built a complete routing table from the various routing protocols it supports, it will be able to most efficiently forward traffic via the best route.

Routed Protocols

As mentioned above, IP, IPX and AppleTalk are three common routed protocols. The exam focuses on IP since that is the predominant protocol used today. So what do you need to know about IP other than that is how all your node to node communication will occur? Make sure you know how to subnet! If you do not know how to create subnet masks to most efficiently meet a desired goal of number of subnets and hosts, you will most definitely fail the exam. Understanding how to subnet will not guarantee that you will pass this exam, but not understanding subnetting will guarantee that you fail! If you have an IP address and its subnet mask, you need to be able to identify the subnet ID of that host, the first and last useable host on that subnet, the subnet broadcast address, in addition to the number of possible subnets and hosts per subnet. If those items do not come easily to you, then you will need to brush up on these concepts. Remember you have roughly a minute per question on the exam. If it takes you more than a minute to figure the above items out, you will not finish the test in the allotted time. In addition, you will need to know how to recognize a subnet mask in its dotted decimal form ( and by using a bit count (/29). You should also know which bits must be off and on in the first octet for the various classes of IP addresses (Class B would have “10″ in the first two bits).

Routing Protocols

The CCNA objectives only require that you know how to configure RIP and IGRP. However, you do need to know about the three classes of routing protocols (distance vector, link state, and hybrid), and which protocol belongs to which class. RIP and IGRP are distance vector protocols. OSPF is the only link state protocol with which you need to concern yourself at this level, and EIGRP is the only hybrid protocol. Know which protocol has a lower administrative distance (RIP is 120 vs. IGRP is 100), and that static routes have a lower administrative distance if you use the defaults a static router is 1 and a directly connected router is 0. When configuring RIP or IGRP, make sure that you also know how to turn on the attached networks so that they will start sending and receiving routing updates(network

Also remember that IGRP requires the addition of an autonomous system number(AS xx). Be familiar with the metrics RIP and IGRP use in determining the best path through which to route. RIP for IP only uses hops and IGRP uses only Bandwidth and Delay be default but can also be configured to use Bandwidth, Delay, Reliability, Load, and MTU. Remember that “show ip route” displays the contents of all routing protocols in your routing table.

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What Are The Best Internet Routers In The Market?

The advancement of wireless technology has enabled ease of operations for computer, and Internet users who do not have to go through the hassle of wires, and other kinds of networking devices. A part of this wireless technology is a router that qualifies as a wireless device that has the ability to forward data packets between various computer networks. The functioning of the router is intelligent in the sense that it is a central switching device that routes data only to those nodes that are intended on the network. Not only that, but the router also manages efficient management of network traffic. Moreover, both private and public networks like the Internet can be connected through a router.

The latest internet routers work on 802.11g standard that are backward compatible to 802.11b. There are many companies that are manufacturing internet routers, and it is hard to choose the best one. Some of the famous companies in the arena are; Linksys, D-Link, Netgear, Belkin, Cisco etc. It is very hard to choose which one is the best; however, you should keep in mind certain things when you are going to purchase an internet router.

First, the functionality aspect should be attended. The type of functionality that you need will help you narrow down the list of options. For example, if you need a router just for the sake of operating Internet at home, then one must not look out for a flash third party firmware onto the router. However, a different feature set is required if you are intending to set up your own server. Product reviews help a great deal in the course of choosing a router. These could be easily found on the World Wide Web. Then there are forums containing both public and professional opinions, the latter helping in the determination of the functionality of the products. As for the former, it helps in home tips about the installation process, the signal length etc, giving a simple perspective that you will understand.

As mentioned above, the standard that has the most wide and common usage is 802.11g. Then there is 802.11n standard, which is better with enhanced quality, and definitely a backward compatibility. In terms of speed, and diversity of features, the latter is better than the former. Nevertheless, when it comes to overall capabilities, and the factor of affordability, the 802.11g is a more feasible option. Here are some of the internet routers available in the market.

Netgear WGR614:

It is an attractive, powerful home networking product for household usage. The product is fantastic as it has great key feature and its signal strength is superb. A few people reported intermittent problems, for which you have to reset the router occasionally. This product has a warranty of 3 years with customer support help.

Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G:

The product reviews of this router are positive as it has good performance, good signal range, clean installation and efficient customer support.

Apple M8799LL/A Airport Extreme Base Station:

This one is a 802.11g wireless router. Also referred to as the Extreme Base Station, this device is costlier than its counterpart products in attribution to its comparable features. However, the warranty of this router is one year.

SMC SMC2804WBR Barricade:

Besides having a good signal length, and a lifetime warranty, the convenience in price affordability make this product a hot item on the demand list, the last feature making it capable to compete with the other ones on a technical front. Other than that, the router also provides support for Macintosh, Linux, and Windows client. The ratings are high on features, and overall quality.

Jeremy Sandcastle is a technology consultant. To bny and download free version of nokia firewall visit the recommended website at

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of An IP Phone Over A Normal Phone

The invention of normal telephones is perhaps one of those landmarks in the history of information technology that has opened vast avenues, and horizons to the telecommunication world. It bridged distances of miles and miles, and contributed in converting our world in to a global village. Trade and business expanded due to telecommunication facilities, provided nationwide as well as internationally.

To connect to internet, a telephone line is always needed. Though, today we see wireless internet connections, but those connections also use telephone cables at some point for connection. Internet is a prime need of businesses in the corporate world. Internet works on TCP/IP (Transport Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol). An internet protocol (IP) is a protocol standard to disseminate information in forms of text, voice and video to any computer in the world. A modern form of a normal phone is an IP phone, which works very similar to a normal phone, but needs to connect to internet to make calls. An IP phone uses voice over IP (VoIP) protocol to connect to the network, while a normal phone works under PSTN system.

An IP phone is different from a normal phone in certain ways. Though both serve more or less the same purpose, but IP phones are gaining popularity, especially in the corporate world. It has made video conferencing easier, and cheaper. Long- distance calls made on an IP phone are very economical as compared to the normal phones.

We all use normal phones to call our friends and family members. To make a call, we have to remember the name and telephone number of the person but on IP phones, one can develop caller IDs; simply type the ID and make a call. For business firms, this is quiet a time-saving option as they have a long list of customers and suppliers, which is difficult to maintain otherwise.

IP phones are different from normal phones as they have ability to store personal and network-based directories. You would also find features like: call waiting, call transferring and teleconferencing etc. Normal phones also offer the same features but the price of these features are pretty high than available in the IP phones.

As IP phone is connected to internet to make calls, so using services like horoscopes, weather forecast, checking foreign currency rates, and TV channel news is very easy. IP phones do offer great advantages, but still they have some limitations and disadvantages associated with them.

The main task of an IP phone or any other VoIP technology is to convert analogue audio signals to digital data, so that it can be transferred through the broadband internet, and vice versa. Sometimes, either due to poor signals, or power outages, IP phones give a very poor voice quality, it may drop calls, or it may not work at all. In such circumstances, if you do not have a regular phone standby, your business conference can be ruined.

The internet connections, where the latency period is high, the IP phones do not work well. This mostly happens in residential areas as they are situated far away from the telephone exchange, and the speed issue creates problems for them. This is the reason why most people still have normal phones installed in residential areas.

Jeremy Sandcastle is a technology consultant. Buy variety of Cisco IP Phones and get huge discounts on the seasonal sale.

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The Main Features Of A Nokia firewall

Many of us just know about Nokia, as only a mobile manufacturing company, and are aware of almost all the new updates in its mobile profile. However, most of us do not know about the fact that Nokia has established its name in the market of the internet security appliances, and has successfully met the requirements of the customers.

All the Nokia security appliances use a very secure operating system. Apart from this, they use technologies like check point VPN-1 UTM, and check point vpn-1 power in combination with the operating system for fulfilling the requirements of medium, and large enterprise data centres, service providers, carriers, and large ecommerce websites.

One research revealed that after Cisco, and Juniper/Netscreen, Nokia is on the third position in the market-share of firewall/VPN appliances. Nokia has all types of customers from mid-size to large enterprises, who require site-to-site and remote access connectivity through enterprise-deployed mobile devices. The simplest devices of Nokia are cheaper than from large enterprise, and service-provider class devices. This price range can vary from $1000 to $600,000.

When talking about the different firewall/VPN devices from Nokia and their extended prices in accordance to mid-size and large enterprise products, it would be very beneficial to learn about the products that Nokia is providing, and their features.

The Nokia IP60 is known to be the simplest of firewall devices from Nokia. This is an integrated product, and it provides prevention, intrusion, firewall, VPN, and antivirus technologies. The device is designed for wide range of small and medium-sized applications. Home workers, branch and remote offices, and businesses can use it. The main features of this device include; wired or wireless connectivity, centralised management, Nokia first call support, pre-licensed for easy out-of-the-box deployment, enterprise-class firewall/VPN, web filtering, and Anti Virus.

For mid to large sized companies, who require robust performance, and leading technology solutions, Nokia has developed IP1220, which is a purpose built IP Security Platform. This device contains latest version of Nokia IPSO secure operating system in addition to the Check Point Firewall/VPN Secure XL 2.x, and the Nokia Secure Access System software. The main features of this firewall/VPN device include; Nokia Encryption Accelerator IV, and up to 2GB RAM, 4 x Integrated 10/100 Ethernet ports, 2 x 6U CPCI slots for 4 PMC NICs, optional 2-Port 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, 2-Port 1000BaseF Multi-mode fibre (MMF) and 2-Port 1000 BaseT (10/100/1000 Mbps).

Nokia has designed ip1280 to cater to the needs of the large organisations, and internal network segments. It is a very popular device because of its superior performance along with high availability, and flexibility. Some of the main features of this device are IP clustering, ipso operating system, check point vpn-1 power, VRRP, 24 gigabit Ethernet interfaces, HDD based storage, 4 GB ram expandable, quad-core CPU, multi-thread technology etc.

The most sophisticated in security appliances for enterprise network introduced by Nokia is ip2255. It is a very high-performance, high-reliability firewall with advanced check point vpn-1 power, firewall forwarding (8.9 gaps), 1gb flash memory, VPN forwarding, 1000 base-six (1000 mbps Ethernet), auxiliary db-9 port for modem access, db-9 console for CLI access, and FW connections etc.

Jeremy Sandcastle is a technology consultant. Buy a nokia firewall to protect your system from viruses and threats.

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A Good Reason To Buy A Refurbished Router

Most people love buying new things, as these are the goods, which can provide them maximum satisfaction, and enjoyment that they seek for when buying something. However, now it has become somewhat difficult for a considerable number of people to buy new things all the time, especially in these days of worldwide economic slump. The shadows of recession are hovering everywhere, and it has become quite difficult for many businesses to survive in these tough economic conditions.

In these tough times of recession, it has become very hard for many businesses to survive in such terrible economic conditions.

There are certain refurbished goods that allow you to make significant savings on them, and you can also get the same features, and functionality as are available in their new models. For instance, you can get refurbished Cisco router, and switches on quite affordable prices; the good thing about these refurbished routers and switches is that they are available with same features, and functions, as you can find in their new products.

If you are looking for a refurbished router, or other devices like Access points, and servers, switches and PIX Firewall, you must prefer Cisco models, as these models are quite well known for their durability and better functionality even after years of use. These people have also been developing some other equipment, and devices that are widely used in Security and Voice networks, nowadays. Though Cisco routers and switches are more costly than other such equipment, they have gained a lot more significance.

If you are on the lookout for a refurbished router, or other related devices like Access points, and servers, switches and PIX Firewall, you should prefer Cisco models, because these models are well known for better performance, durability, and functionality even after a long-term use. People have also produced other equipments and devices that are being used in security, and voice networks nowadays. Even though Cisco routers, and switches bear a heavy cost compared to such equipment they have gained allot more importance.

Due to the well-known reliability, and impressive functionality, Cisco refurbished equipment has gained its place in the second hand market place, and many customers are in demand of it.

Buying a refurbished router is, indeed, a good option especially in these days of worldwide credit crunch, but you must also take some care when buying this sort of equipment, and check them properly whether they can serve your purpose best or not.

However, these goods can prove mere waste of your money if you do not consider your needs when buying them.

Jeremy Sandcastle is a technology consultant. Buy a variety of refurbished cisco routers and save money on sale of these equipments.

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Is It Cheaper To Run My Network On Used Equipment Or Not?

All the items of hardware that are required to set up a computer network are known as network equipment. The hardware items include routers, cables, switches or interface cards. These items of hardware are always needed to create a connection or link between two pints.

Network equipment consists of many items, and can be quite expensive to buy. Everyone and all businesses cannot afford a big investment. If you have a new business or a start-up company and wish to establish a network, you will have to purchase all the network equipment, which may be difficult to afford.

The greatest option for cutting down your expenses is to buy used equipment. You would not only get quality equipment of your choice, but it would also cost less than the brand new ones. There are many misunderstandings related to the used equipment. People often think that the used equipment is not as efficient or reliable as the brand new one. It is also thought that the used equipment would wear out soon.

But, this is definitely not the reality. There is a huge market of second-hand equipment that has developed over the time. There are many established businesses that deal in the sale and purchase of used equipment, making it easier for you to get your required ones. The concept of used equipment of being unreliable is not true anymore.

The secondary network equipment market was first materialised in the early 1990s. With the growth of internet and computer usage, this market expanded, and it has now gotten very strong. The largest worldwide reseller of secondary Cisco equipment is Network Hardware Resale, which generated around $75 million in revenues, in 2004. There are also many other businesses, which have their websites, where you can sell or purchase network equipment.

Buying used equipment would always cost you less; it would decrease your cost by fifty to sixty percent if you buy it from a trustworthy reseller. There is a wide range for you to choose from the renowned brands, such as Cisco and Juniper. In this way, you can get the desired stuff, without upsetting your budget.

You must remember certain things before buying used equipment. You should always buy from your reliable vendor. You should always make sure that the vendor company is an expert in this area. Pay the price after negotiation, as you may have success in getting a lesser price. You should also make sure that the vendor gives you enough warranty time.

Companies need to cut down on their expenses and make wise financial decisions. If you buy second hand equipment, you would remain in your budget, and you would also get well-functioning equipment.

Jeremy Sandcastle is a technology consultant. You can buy used Cisco devices to to make your networking.

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