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braxy of Scotland as braxy. The most common disease thus

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Hysteria. The movements of so called hysterical chorea are usually

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sought assistance for ophthalmia under which she had laboured

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deficient in liveliness. Altogether these lectures form a worthy

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governed by considerations entirely physiological as I shall illus

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Dr. Brunton suggested that there were different forms of

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shows the activity of their calori city and in contact

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young woman Avho died of influenzal pneumonia and empyema.

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from an attack of hemiplegia in March S but was said to have

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years and died from an acute disease. All the other cases died but

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at three months and a higher incidence of vasospasm and

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After the wound has been cleansed and closed the next step is

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we write a paper by Mr. Meldrum which has just been published

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administered until the disappearance of pain. Carbonate of sodium

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tested after a moderate interval being most marked how

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occupied in largo measure the minds of Bartholinus Mange

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The spleen was much enlarged and upon the upper surface the capsule

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In a number of outbreaks of that which may now without question

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improved and the pain entirely left her. Her pulse was. A

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remarks upon the subject of tuberculous joint disease called

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can afford relief in these cases but such seems to be

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ingly at the flank changing the place but not the pain rising

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the specialist s care as long as necessar and then returned

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it reaches the liver the varying amount of blood which exists in

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left liand only then spreading to the arm. Later on the head

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heating diet to clean the skin of all concretions from sweat or

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serum in the peritoneal cavity. Three feet from the junction of the ileum

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cautiously withdi awn so as to avoid a sudden escape

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neck or pedicle. They may vary in size shape consistency and number.

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diet alone will not reduce it. One or two such davs

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quent discussions BerthoUet never being able to un

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