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The following is an extract, verbatim, from the editorial column
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to act, and feels sure that an important advance may be made in
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may carry the organisms indiscriminately over the body.
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special dangers attend its non-recognition, partly from the possibility of
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directly from the cleansed urinary meatus. It should be remem-
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all night, and would have been a nuisance to any one trying to sleep
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an inch in diameter. Troublesome itching accompanies the eruption, which
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not ulcerated, as it is in typhoid fever, still the high temperature renders
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line and to the periphery of the agar, and to leave un-
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impossible to distinguish from simple or catarrhal laryngitis during life.
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of pus. Dr. Peck read the first draft of his report to the Insti-
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the soldier, but are worthy of mention because a few species are
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ionization or in other properties affecting transmittance, the curve
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contracted larynx, which brought on oedema 0/ the lungs. The
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such as removal of the spleen, is a lowering of the general resistance ; the presence of
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Phthisis. — The dry cough, the spitting of blood, the dyspnoea,
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tion, where the process is assumed to be a vital one, i.e. an intracellular
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the same way at the same time as the plasma filtrate.
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Minute species (usually smaller than a pinhead in size,
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