Clotrimazole Or Miconazole For Yeast Infection

During the operation the child became somewhat collapsed
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there may be to applying the new titles to such retired officers, ati least
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either of segregation or of interdiction of marriages with lepers."
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at their own risk. A case is reported from Peckham, where
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our hospital system. It is in the highest degree objection-
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Evidence of Dr. Nasmyth {Society of Medical Officers of Health
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tality. Charts showing the varied meteorological conditions
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9 1 have entered fully into this point (p. r;i 78) in my book on Diseases of
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On March 17th I received an urgent message to attend Mrs.
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clotrimazole or miconazole for yeast infection
the appendix must be made out, and upon its site the place-
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abdomen was found to contain about 5 ounces of milky fluid,
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there were no marks ; whilst among children of between 10
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and counterpressure respectively, for they answer the purpose ,
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Irving. W, J. Collins, C. o. Wynne. Isabella Aitken. E. Re^au. J. C.
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that the woman is healthy, and that the condition of the
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to-day's Times a communication from you on the subject. 1
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empty." In a smaller class of cases, "deaths from syncope,
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burn; Dr. T. O'Kelly, Chipping Norton; T. H. Openshaw, M.B.,
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workhouses, factories, workshops, hotels, lodging houses, and other
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mined he was perfectly free from fcetor, his respiration was
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fast : Mayne and Boyd. 1892. Post 4to. Pp. 96. 78.)— This
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cure some cases, and always decreased the diseased area.
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drinking, for he was remarkaljly steady and simple in his mode of living,
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to nearly the anterior cornu of lateral ventricle, and back to
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Another matter, which hitherto had always been a puzzle to
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not administered by injection like lymph, but by inhalation,
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accurate information as to the cause of deaths occurring among them.
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Galabin, Alfred L, M.D. , M..\., appointed Examiner in Obstetric Medi-
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out-patients. Applications (on forms to be obtained) to A. C. Davis,
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tween 1860 and 1889. The validity of this conclusion is,
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ment like the human eye must be very nearly a clearly defined
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a contemporary gives some amusing extracts. Oueof the candidates,
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the use of terms. The book before us appears to be, on the
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Prussian Silesia, where successful efi'orts have been made to
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Defective or bad dietetic conditions have been considered
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Shropshire and Mid-Wales Branch.— The general annual meeting
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Mr. Keetley read a paper on this subject. The method
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The rate of infant mortality in the thirty-three towns, measured by the
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Mr. R. Macnamara. Those mentioned are Dr. Donnelly, Dr.
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to the newer antipyretics, many of which have already fallen
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the epigastrium, and nausea. On the next day jaundice was
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white or gray substance of the cord, published by various
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woman who lias just borne a male child. We make the woman eat this.
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The laboratory has been in existence for live years as a private under-
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the subject. The two following clinical records will supply
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There are two drugs which relieve pain principally by
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number of the Westmirister Itevieiv contains an article which

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