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Instant PowerPoint Presentations Using The PhotoAlbum Feature

PowerPoint presentations are a superb tool for getting a message across to an audience, to potential clients and to your own company and images are great for adding impact to a PowerPoint presentation. So much so that PowerPoint includes a feature that lets you automatically create a complete presentation from a group of images.

Naturally, creating a presentation in this way can only be done if the pictures relate very closely to the main content of your presentation. One example might be a presentation given during product training which requires detailed photographs of each product.

To get started you need to bring up the New Presentation task pane. To do this, choose File – New. Next, click on “Photo Album” in the New Presentation task pane window.

When the Photo Album dialogue appears, your first task is to locate the images. Images can be loaded from disk or imported directly from a scanner or digital camera. To specify where your images are located, just click on File/Disk or Camera/Scanner as required.

The imported images are ordered alphabetically, so you will almost certainly want to reorder them to coincide with the narrative of your presentation. This is achieved by selecting one or more images and clicking on the arrow icons to move them up or down in the order. You can also highlight one or more images and click Remove to delete them from the presentation.

Having got your images in the right order, you can turn your attention to the tonal values in each image. If any of them needs adjustments, you can do one of four operations by clicking the appropriate icon: increase contrast, lower contrast, increase brightness, lower brightness. There are two further icons which allow you to rotate the image clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Not many presentations will consist solely of images. So the next step will be to specify the layout of text and images. The Picture Layout drop-down menu lets you choose one, two or four images per slide either with or without a title and a separate check-box lets you specify whether the title will be displayed below the image or above it.

Next, there is the shape of the image. In the drop-down menu labelled Frame Shape, you can choose rounded rectangle, bevelled, oval, corner tabs, square tabs and plaque tabs. If you don’t want anything fancy, just leave the shape set to the default value of rectangle.

That’s pretty much it. Click OK to exit the Photo Album dialogue box and PowerPoint will go ahead and create your presentation using the images and parameters you just specified. Add some text into the title box on each slide and your presentation is good to go!

Author is a developer and trainer with Macresource Computer Solutions, a UK IT training company offering Microsoft PowerPoint training courses at their central London training centre.

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Why The Okidata B6500n Printer And The B6500n Printer Cartridge Is The Solution You Have Been Searching For!

If your business activities are limited by your printer’s capabilities, then you should certainly look into investing into a higher quality and faster printer. The Okidata B6500n printer using Okidata B6500n Toner is the perfect choice for any business that wishes to increase the efficiency and productivity of their operations. Once a business can do its tasks at the speed of its employees, the entire company can increase the profitability of their activities.

High quality machines give you the most capabilities modern technologies allow. This printer from Okidata certainly satisfies most printing requirements. To be competitive in the modern age, you need to have tools that give you the most advantages. With this printer, you can print up to 200,000 pages a month. That comes out to be 10,000 pages a day. When you are printing at 45 pages per minute, you will certainly gain the upper hand when it comes to the efficiency of your company.

You not only gain speed in performing the activities your business is engaged in, but you also improve the quality of your output with this product. The resolution of your printouts will be 1,200 x 1,200 dpi, so that even though you are producing at an excellent speed, you are still able to maintain the quality that you expect from the productions created by your company. Plus, when you use this printer for your jobs, your employees don’t have to wait for the printer to start up and initialize the printing process.

This gives you and your company more time to focus on more productive tasks. This also adds more profit to your overall activities. Profit always rises when you are able to perform your tasks at a faster pace while still maintaining the quality of your output.

These printers are also a great solution if you are constantly limited by the amount of sheets you can print at any one moment. If you need to print large volumes of prints every day, then you should also look into the expandable options of this machine. You can have your printer capable of printing up to 1,800 sheets of paper before you need to reload. This can be a great way to increase your business efficiency. Employees will spend less time maintaining the operation of the printer and more time focusing on the parts of their projects that increase the performance and profits of your company.

When you have this printer, you can also print to every side of each paper you use. This is a great way to decrease the costs associated with your printing. This also decreases the waste you create from your printing and makes your company a greener operation. When your business takes precautions to be as green as possible, you can increase the public interest in your business’ activities, because people will feel that you are taking care of the environment while performing your business functions.

If you are going to invest into your business, you should choose toner, that will increase the respectability of your operations. When you buy a product that has won many awards for outstanding quality, you can increase the value that your services offer to all of your customers. When your money is invested into a company that stands behind their products, you will also feel more secure with your purchase.

If you ever have a question, you can contact a live representative to help you with any of your issues. When you have a high quality B6500n Printer Toner Cartridge, and live support to help you with anything you need, you will notice that the value of your offerings to your customers rises. When the value of your production rises, you are in a position to create a more profitable business structure for future operations.

B6500n Printer Toner Cartridge also eliminates the need for costly reprints due to poor appearance. Okidata Printer Toner Cartridge ensures each page is optimal. Have replacement Toner Cartridge on hand as this powerhouse should never have down time.

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Visually Modifying Head Elements In Dreamweaver CS5

A web page has two main areas: the head element and the body element. The body element contains all of the visible content which will be displayed in the browser window. The head element, by contrast, is designed to contain information about the web page; meta information as it is sometimes called. In this article, we will look at the different ways in which Dreamweaver allows users to modify elements within the head of a web page. Let’s start with the title.

The title element is designed to contain a broad description of the content of the page. It is very important that each page should have a title and that the title is pertinent to the web page that contains it. Dreamweaver always adds a title element to every new page containing the text “Untitled Document”. Perhaps the simplest way of modifying this default title is to enter a title in the Document Title box of the Document toolbar which is normally displayed at the top of the page. Another method is to choose Modify – Page Properties and then click on the Title/Encoding category on the left of the screen.

The title is the only element which is syntactically required to be placed within the head element. In addition, a variety of optional meta elements may be placed in the head element to provide further information about the current page. One of these meta element is created automatically by Dreamweaver along with the title: the content-type. This declares the character encoding of the page to the browser and is particularly important if you have a site with an international audience. To specify the character encoding, choose Modify – Page Properties, click on the Title/Encoding category on the left of the screen and then choose one of the options in the Encoding drop-down menu.

The meta description element is also very important since, along with the page title, it is often displayed when your page shows up in the search engine results. The description should consist of one or two sentences summarising the content of the page. To set the description in Dreamweaver, choose Insert – HTML – Head Tags – Description then enter a brief description in the dialogue box which appears.

There are a lot of other meta tags which can be added inside the head element. However, let’s just mention one more: keywords. The keywords meta element should contain a list of the important phrases and words which occur on the current page. Only text that actually appears on the page should figure in the keywords. To create the keywords meta tag in Dreamweaver, choose Insert – HTML – Head Tags – Keywords.

If you would like to learn more about Dreamweaver training courses, visit Macresource Computer Training, an independent computer training company offering Dreamweaver training courses in London and throughout the UK.

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Business Broadband – The Need Of The Hour

The importance of business broadband cannot be overlooked and is essential to for the success of a business. It is important not only for fast and reliable communication, but also for improving the productivity of the operations as a whole. All these are the aspects that play a crucial role in enhancing the growth of a business.

The benefits are great in the case of business broadband, because it comes with different packages to meet different needs of businesses. This trend is gaining popularity, because all businesses require very frequent transfer of files, and internet usage for different purposes. Therefore, business broadband has become the first choice for many people.

Broadband is the internet service used not only in offices, but also in homes. The workings of businesses and the way they operate have undergone a change, and there are many things that are done online and that require accessibility to the internet at all times. This is where the business broadband plays a role. Whether you have a large or small business, business broadband should be your choice for internet, because it enables fast and reliable internet access at rates and features that are very reasonable and productive. The importance of business broadband is far greater for businesses that use the Internet as their sole platform for business activities.

Fast internet is very important in this fast pace world. For this reason, business broadband has become a first choice for most of the businesses. It keeps them in staying at equal pace with the fast changing world. They can also utilise their resources to the maximum with these resources. Therefore, it helps businesses a lot, and takes them at a new level in a very short time.

If you are not satisfied with your present business broadband provider, you can change the provider by following a simple process. There is no need for a business to put up with a poor Internet service, because switching business broadband service providers is something that does not disrupt your business in any way.

It does not matter if you have a well established, or you are setting up a new business, business broadband is very important. Therefore, it means that you must have a trouble-free internet at all times. So, you should also make sure that the business broadband comes with technical support. They are obliged to provide complete support to the clients.

Business broadband is the best possible choice for a business in terms of productivity as well as speed. ADSL/DSL and cable connections are not only relatively cheaper, but they are also fast, having good customer support facilities. An alternative to this is satellite and wireless, both of which are expensive.

There are many packages for business broadband, which have different downloading limits, but they are all very economical for all types of businesses. These packages come with both, limited, and unlimited, amount of data download. In this manner, it becomes very easy for the businesses to choose from the packages, the one package that best suits their needs, and requirements. Not only this, business broadband is a very viable choice for your business, as it also offer many options, as web address, email, security and backup, which increases the benefits of the whole package.

Check out more about business broadband here.

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Cure for Computer Worms Software Review – Adware Remover And Spy Ware

Are you seeing Windows security alert boxes popping up on your PC screen telling you that your computer is infected? This is a common scenario that PC users who have their computers infiltrated by worms will encounter.

Users may also find that their web browser constantly takes them to websites that they did not initiate going to, and it gets really annoying for the user. It is vital that you get rid of them fast before they manifest into other more serious problems.

1. Why Is It Hard to Cure Computer Worms with Anti-Virus Software?

Users have reported that their anti-virus software are unable to find the worms even after repeating scanning. This is a common scenario as anti-virus programs are not made to find such files. Some computer worms also have the ability to turn off any protection programs on the PC, making them very hard to deal with indeed. I have found that a good way to get rid of such files is to download cleaning software like No Adware Software. It has been specially programmed to get rid of these intrusive files.

2. Other Common Symptoms of Computer Worms Infection

Other symptoms include seeing additional desktop icons that you obviously did not download. Users may also start seeing unwelcome warning messages that direct you to click on them and take you to other sites etc.

3. What is the Fastest Way to Get Rid of Computer Worms?

The easiest way would be to download a program that has been made to get rid of PC worms, with one of them being No Adware Software. This program will give your computer a free scan and report to you the errors that it finds. After using No Adware Software myself, I have managed to find and get rid of all the worms that were once in my PC. I highly recommend you to give your computer a free scan below if you suspect that your system has been infected.

Are you looking for the Best Cure for Computer Worms? See for Top 5 Spyware & Virus Removal Software and get a FREE PC Scan!

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Kyocera FS-6700 Toner Cartridge – A Consistent Tool That Works A Lifetime

Regardless of the industry, the Kyocera FS-6700 printer is guaranteed to deliver expectations. This fast monochrome printer has a powerful 100 MHz PowerPC 603e processor at its heart. It’s capable of churning out up to 20 ppm (pages per minute), in 2,400 dpi x 600 dpi (dots per inch) quality, each page exceptionally crisp from the Kyocera FS-6700 Toner Cartridge. Reduction among a range of paper sizes is easily achieved via its page setup option.

The unit comes with 4 megabytes memory, but you can have it upgraded up to 68 megabytes for larger storage capacity. The cartridge free system used by Kyocera means reduced operational costs. There’s no doubt that the FS-6700 is a must have office tool for every industry today.

Kyocera is respected for its advanced ceramics technology, which helped it develop a unique print drum. Made out of amorphous silicon, it’s built to endure years of work. Other components also spare you from costly periodic replacements, such as the developer and fuser units.

Only the Kyocera FS-6700 Printer Toner Cartridge is the consumable that requires replacement as soon as it is used up. It has its own container that’s flammable, yet fashioned from an environmentally benign material. Some black and white printers use a cartridge system that is costly as you need to replace everything once the toner is all used up. But on the FS-6700, the toner is not included in the drum itself.

An amorphous silicon drum can resist tremendous heat. It can also resist harsh chemicals that it can come in contact with, such as solvent. Its hard-wearing property minimizes frequent disposal, so less waste goes to the environment. Kyocera knows the value of giving you superior office equipment, as well as considering the planet’s wellbeing.

As your business grows, the FS-6700 can keep up with it. It’s because of the expandability of the monochrome laser printer through available options and accessories. There are two expansion slots that can be used to install additional network interface boards simultaneously. This means that the machine can support a broader network environment, which may be necessary as your industry expands. The two expansion slots can be also used for attaching extra hard disks.

But that’s not all of your expansion options. There are additional trays, paper feeders and paper path adaptors available. They can augment the already efficient output delivered by the standard paper trays and multipurpose trays that accompany the printer comes. A barcode reader and duplex unit (for double-sided printing) are also available.

The control panel is easy to use and it has a large screen for printer instructions. Built-in printer instructions languages include English, as well as German and French. Additional languages can be downloaded and installed for a more easeful use. This Kyocera printer also allows you to install additional fonts onto its memory. Called downloadable or soft fonts, they can be added to the machine’s resident bitmap, scalable and KPDL fonts.

With its long lasting components, the Kyocera FS-6700 printer lets you save on running costs. It’s no wonder why various industries all over the planet employ the efficiency of this monochrome laser printer. It’s reliable, economical, and has the heart for the environment.

Reliability as determined by Kyocera is continued in their Kyocera FS-6700 Printer Toner. Value is easy to see when there is no re-printing of pages due to smears or smudges, which would be unthinkable when using Kyocera Laser Toner. You’ll see additional value when purchasing Cartridge online.

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The 3 Worst Sonic Games

Who does not know Sonic the Hedgehog. Ask any teenager in any country and chances are high that they not only know Sonic, they also have some of his video games at home right now. It is impressive to think what an impact Sonic has had on the our social culture. But not everything Sonic touches turns into gold, not every game he stars in is an instant classic. Let’s take a quick look at the bad games.

Sonic Labyrinth

This is a handheld game that appeared on the game gear. The bad features of this game are that first of all Sonic walks really slowly. It was a big mistake to have Sonic walk in this game. The first thing you think about when somebody mentions the blue hero is speed. The only way to move fast is to use the spin dash.

The object of the game is to collect keys to exit the stage. If you get hit while you have the keys, they will scatter all around. Now you have to collect all them again.

This game tries to have that 3D feel to it and the music is pretty bad to. On a plus the graphics are pretty good and the levels look good also, albeit they are very repetitive.

Sonic Drift

This game was basically created, because Sega saw the huge success Nintendo had with Mario Kart. Sega wanted in on the action and created Sonic Drift. But they should not have made this game see the daylight at all.

The game misses that fun factor that is available in Mario Kart. Remember how you used to play Mario Kart with your friends and tried to beat them by collecting the necessary items. That was fun and fun is something this game is lacking, because it is too boring.

Sonic Shuffle

This is a game that appeared on the cool Dreamcast console. I really thought Sega would create another classic, but Sonic Shuffle let me down. It feels like the game is trying to be good, but is lacking the final finishing touches.

You have to collect a bunch of precious stones to finish the game. You get these by playing the board game and finishing some boring mini games. Good thing is that the mini games are not hard.

Looking at these games you will notice that Sega made a couple of mistakes, you cannot blame them because they were experimenting with the franchise and tried new and different things, but that does not mean that you should not stay away from these horrible games.

If you want to test these games out yourself, go ahead and rent them. Do not buy these games, because chances are high that you will bring them back to the store. Or if a friend has them, try to borrow it from him or her. Your friend probably will not care if you keep it and will be more than happy to get rid of it. Just play the classics and you will be fine.

Ignore the bad games and play some great sonic games or ultimate flash sonic today.

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9 Astonishing Movie Summaries For Your Entertainment Pleasure

Select from these commentaries and download a excellent movie to see tonight. The Bourne Ultimatum – In the third movie of the sequence, Jason Bourne is still being sought after by those who had trained him into the ultimate assassin that he is. Having lost his memory when almost being killed, Bourne is retracing his past to try to understand who he was, and why everyone wants him dead. All his skills are put to the test, as the C.I.A. is relentless in its effort to have him eliminated. Starring Matt Damon and Julia Stiles.

Across llOth Street – Barry Shear handled the directing for this movie. Three black men, disguised as policemen have robbed the mob bank out of over $250,000. Now the cops and the mafia are in a competition to seize the thieves, and salvage the cash. The actors include Anthony Quinn, Yaphet Kotto, Anthony Franciosa, Richard Ward, and Paul Benjannin. (1972 Crime-Drama)

Unlawful Entry – Michael and Karen Carr have had a frightening happening. Someone broke into their home, and tried to steal from them. When Police officer Pete Davis shows up to help, he seems like a godsend. In the days to come they find police officer Davis might be their most terrible nightmare.

Dillinger – Dim gangster motion picture written by Philip Jordan, one of the best B films of its kind albeit a key bank robbery is made up of stock recording lifted from Fritz Lang’s You Only Live Once. Cast includes Edmund Lowe, Anne Jeffreys, Lawrence Tierney, Eduardo Ciannelli, Elisha Cook, and Marc Lawrence. (70 minutes, 1945)

Company of Killers – Gunman (Saxon) performing for Kill Inc. gets to be target for his bosses and the city policemen after a key witness is shot down. Bites off more than it can take care of. Cast includes Van Johnson, Ray Milland, John Saxon, Brian Kelly, Fritz Weaver, Clu Gulager, Susan Oliver, Diana Lynn, and Robert Middleton. (88 minutes, 1970)

They Were Expendable – One of the best and most underrated of all WW2 films, based on the authentic account of America’s PT boat battalion in the Philippines throughout the early nights of the battle. Heartrending, exquisitely detailed production photographed by Joseph August under Ford’s unique hand, with real-life Naval Officer Montgomery. Cast includes Robert Montgomery, John Wayne, Donna Reed, Jack Holt, Ward Bond, Leon Ames, Jack Pennick, and Tom Tyler. (135 minutes, 1945)

House of the Black Death – Wizard keeps individuals prisoner in a frightening older house; dreadfully dragged out, poor grade stuff. Cast includes Lon Chaney, Jr., John Carradine, Andrea King, and Tom Drake. (80 minutes, 1965)

Bug – film version of Tracy Letts’ play is tough to take critically however not without a twist or two if you could acknowledge it as a stunt. This is simply bug versus man. Cast includes Ashley Judd, Michael Shannon, Harry Connick, Jr., Lynn Collins, and Brian F. O’Byrne. (101 minutes, 2007)

My Son the Fanatic – Author Hanif Kureishi once more studies a Pakistani coming to terms with his life in England. In this case it’s a taxi driver Puri who’s disassociated from his spouse, and whose youngster is dissenting contrary to him for rationales he could not realize. Cast includes Om Puri, Rachel Griffiths, StelIan Skarsgard, Akbar Kurtha, Gopi Desai, Harish Patel, and Bhasker Patel. (89 minutes, 1997)

Do you fancy a good movie to watch now? Find out more about fee movies online. Maybe you are looking for more information about downloadable free game.

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Keep Your Computer Protected Using The Best Registry Cleaner

The best registry cleaner to use in order to keep your computer running at its fastest and best is Registry Easy. Without you knowing your computer may be infected with malware that can cause huge problems that include computer crashes, freezes and much more. The majority of individuals are completely unaware that there can be problems with your registry file and think that their computer is free of problems. But if your computer frequently crashes or runs very slow then you should check your registry file.

Take advantage of the free computer scan before purchasing so you can see the hidden problems on your computer that you are unaware of. This program is the best registry cleaner and optimizer currently available and if you want to keep your computer safe and running at its best then you should regularly use Registry easy, the best registry cleaner software around.

Unlike many other registry cleaner software registry easy also helps prevent any problems from happening. The designers first started in the business of computer security and then branched out to providing programs to protect your computer. This dual protection makes it the best registry cleaner around.

Many may also believe that they can clean their registry file themselves. However unless you are an advanced computer programmer you can cause even more damage. So even professionals use the best registry cleaner software to protect their computers.

Accidents will happen that will ruin your operating system and can result in needing to completely reboot your system which would delete anything on your computer. Any changes made to the registry file cannot be undone and the registry file is important to operate your computer.

Registry Easy has all you need to clean up your registry file as well as prevent any further problems. It is very easy to use and by running a scan every week or two you will protect your computer and make sure it is running at its best. This program is the best registry cleaner available and you will be pleased with how well your computer runs once you have cleaned it up and protected it.

You will save a lot of time, stress and money by making sure your computer is completely protected. Many individuals are unaware the major problems that can occur due to the registry file so you should be smart and have a completely secure computer. This small step will make a big difference in the long run. To recieve additional free information just submit your details and wait to see how registry easy can help your computer.

Sick of information that is wrong or just doesn’t work? Click here to go to the net’s leading site about this topic! Go there now!: registry toolkit or registry cleaners for windows xp

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Why Are Hdmi Cables So Expensive

If you have ever wondered what HDMI cables were for, trust me you are not the only one. I was clueless until I read online what they were for because I was inquiring on how to hook them up. I was able to find a wonderful site and hook up my cable with no problems.

The HDMI stands for high definition multimedia interface. Yes, that is a mouth full! This cable will make your sound and pictures appear very clear when compared to the normal view that you have. These cables are the newest thing in technology and they have just came out in two thousand and three.

They have quickly become a popular thing even amongst people who do not know anything about electronics. I am someone who does not know a lot about electronics and even I had to check out this new found item. Basically, every device that is made now, will have a HDMI hook up. You should get one with the minimum of three if you are buying a new device.

Most televisions, DVD players and also cable and satellite boxes will carry a HDMI hook up so that you can plug in the cable and hook it up to something else. Most devices you buy now come with at least three hook ups for an HDMI cable.

This cable is good because it makes your sound quality and picture a lot clearer and not only that but it also will help to prevent all the clutter that you have from other cables that are hanging around. An HDMI will replace more than just one cable and then it wont look like you have a big cluster of cables and wires coming out of the back of your entertainment system.

If you are looking to buy an HDMI cable, you should check online at different sites. Sometimes you can find them cheap and sometimes you just have to pay full price for them. You can find used one that may run as cheap as fifteen or ten dollars but most of the new ones which are at least five feet long will cost you thirty dollars. I have even seen some that cost one hundred and thirty.

When buying a device that you want to hook up with HDMI it is important to get one that has three hook ups. For instance you need a television with a minimum of three because then you can hook up three different devices to your television and this will prevent you from having to switch the cable every single time you need to use a different device.

No matter where you get an HDMI you should always look around at different places and make sure that you get the cheapest one you can find. There is not a very big difference in the cables except mostly the length. This is all that I have read about on the internet. But do not listen to me, I am not someone who knows about electronics, I simply did my research and you should do it too before you buy any HDMI cables.

You will find your hdmi cables in a single location with no searching needed, today! The hdmi cable you need is affordable and easy to get now!

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