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"Diseases of China," by Jeffreys Maxwell. Judging from the preliminary

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ing, jactitation, and explosive expiratory sounds may occur. There is

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(1) Period of primary incubation — the time Avhich elapses between con-

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and C. Beck^ and others have found that the ar-rays are useful in de-

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rule, they open spontaneously and discharge, first a thick, creamv pus,

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the interval the feet when at rest have a tendency, particularly in children,

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the last, oxybutyric acid. Diacetic and oxybutyric acids are products

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dren a convulsion may occur. The temperature ascends quickly to

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Clapp, Herbert C, M.D. Homoeopathic Treatment Superior in Pul-

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into play. The patient should not be allowed to indulge in a stimulating

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the cyst be of sufiicient size to give fluctuation and the liver be irregu-

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rical sciatic type, and it points to neuritis. The same is true of para-

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voluntary movement. Occasionally there is a slightly increased secretion

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The etiology of the idiopathic or general form is not so well known.

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Two forms are recognized : (a) Obliterating Endarteritis. — Here the

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marked improvement, if not a permanent cure, in a certain percentage

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to leave his bed for several days after the disappearance of all symp-

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nerve is involved in the nuclear degenerations that are spoken of as bul-

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organized medical armies and a method of procedure which is scien-

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appear as small elevations upon the skin. Usually, as in congenital

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The duration of an attack varies from a few days to several months

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Unlike the condition in vesicular emphysema, these sacs are freely mov-

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bations, and especially over the bases, and is due to congestion and edema

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{Facio-scapulo-humeral Type; Infantile Type of Progressive Muscular Atrophy.)

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the intestine affects most frequently the sigmoid flexure. The symjitoms

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Htiologfy. — Most of the cases reported have occurred in men, and

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nary artery wall, may be noted. The effect of the lesion is to cause

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makers, etc. The 'pathologic changes are identical with those in anthra-

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has now completed his twentieth year of connection with the

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dilatation of the right ventricle has occurred. A systolic thrill is

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becoming movable once more. When produced by movable kidney

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Fatty degeneration leading to the formation of necrotic (atheromatous)

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vomica, and bitter tonics are serviceable in cases in which gastric diges-

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puncta vasculosa to be increased. It often leaves no trace postmortem.

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more than doubled in size, its course more than doubled in length,

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either thrombotic or embolic obstruction has been the only discoverable

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