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come softened, and the valves themselves thickened by the inflamma-
is enlarged, in simple hyperemia there may' be no symptoms of
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induce amyloid degeneration of the spleen. Lardaceous spleen only
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It is far more common for tubercles to form in the young pseudo-
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2 inches higher than the left and scarcely moved, even with deep respiration,
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disease and rendering difficult the observance of the laws of hygiene.
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Catarrhal ulcers require essentially the same treatment as chronic
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above, and such symptoms as debility, anaemia, loss in weight and strength
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fully supported in times of stress by the Medical Corps of the United
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ease, we have a multilooular hydatid cyst, if no connective-tissue sac
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This case leads me to think that nitrite of amyl will prove a valuable
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* Akquemboubg, and Colle, J. Un malade atteint de tumeur actinomycosique.
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pyramids. The entire process is a degenerative and not an
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The sufferer declares " that he has nothing the matter with his chest,"
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fact, it was so and still is, for all classes of animals which
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been allowed to act upon the organism, although this is generally diffi-
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in such persons, are usually better after haemorrhoidal haemorrhage.
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its movements, and thus become annoying. Inspection of the mouth
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change is in the Malpighian tufts and vessels ; afterward there
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Symptoms. — We recognize for convenience in discussion mild and severe intestinal
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ment must be accompanied by the following controls.
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brain. Under such circumstances the passage of flatus is a great event
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choking, should there be any regurgitation of the food while
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bandaging, the swelling disappeared, and the measurements of the limb gave
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symptoms, which may even temporarily remit. During the attacks of

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