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and half in height , which is fpread into many Branches,

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practiced at the present day. The time has come when the

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fweetning all the Juices, it carries off the Tartarous

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Since the infant swallows the nasopharyngeal discharges and some

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es much out ■, on every Branch ftands a large Bufh

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and Hyfterick Fits, eafes the Cholick, produces the

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Prickle* fafh ton'd like Hooks, bending their points

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Kings-Claver, Melilot, Meli/otus , Oww Regia, 48 1 .

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tlemen, it seems to me that there is no question about this mat-

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Authors aferibe the fame Virtues to it which is gi-

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poring over Cheever's Accidence, or trying to commit to memory

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efficacious, and therefore ought to be given in tre-

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releasing pressure on the tube from the irrigating tank and the tube

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thofe in Sett. 44. above • otherwife in all other

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Stalk is jointed in three or four places, with Leaves

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Wine, or in Syrup, or other proper Vehicle, it cafl-

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fmall and fomething narrow Leaves, lying^rpori the!

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it to be a Shrub, degenerating from all thofe Plants:

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The following resolution, presented by Dr. Cleaveland, was

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" The same is true regarding the treatment of a mild stricture

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piuess and human life depend upon the defeat of this medically

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rabbits and monkeys. I have carefully gone over their published

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going into the question of their social condition, their financial con-

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