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same relation to the many varied forms of dyspepsia, as malaria*

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wound might enable the sufferer to undergo the operation without

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cervical region remained quiescent for twelve years, at

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theory of life advanced in these articles be true, there is

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The tumor on the left side was considerably larger than the one-

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existing in such anomalous abnormal cases, appears from the

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able r by the eye and the touch, along the whole course of the

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through the capillaries — especially when it passes through

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downwards upon the chin. At my first visit, about this period,

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Boil until reduced to one pint. Of this I prescribe four dessert-

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upon this belief, truth and candour prompts me to declare that I

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struggle is superadded, or there is simple suspension of respiration ;

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equivocal that pertains to that mysterious disease — a question of moral

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Astringents in the treatment of chronic gastro-intestinal

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ism of the aorta, "When about 15 or 16, she contracted syphilis

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we have no doubt it will not only appear plausible, but philosophical.

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— the motion, secretion or change of vascular or nutrient

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large, and much the same shape, as a goose-egg ; and such

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mixture of two parts syr. prun. virgin., and one part syr. opii. prescribed ; a

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pulmonary arteries into the lungs ; and the left one, having

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" a hot, acrid taste, giving rise to a burning sensation in the fauces, numb-

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any attempt at reduction, which merely brings the head of the

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must be paid to the method of measuring. False measures, like false

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6. " Further Observations in the Use of Hydrogen Dioxide in the Treatment

etodolac lasix

JEpilepsy treated by the Bark of Black Elder Tree. — The emeto-cathartic

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