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Introducing The Best Phone For Verizon, The Fascinate

The Samsung Fascinate, one of the latest in the Galaxy S Series, is a recent addition to the phone market in September. Rivaling, and in many cases overshadowing, the Droid X and the Apple iPhone, the Fascinate sports a great AMOLED screen and a processor that can run high definition videos and games. Once you get this little powerhouse in your hands, your life will make a change for the better. Let’s explore some ways to keep your Fascinate operating to its full capacity and looking as nice as the day you opened the box.

Samsung Fascinate accessories included with the stock model most likely will meet the needs of the majority of users, but it’s nice to have some fun options to choose from as well. Although the Fascinate comes equipped with a 16GB card, the phone will hold a 32GB microSD card, allowing you to store an incredible amount of photos, videos and music. The original battery provides the user with about 7 hours of talk time and 312 hours standby time. If the user needs a longer battery life, high capacity extended batteries are good alternatives to always stay charged. The Fascinate package includes a wall/USB charger to conveniently charge either from AC power or from the USB port on a computer or laptop. A simple stand charger will charge both phone and extra battery simultaneously. Many users will enjoy the desktop charger dock that displays your choice of clock, local weather, news headlines and more while charging. Car chargers provide charging options on the road for those who never have time to charge at home.

Protective cases come in many different styles, from a soft, silicone gel case to a highly decorative hard case in fun choices of color and design. Relatively inexpensive, a silicone gel case easily wraps around the back and edges of the phone to afford protection to the edges and corners. Silicone gel covers provide an anti-slip feature to help prevent slips from hands or surfaces. Hard plastic cases provide stronger protection against wear and tear, but some styles can be more difficult to place on the phone. Most cases cover the phone only and leave the sensitive touch screen unprotected.

With your new phone safely wrapped for protection, the next step is to invest in a screen protector. A thin layer of protective film offers a great deal of protection against unsightly scratches and dents. Screen protectors come in several different styles including clear anti-scratch, anti-glare or privacy screen to protect against others viewing your phone.

Taking the Android phone to a whole new level with its ultra-slim design, powerful processor and incredible graphics, the Samsung Fascinate appeals to all types of users. Consider your level of use, select your accessories accordingly and increase the life of your phone and your personal enjoyment.

If you would like to puchase Samsung Fascinate accessories, please visit Think Mobile Solutions and choose the best Samsung Fascinate cases for your needs.

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The Extremely Lightweight And Portable Samsung Epic 4G

Sprint’s newest addition to the Galaxy Series, the Epic 4G, is considered the “Mercedez-Benz” of Droids. The Epic 4G is easily the most capable and powerful phone you can get your hands on at the moment, for a few reasons. As many have already pointed at, cutting-edge functionality always has a price, and the Samsung Epic 4G is no exception. With a pricey 4G data plan and the initial upfront cost of the phone, it’s a drain on the old bank account. But considering what you get with the Epic 4G, it might just be worth it.

Let’s take a look at the specs. For starters, the Epic 4G sports the fastest CPU on the market, an ARM Cortex A8-based chip codenamed Hummingbird. It also boasts a muscular PowerVR SGX 540 GPU which supports OpenGL ES graphics. Both processors are integrated into a system-on-a-chip package that allows the Epic to crank out some astounding picture quality and provide for a very smooth web browsing experience. With a healthy 512 MB of RAM backing up a speedy 1 GHz processor, the Epic handles just about anything you can throw at it with ease.

In terms of design and layout, the Epic 4G marries a full QWERTY keyboard with a 4.0″ AMOLED capacitive touch screen underneath a layer of nearly unbreakable Gorilla Glass. It’s also the thinnest Android phone of it’s size at just 0.56″ thick. The Epic comes standard with a 16 GB microSD storage card, though that can be upgraded to a 32 GB card if you really need the extra storage space. It supports Bluetooth 2.1 and also features a 5.0 Megapixel camera with auto-focus for 720p HD video recording, as well as a forward-facing VGA camera for video calls.

On top of the trusted Android operating system, the Samsung Epic features the popular Samsung TouchWiz 3.0 User Interface. It’s one of the most convenient navigation set-ups available in the Android ecosystem, and makes for a pleasant and intuitive experience. The 4G network promises download speeds of up to 10 Mbps, and early tests have shown that to be entirely possible with the Epic. True 4G speeds may not happen for awhile for most consumers, but Sprint’s 3G EV-DO network isn’t bad as a fallback for when you’re outside the 4G coverage area.

Overall, the Epic 4G is the new phone to beat in the rapidly expanding Android universe. There are already a slew of Samsung Epic 4G accessories available online to accommodate what is arguably one of the best phones in the world. Despite the nearly bulletproof Gorilla Glass touch screen, you may want a screen protectors for your handset, just to cover the bases. This model looks like it has all the makings of another cult favorite like the original T-Mobile G1 and the Motorola Droid. If you’re willing to shell out a little extra for the performance, the Samsung Epic 4G is the gold standard for Android phones everywhere.

If you already own the Samsung Epic 4G and are looking for Samsung Epic 4G accessories, then visit ThinkSamsungEpic 4G to find the best selection on Samsung Epic 4G cases.

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The Benefits Of Using BlackBerry Curve 3G Accessories

With the growing popularity of smartphones like the BlackBerry Curve, the market for smartphone accessories has skyrocketed, making it easier to keep in touch, stay organized and listen to your favorite music.

BlackBerry Curve 3G cases shields your phone from unwanted surface damage, come in a rainbow of colors and can be constructed of leather, plastic or rubber. Hard cases are usually constructed with tough acrylic and enclose the back and sides of the Curve 3G. While they do not exactly protect the phone’s touch screen, the likelihood of damage from impact is low. Skin cases are economically priced, provide protection with their flexible, rubber material and come in a variety of colors. Holster cases protect your Curve 3G while providing convenient portability. They’re also available with a tough acrylic case or soft, protective leather. Holster cases are typically the pricier of case options.

Keeping your Curve 3G powered and ready for use whenever you’re driving or at home. BlackBerry users who travel often will want to get an international travel charger, which comes with 2 removable plug adapters and can be used with 110 and 220 voltage wall outlets. For powering up on the road, BlackBerry Curve 3G chargers are now available with high output, high performance, micro-USB and folding designs. BlackBerry Curve 3G owners who prefer to spend their time outdoors will never have to worry about their battery dying with the help of a BlackBerry solar charger. Most will hold their charge for up to a year and can be charged from the sun, via USB or wall charger. A solar charger would come in handy during the wintertime of possible limited electricity outputs. Other charging options are desktop stands, portable power mats, charging docks and computer USB cables.

There are some BlackBerry Curve 3G accessories no one wants to be without. Bluetooth headsets make hands free operation possible. A number of states have passed laws prohibiting cell phone operation while driving a motor vehicle. Bluetooth headsets make it possible to multitask safely and prevent hefty fines for the BlackBerry owner. For those who insist on going old school, there are still traditional, wired headsets on the market. Wired headsets are usually less expensive than Bluetooth and come with stereo sound, mono bud designs, noise canceling and with or without microphones.

The BlackBerry user who wants to enjoy their favorite music will need to add a memory card for data storage. MicroSD cards range in capacity from 2GB up to 16GB and higher. The total storage space needed will not only depend on the number of files they want to save, but the type of files stored will also need to be considered.

Want to find out more about the benefits of having BlackBerry Curve 3G Accessories, then visit Think: Curve 3G where you’ll learn to choose the best BlackBerry Curve 3G Cases to to keep your phone protected and secure.

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Can Samsung Catch Up On Sales With The Samsung Epic 4G?

The new Epic 4G from Samsung is an amazing smart phone with many features, such as a full keyboard, excellent display, and the fastest Internet network connection, 4G. . There are many reasons that it is a good idea to get this phone. With that in mind, here are the top four reasons to consider buying the Samsung Epic 4G as your smart phone.

High Definition:

The phone offers high definition in two of its features, making it an excellent phone for use with multimedia. First and foremost is the phones versatile touchscreen. Aside the very impressive interface that it already offers, the quality of the phone’s display is absolutely stunning. Not only is the screen capable of displaying as many as sixteen million colors, but it offers a very wide range of lighting, giving you vibrant, high contrast pictures. Also, the phone’s display gives you the ability to view images and video under direct exposure to sunlight, making it very useful for usage in the outdoors. This key feature alone gives the phone something that few others can offer. The second high definition feature is it’s 5-mega pixel camera. The camera is front facing, allowing you to take pictures of yourself. This is also used during video chat. The camera allows you to record HD quality video, and take pictures with astounding clarity.

Slide Out Keyboard:

Samsung’s Epic 4G is by far the only phone the offers a slide out keyboard. This keyboard, however, offers much more usability than most phone keyboards. Where the majority of mobile keyboards only offer three rows of keys, the Samsung Epic 4G gives its users four full rows, giving you the same orientation as a computer keyboard. The buttons are also larger than most, and it’s tactile response makes it a lot more easier to use.


The phone offers an incredible number of features on board. It can keep you updated on your Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace accounts. It can download contacts from you social networking sites and email accounts. It gives you access to the fastest internet available for a mobile device, and it serves as a wireless hot spot for as many as five other devices to connect to the internet. It features an easy to use interface, and gives you GPS navigation, Wi-Fi, conference calling, speakerphone, hands free dialing, text messaging, multimedia messaging, visual voice mail, and and Bluetooth. It also features video chat, and several organizing applications for event planning and so on.

Samsung Epic 4G Accessories:

Accessories for the Samsung Epic 4G help to improve its performance. Headphones are a good way to get the most out of the Epic 4G’s multimedia features. Screen protectors are an absolute must in order to protect the extremely vibrant touchscreen display from scratches that can result from extended use. While the battery life of the phone is very good, OEM batteries are available to improve the battery life of the phone further still. Car chargers are great for keeping the phone charged while on the move.

The need for Samsung Epic 4G accessories is on the rise. Head over to ThinkSamsungEpic4G to find the most selection of Samsung Epic 4G cases. We offer free shipping and our prices are extremely competitive.

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Samsung Captivate Hits The Market

Samsung’s new Captivate smart phone is perhaps one of the best examples of its kind in both hardware and software. Paired up with the AT&T carrier, the Samsung Captivate comes with a fast and capable processor, a very impressive super AMOLED four inch screen which provide amazing visuals, and numerous modifications to Google’s operating system, Android, making it function better than those smart phones released just a few months prior. Additionally, a number of Samsung Captivate accessories are available to help protect the smart phone from damage that enable consumers to use it with safety and security while on the go.

One of the most impressive features of the Captivate is its processor; the Samsung Hummingbird CPU, which runs at 1 GHz on the Android 2.1 platform. The Android 2.2 platform will be available as a downloadable update from Google in late 2010. Furthermore, the Captivate comes with 16 GB of storage already built in, and offers opportunities for software expansion through micro SD cards. For example, if you were to purchase a 32 GB micro SD card, you would immediately have 48 GB of space to store videos, photos, games, music, and books.

Another impressive feature of the new Samsung Captivate is the four inch display, which uses Super AMOLED technology from Samsung and offers four inches of viewing space at 480 x 800 WVGA resolution. The screen size, while not the largest seen on most smart phones, is impressive, and should be protected. Fortunately, it is possible to buy Samsung Captivate screen protectors from almost anywhere, including online or in department and electronic stores all over the United States. The screen uses Super AMOLED technology, which offers you an excellent outdoor viewing experience.

Additionally, colors are rendered with exceptional fidelity. And as an aesthetic but significant bonus, when you turn off the screen, it has a relaxing blue hue, which is pleasant to look at. The Samsung Captivate is a good looking smart phone in general, and has a sleek and smooth feel to it. There are no physical buttons on the front of the phone, as it relies on a capable multi touch display. The device feels like a wedge due to the gentle slants on all of the sides, which gives it a very thin profile. It is worth protecting such an attractive piece of technology, and it is a good idea to purchase one of the many Samsung Captivate cases available on the market today.

Yet another impressive feature of the new Samsung Captivate is the five megapixel camera lens located on the rear side of the smart phone. With this camera, it is easy to take high quality pictures of whatever you see, and share those pictures with friends and family over the internet with the wireless capabilities of the Captivate. And even if you would rather capture video instead of pictures, you can switch to record high definition video at 720p quality.

To learn more about Samsung Captivate accessories, visit Think:Captivate and see how to choose the right Samsung Captivate screen protectors to fit your needs.

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The Highly Anticipated T-Mobile G2

Now introducing T-Mobile’s new G2 phone, T-Mobile’s very first smartphone, made to work with their 4G network. With features such as a its blazing 4G speed network, photo and video camera, thousands and applications to download, a full QWERTY keyboard, and 4GB of internal storage to give you space to put all your music, photos, or any other media, this phone is a definite winner. The T-Mobile G2 is an HTC slider phone with an auto-rotating screen, modeled from the HTC Desire Z. Its unique hinge design, named the “Z-hinge,” springs open when you want the phone open, and keeps it closed when you do not.

This amazing high-resolution touch screen phone can be used as a touchscreen, with an added pull out, full size QWERTY keyboard. And because the G2 is ran with the Android operating system, you have one touch access to all Google applications, including your Gmail, Google Talk, Google Maps, Google Calendar, YouTube, and the Android Apps Market. The App Market gives you access to all kinds of useful, fun applications to customize your smartphone. The home screen can be customized with any programs or applications you like for quick access to your most used programs.

With a five-megapixel camera and 720p video camera resolution, you’ll be able to take high definition video and pictures without having to tote a larger piece of equipment around. With a LED flash camera feature, you are sure to get pictures of every special moment, even if there is not enough lighting. With an auto-focus feature, you will not be stuck with hundreds of blurry pictures. You can send them to any camera phone, an email address, or T-Mobiles online album service, MyAlbum. Of course, you can view any of your pictures or video straight from your phone as well.

T-Mobile G2 accessories include many different kinds of faceplates, protector sheets for the touch screen, travel chargers, car chargers, batteries, and cases. You’ll be able to personalize your G2 with a large variety of covers and faceplates in many different styles, made from metal, rubber, plastic, vinyl, and other materials. You can find many cases in many styles, including horizontal and vertical facing cases, with a wide array of colors to choose from. Other accessories include screen protectors for LCD screen protection, USB data cables for synchronizing your phone to your computer, and extra memory cards for storing more media on your phone. You can also find headphones for your device to listen to the MP3 files that can be loaded onto the phone.

T-Mobile’s new G2 phone has got the attention from many tech junkies and is being named as one of the greatest phones as of late. This phone is one of the best choices to make, whether you need a phone for your business, or if you simply want it for all your entertainment needs.

The need for T-Mobile G2 accessories is on the rise. Head over to ThinkG2 to find the most selection of T-Mobile G2 cases. We offer free shipping and our prices are extremely competitive.

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Best Accessories For The Samsung Epic 4G

From Sprint comes the Samsung Epic 4G, a versatile smart phone that features a slide out keyboard, 4g network, a 16 million color display, and a 5 megapixel camera that can record hd video and sharp pictures. The camera is front facing, allowing you to take pictures of yourself and to use the video chat feature. The one gigahertz processor gives the phone a response time that beats the competition. Utilizing a user-friendly interface, this phone also has applications that can grab contacts from your social networking and email accounts.

Samsung Epic 4G accessories can be used to enhance the enjoyment of the phone. The Amzer Rubberized Black Snap On Case provides the phone with optimal protection against significant surface damage and drops. The case is designed to fit the phone like a glove. The rubber coated surface provides a stronger grip on the case to prevent unwanted drops. Accurate cut-outs are on this case to ensure the full functionality of the phone’s features.

Car and wall chargers are of course an absolute must, but a home and car charger combo is a very good idea. You’ll always have a charging solution wherever you go. If you forget to charge the phone at home, it will not be of any concern because you can still charge it in the car on the way to work. Car chargers are ideal for those who are always traveling. Chargers come equipped with internal surge protectors in order to prevent damage from occurring do to short circuiting. Samsung Epic 4G desktop chargers are another option that allow you to charge the phone on your computer.

Earphones are a great idea in order to get the most impressive multimedia experience from the phone. Along with a beautiful look, earphones provide high quality theater sound. The DBSound hi-fi earphone gives you a high quality stereo listening experience, perfect for movies and music. These earphones have a noise-cancellation feature to block out all background and ambient noise to deliver a powerful sound experience. A button lets you answer and hang up calls without touching the phone, and a mic lets you talk on the phone or give hands off commands.

A Skinomi Techskin Samsung Epic 4G skin is also a very good idea. This is used in order to protect the high quality touchscreen display from getting scratched. Daily wear and tear could cause unnecessary scratches which may deem unfortunate for the Samsung Epic 4G’s high quality screen. This screen protector is made from the same technology that protects military helicopter blades. It is also designed to resist yellowing with age.

With the release of a great phone, you’ll need Samsung Epic 4G accessories, please visit Think Mobile Solutions and choose the best Samsung Epic 4G screen protectors for your needs.

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The Newly Released Samsung Vibrant Is A Must Have Phone

I like the Samsung Vibrant because of its magnificent four inch AMOLED display, its smooth and modernistic design, and its extensive offerings for entertainment and creativity. The four inch display is simply a marvel to look at. I have never seen a display that was so life like on a smart phone; the amount of detail visible on the screen is nothing short of amazing. And because it’s anti reflective, if I want to watch a video a friend sent me, or play a game I’ve been trying to beat, or even just sit down and have a good read, I can do any of these things whether I’m indoors or outdoors in bright sunlight. And thanks to the wide variety of Samsung Vibrant screen protectors available online or in stores, I can carry my Vibrant with me and enjoy the beautiful display without worrying about it getting damaged in my pocket or while on the go.

The second reason I like the Samsung Vibrant is because of its sleek and modernistic design. The Vibrant is exceptionally light and exceptionally fun to look at. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a slimmer smart phone. Its thin, light, and attractive design makes me want to take it everywhere with me, and whenever I show it off in public, I attract viewers. I’ve never thought about a phone as being fashionable before, but with my Vibrant, I realize I’m holding something stylish in my hands, and so do all of my friends.

And thanks to the wide variety of Samsung Vibrant accessories available online or in stores, if there’s anything I need for my Vibrant, such as a case to keep it from getting scratched while I use it, I can purchase accessories to ensure my Vibrant continues to look sleek and modernistic.

The third reason I like the Samsung Vibrant is because of its extensive offerings for entertainment and creativity. I was delighted to hear that every Vibrant came included with the blockbuster hit Avatar, the 3D film that impressed audiences throughout the world. Now I can watch it whenever I want, thanks to my Vibrant! And every movie I watch will be available with a spectacular 3D sound system inside the phone.

And when I don’t feel like watching movies, I can play The Sims 3 Mobile Edition, which also comes with every Vibrant. Or if I feel like reading something, there are potentially 600,000 different books I can select from the Amazon Kindle application that comes with Android and my Vibrant. And thanks to the wide variety of Samsung Vibrant batteries available online or in stores, I can take my Vibrant with me everywhere I go, safe with the knowledge that I’ll have a back-up battery just in case my Vibrant’s battery is running low.

The need for Samsung Vibrant accessories is on the rise. Head over to ThinkSamsungVibrant to find the most selection of Samsung Vibrant cases. We offer free shipping and our prices are extremely competitive.

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