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A Few Advantages Of Award Winning KidsWatch Parental Controls With Kids Computer Timer

In today’s world of trying to balance our households, work, other responsibilities and children who need the Internet in order to do their homework assignments, we have even more reason to schedule their time and safety. When considering all those possibilities, you might want to take a look at Award Winning KidsWatch Parental Controls with Kids Computer Timer.

Along with the advantages and benefits of the Internet, there are other issues of time management that must be considered. Homework must come first, and that means finding a method of assigning time to achieve the greatest focus while still providing sufficient time with school mates. There has to be a happy medium for child safety.

Time Management – When we were children we thought there was an endless supply of time and no reason to get in a hurry about doing those chores, yet we manage to grow up and into real jobs where we are no longer allowed to play computer games, surf the web or listen to music at work. Now we have software that makes it possible to schedule our children into learning the values of time management to get homework done first, then have time left over for fun.

Schedule Music and Games – Being able to make music and games a special treat after having done all their homework, kids can have a good reason to want to finish the important stuff, first. Then have fun with their computer games while listening to music, later.

Keyword Blocking – Kids are going to try your will and test everything at least once, but being able to setup keyword blocking not only blocks out unwanted websites, but traps the URLs that appear on otherwise innocent pages.

Control Chat and Instant Messaging – Being able to chat with friends is a good thing, especially if their is a reason to verify homework assignments. People do get their instructions wrong or misunderstand what the teacher was covering that day. This makes it nice to be able to send a chat message to a friend about the details. So, the ability to allow only those trusted user names and just a few online services is a good safety feature for a time management software for children. Especially when you have the ability to receive emails, or printouts, done in real time that show all computer activity, even Predator Alerts.

Block Software – Focusing your child’s usage of the Internet by selecting the programs, online areas and websites they are allowed to use, provides you with the feeling that you have done your part as a concerned parent to protect your child from the potential dangers of surfing the Internet.

Reporting – Being able to receive emails and printouts of their endeavors provides you with a means of knowing if your child remained focused on the schedule, or got logged off for inactivity.

With the world of software making life much easier for school aged children to remain safe in their own homes, it might be a good idea for you to investigate Award Winning KidsWatch Parental Controls with Kids Computer Timer.

Parental Control Software on Internet and computer time helps children learn to prioritize tasks, while avoiding constant hands on monitoring of time spent in front of the computer. A Computer Time Limits is a reminder that homework comes first.

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