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and Si. Joseph's (Catholic) Hospitals. He, also, was

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stomach symptoms, in particular, which usually precede the

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physicians, lawyers, ministers, and other followings. On

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of which is now in press ; " Ligation of the Common and

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viation, pupils dilated ; no response to objects moving ; right

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" This paper . . . seems to have been published only to com-

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the contraction ceases, the localized inertia of the intestine


Throughout the operation, the anaesthesia was apparently

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The patient had by this time taken carefully selected remedies

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sciousness, has been discussed by Dr. Carpenter of England,


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is formed of hardened lead compressed in a steel wrapper.

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evening air, and took cold. Tuesday noon was sitting at the

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did his brothers, but took up the manufacture of agricultural machines

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laryngo-tracheal and pharyngo-oesophageal passages, the


bone ; indentations, furrows, and grooves which are limited to

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personal care of the author, are here classified, tabulated, and

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here. In addition to being president of the Lung Island

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at once into the atmosphere which has surrounded him

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genuine polymyositis the peripheral nerves are perfectly normal. Yet re-

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