Flagyl Iv Vs Po

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ing to his knowledge, he must hold himself responsible for
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holiday, or to secure such other assistance as severe illness
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associated witli a certain amount of spasm, giving rise to a
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until it resembles a bit of board, I was much astonished to
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The degree will probably be conferred at a special congrega-
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does revaccinate the latter two. Has A. acted in his proper capacity, or
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scientific observation, and that was the true position of the
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the absence of perfect separation of the medical stafT at all the
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Dr. James Cagnet ('.Vimpole Stieet) ivrites : The British Medical Jour-
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increase of £279 Us as compared with 1,891. The total amount to the
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bv the forceps and by washing with warm water. After this had been
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Dr Hoi.hen's letter on the above subject, in another column,
metronidazole or tinidazole
A BuHMAH correspondent writes : The garrison of Seina Post,
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proportion of relapses and a higher case mortality occurred
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medical officer bel.inghig to the Indian branch was sent for instruction
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Bronipton. — House-Physicians. .Applications to the Secretary by
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complete until the micro-chemical methods next to be men-
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The author, judged by his work, appears to be an earnest,
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in suitable cases, internal urethrotomy is almost absolutely
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tion, whether professional or commercial, and tlie Western
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from the list of "dangerous infectinu'i diseases" in the Reerulations of
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At the last meeting of the Strand District Board of Works held on Wed-
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vanced in Germany against the body described by Soudake-
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ting his living. The articles were rather severe upon him ccrtaialv. The
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small-pox death is in these years the same in the vacci-
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an epidemic are those which bring about accumulation or
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of the honorary membership of the Irish Medical Graduates '

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