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examining finger like soft tumors, was really a number of

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system. It may, however, be replied, that if there exists a special exciting

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To arrive at a j ust idea as to the application of instruments

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harder and highly refractive bodies gave oft" a gas in the

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patient had been drawn by some pain or uneasy feeling in that

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be at once given and serum should be immediately discontinved.

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successful in almost certainly and quickly abating pain, and from

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crowded apartments, and congested regions with a susceptible population

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I think it must be admitted that pulling the tongue

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Medical School. The youngest son, Edward H., spent his life

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and the means taken to collect the bile at regular intervals,

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to supply the excessive quantity of sugar found in the economy

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He observed pustules on the mucous membrane of the colon, and

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assign the patient to the first who arrives, and who, if necessary, may in-

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tropia (the eye being turnip-shaped, to use a bucolic

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for the visitation of the examinations next year, and espe-

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to that of small-pox, and may, therefore, be, also, administered with advan-

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The trypanosomes that undergo this process of degenera-

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in the compilation of death-lists. Social science can

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but with negative sputum, may be accounted for by chronic influenza

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will also be able to modify his conceptions of the proper care of an aeroplane,

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In places in this mass the nerve-fibers are separated; nearly all are finely granulated. The

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to extend chemical and histological knowledge among medical students,

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he briefly summed up as follows : — 1. There is a diseased state

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greater resistance to retention, and are the more ex-

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panhysterectomy by dissecting out the ureters ; the left ureter was very

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genital cases as those most likely to show hyperacidity.

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stanch and true, a wise, prudent, and just adviser in all matters

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contact with the slightly closed lips of the oesophageal groove

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Nikolay Dimitrov, M.D.: "If you want to get an elevator

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