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the gases were so diffused through the atmosphere that they became

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corporations, are very fairly represented by the respective letters

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Opie and Barker. Jour. Exp. Med., 1908, 10, p. 645.

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had taeen given, and the time for bloodletting had passed away.

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of life. I have already expressed an opinion, which I repeat, that

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nitrite (dilatation of the vessels, lowering of blood pressure, and quick-

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able prognosis to a serious one. [Supemutrition has been exaggerated

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the virulence of desiccated cord with that of fresh cords, after the

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(intestinal diseases). A few prescriptions are given here:

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in my opinion, been benefited by wearing linen-mesh garments. It is

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gators report their cultures of diphtheria bacilli as virulent or non-

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Mendel and Rockwood^s found that solutions of edestin in o . 5 per cent sodium car-

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most part was spent in making some feeding experiments on dogs,

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Laboratories, Brooklyn, from two cases of chronic cystitis, and

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In considering the question as to the propriety of operation, M.

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ter, and during the exploration a slight contraction was felt which

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which a loop pessary was introduced. She went about wearing this,

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milk, and a farinaceous diet supposited. Ood-liver oil and a judi-

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The author has been strongly convinced by his own experience that

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into the left crural canal there was found a lump of fat the size of

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in bed, and also that for many people it is not easy, but hard to digest,

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renal mischief is at once generated. Iron in this condition is our

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2. As an increased development of the sub-peritoneal fat.

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application of the weight by means of a very inefficient machine

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neuralgige must not be lost sight of. Warm clothing, flannel to the

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temperature were not 20°, reduction can be made by the formula

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Antipyrine (2-3 G. (30^5 gr.) a day) also has a certain reputation,

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was the presence of carriers in the asylum and careful consideration

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to the science of medicine, many of which a])pcared in our Journal.

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