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have had the same experience after trials of the bacillus pro-

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circumstances one might assume to be incorrect; but unfortunately

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scallops, 14.8 protein and .1 fat; shrimps are very high in

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ent day. Of recent years considerable attention has been

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ful power. All the leading authorities upon this method of treatment

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thousand feet is best. Individual peculiarities may assert


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creases cutaneous secretion decidedly. This view is shared by Glax.

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be applied chiefly at night, or when the patient is resting, the chest

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cal supervision, and this intelligent medical supervision should

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tions, which are deepened by each application, continue deeper, dysp-

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tein and 1.2 fat; salt cod, 21.4 protein and .4 fat; sheeps-

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in which we may, in a majority of instances, look forward to

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The compresses are applied during the interval between the baths.

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from reabsorption from the intestines. Constipated people,

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a disease in the United States? Undoubtedly it is, just as

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incisions are practically never indicated. An incision less than

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the walls, as he puts it, to save those living in the houses.

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the market coming from the West, but they do not compare

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and of practical application: Some years since I applied a

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and from all the tubes of the fluid media. All of these failed

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fourteen hours at the body-temperature, can be thoroughly relied upon in

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ally cease to use spirits as a beverage, a condition greatly to

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sets in the pulse becomes very frequent, small, and compressible, and the

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fever can he made. Of special value is the eruption — its time of appear-

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(a) The Chill. — This may be mild, though oftener it is quite severe.

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two 3'^ears, under the usual treatment applicable to such a

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very restless, a stimulant may be administered — fsj (32.0) of whiskey,

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1917. These cater for ;t!)t).()00 enii)loyees. There are about si.xty

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sugars, dextrose, etc., 2.20; starch, 59.87; water, fat, ash,

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careful treatment to rectify, and it is well always to watch

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tirely prevents their growth and future development. The

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Milk. — Here comes up an important question in the diet

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during the first stage, deserves special emphasis. Equally serious, in

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