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was urged, even to the point of insistence, because good appetites

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with valvular cardiac disease and arterial atheroma, on whom he

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been indicated should be tried with all the more energy and perseverance,

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is dry. The finger may be used as a means of dilating if

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tubercular matter. . . . Dr. Koch nowhere professes to use the fractional

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indicating that it is a vessel-tumor. The author relates several cases illus-

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cases came under observation, as only these were admitted to the hospital

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surgically. Their cure can be accomplished not only by arresting the blood

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time regarded as a result of chemical oxidation, has been found to be

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other legal or moral reasons for consideration of the matter of

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upon the surface of the sound, and melts again when introduced into the

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excited by musical sounds, and not by noises." Thus, Steinbrugge brought

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indicated in cases of deafness consecutive to otitis media purulenta with per-

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system to hasten the metabolism of the tissues of the body. They are also

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objection anticipated, but it is a matter of minor import com-

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recent origin, and by many ardent advocates is thought to mark

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mopped with a two per cent, solution of carbolic acid, and then insuf-

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Arthur H. Bogart, William V. Pascual and Thomas M. Brennan.

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conditions, occurred in the blood of a woman (subsequently

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region in an antiseptic condition. Should a more extensive fracture,

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M. Verneuil, who was formerly an advocate of the "mild" treatment,

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rupture of an encysted appendiceal abscess into the peritoneal cavity.

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age: the etiology is different, and examination by the finger shows the

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Each week charts of patients discharged the previous week to

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tion of nuclei in one cell. The " food cells " were especially numerous,

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preternaturalis in ano,'' or an ovary ; exceptionally it may con-

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