Suprax Heart

due to the admixture of pus and blood, demonstrated the existence of

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on the Eiviera (Marcet). On the other hand, the water vapour checks

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placed on the bed before the patient is laid in it, and another over him ;

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that grows at the end of a long bone after injury is comparable with the

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Paralysis of the glottic dilators is an explanation possible in some

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of bodies, the common centre of which exists in neither. The common

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Davos (5200 feet) it is 25 inches ; on the summit of Pike's Peak, Colo-

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clean, and gargled with boracic acid, or with the following mouth-

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to whom he had thought it proper to administer the herb. This effect

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and not lesions due to facultative saprophytes, or facultative parasites.

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tions and deductions, recognising, nevertheless, that none of the proposed

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somewhat irksome details of antiseptic midwifery to be generally ap-

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gated by massage; for instance, the flushing so often complained of in

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instance those capable of dissolving cellulose and of splitting up urea,

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of the disease, the damaged muscles rapidly waste to a greater or less

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1890.— ,59. Leu. — Charity Annalen, vo\. xvi. 1891, p. .315. — fiO. Loeffler. Cbl. fUr

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of a reddish color, and bleed easily when injured. When first present-

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from the toes to the groin with a flannel bandage, and the hip and knee

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than acquired immunity, their discussion must be deferred for a while.

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the smallpox, if performed after exposure to the influence of the

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used, placed next the table. The bed to which the patient is afterwards

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painful swelling which rapidly spreads. Its colour, at first red, soon

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brain, which assumes the form of acute hydrocephalus. The little pa-

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and grilled meats are generally well digested, also custard pudding and

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there is an abundant determination of leucocytes, there obtains a diges-

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next to the region of inoculation ; and he believes that this is due to the

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become worn out, a severe spasm, compressing the thorax, suspending

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an early symptom. It may last for several days, and end in recovery ;

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can often be noted in a few minutes; and, though perhaps thej^ do not

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but varies in its manifestations. We have the quiet delirium, when

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suprax used for

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besides the usual febrile characters, frequently contains albumin, and

suprax heart

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evil, and to use milk which has been boiled or sterilised. If the latter,

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of bed-sores by washing the nates and adjacent parts with weak spirit or

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ed ; the face is distorted ; the mouth drawn aside, and in constant mo-

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plasm being segregated into a stained granule at each end, while the

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the first three days after symptoms were noticed ; and, secondly, because

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the third day of disease ; and death, mainly from dysphagia and dysp-

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On agar-agar we have a superficial slimy growth, offering no special

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efflorescentia ; scarlatina anginosa; beoigna, maligna vel angina gangre-

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