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inhalation, the nature of the agent was concealed ; it was then

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npon the ciri'iunstunt'cs which iitLcnd its uevelopment. If the indiviihiul

imuran prescription information

elevated at its circumference, so as to form a callous ring of bone.

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fevers. For the past three years malarial fevers have been on the

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Southwark hospital, labouring under well-marked symptoms of cho-

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venous injection of 0.38 cc. of serum 14 days or more after the first.

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suMance (diffuse interstitial encephalitis), although meningitis chronica

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Variety) about centre of chin to the right of middle line has turned

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The ooUwt was on the 1st, and its mean was S2i°. The grealrat

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placed in a large, quiet, darkened room, with the head elevated and all

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According to M. Trousseau, infantile erysipelas is principally ob-

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of the period of maximum rate of growth, those bacteria which re-

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he dies of the treatment. The only conclusion that seems warranted is

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Rabbit B. — Weight 1,260 gm. Jan. 8, 0.2 gm. of fat injected into the vein and

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blood, or that the spirochetes have lost their virulence and are no

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an exemption from this malady. This assertion is founded on the

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these cases and have compared only the mortality of patients in our

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and gliomata. Apoplexy and abscess, which have much in common with

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a mysterious, incomprehensible malady, past finding out, refer it,

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terferes with the heahh of the infant so long as its system is freely

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developed, the hypertrophy disappears and the gland assumes its

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ments, each in tlie language of his country, save that

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about six times ; the attacks of pain had now become more frequent

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ferocious men, fill tbe sufferer with tlie most agonizing fear. lie may

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ceived in hooping-cough, he conceives to be no evidence of its non-

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stitutional and hereditary tendency exerts a powerful influence over the

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to the earliness in the course of the labour at which it is practised."

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committee to investigate the protective powers of vaccination ; the

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venient to speak in terms of their generation time, the formula for which was

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sociation or Corporation better fitted than this College, by its age

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There are many ways in which substances exert a coagulative

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to produce septicemia and the degree of the agglutination of the in-

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