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der the care and treatment, if not absolutely, yet prac-

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determine whether the two substances are physiologically

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Seventh Edition. Revised and Enlarged. Illostrated with numerous Engravings.

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although I have found from observation and inquiry that parts of

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of Lime-juice, Citric Acid, and Xitrate of Potasli, in the Treatment of

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were supposed to be characteristic. Who had not ob-

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sented by a stream of stars) into the adjacent disks. At the other two

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failed to elicit anything of importance, except that the

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this case, however, convalescence set in at the end of the

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form excepted), the mortality is appalling. In an editorial

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sidered were drawn from jiublic institutions, where large

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formed, and the owl is no longer king, or high potentate. Many inquire with great

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Director of Cardiopulmonary Transplantation, University of Southern California

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disease now disappeared for a time, but on January the 21st

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One case is that of a woman, aged 45, whose right vocal

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possible ocular origin, I can only say I have emphasized possible, and will only

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with an abscess in the ethmoidal and maxillary sinuses, as

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be a marked projection of the spines of the ischium,

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alcohol 2 dra^ms, ana distilled water 20 ounces. The alcohol was added

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ten days. On the fourteenth, eighteenth, and twenty-fifth days large

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sistence. The infiltration is most marked at the base,

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The mechanical treatment consists mainly in lavage, and is to be used

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and a doctor should be called immediately in case of an attack of

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strangulation. Let us consider what means the Surgeon has at

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can., 3jss.; leontedon terax, ex. gr. vi.; veratr. glob., 30 ; dis-

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slow course. But, in spite of these benign character-

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general system, the increase or diminution of food, nutrients and stimuli,

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child born in the Maternity during the quarter. The puerperium

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Dr. Taylor has resigned from the Staff of The State Hospital at Morganton

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carbolic acid being plainly perceptible in the breath.

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virus being in proportion to the time which the primary symp-

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within a few weeks, and the lesions of scratching well marked, the

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from two to eight or ten weeks in the same individual. These la,tter cases oc-

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ment has lost one of its most faithful and efficient otficers, and

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The prostate is shown behind the pubes, with a vesicula

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sometimes so mild that its usual diagnostic features are not marked.

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