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other respects normal, and the general health good.
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virulent microorganisms which, as shown by Buxton's* experiments,
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(k voprosu o vliyanii razlichnavo vida iskusstvennavo oa-
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correspondent suggests that " we know how much sugges-
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ezoess, above all, among onanists. Palpitation is also common in hy-
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the oil drops clear from the stirrer ; then let it cool.
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Spence on Listerism, or rather on the personal experience of
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children upon bread and milk or oaten porridge. Whether or not the
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jejunum or stomach, but had to limit themselves to one likely to
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elements. The cicatrix is usually puckered, and causes some contraction of
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It is also a practical truth, which few who have had
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Intravenous caffeine therapy, 1 0 mg per kg, given at the
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that section of the sympathetic nerve in the neck is followed by increase of
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depressed, anaemic, and not infrequently more or less softened. Small
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fessor Langenbeck speaks with surprise of the clearness
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were still under treatment at the time the report was made ; two cases of
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ination for sugar in suspicious cases. He remarks that apart
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is in caring for the patient^ and not in the dollar sign.
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by dysmenorrhcea was that of a lady then fifty-two years
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become law. Some of the bad features of this bill were con-
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hospital staff, and indicate the line of reasoning that was
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Wien.raed. Wchnsclir., 1890, xl, 1106.— Burr (C. R.) Spi-
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it (two of them having become worse since discharge).
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methylene she escaped, she said, every one of these annoyances.
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(Flexner), and in abscess of the lung (Cohn). Sydney Wolf isolated
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gonorrhoea or syphilis, is liable to prosecution and
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relaxation. The auricles communicate with veins; the right being
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Albuminuria. 2.6 per cent of 500 showed albumin in the
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day. This is the most simj^le and efficatious method of
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are any other factors, besides that of consanguinity to account for
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some most striking instances of the effects of tartar emetic,
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bly tranquil and easy. The fits of dyspnoea came on after any
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face of the vein, and permit an easy passage of the blood through
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cold extremities ; small and feeble pulse ; dyspeptical symptoms ;
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softening is a mere result of post-imrtem maceration of the cerebral substance,
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This is the first occasion on which the Association has met
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possible that the globules of the thymus can enter the lymphatic or
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to prevent death subsequently from the mortal disease

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