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Life Working An Offshore Oil Job

If you believe an offshore oil job is nothing more than dirty work like viewed on television, then this isn’t the whole picture. While an offshore oil job does indeed involve dirty oil drilling, it is a lot more than just that. In addition to rough neck positions, there are other high paying positions which nearly anybody with training and a little talent may undertake. Here are some of the various positions offered, and how much they might make.

An offshore oil job that nearly anybody may perform is cleaning up and preparing food. There are several oil rig job chances for dishwashers and chefs. On oil rigs there isn’t anyplace to go at the day’s end, yet individuals have to eat, and get their laundry done, have clean bathrooms, and a lot of other domestic tasks which normal employees don’t have enough time to perform. A few of these tasks pay pretty good dependent upon your experience, yet merely a normal chef or cook may earn thirty-nine thousand. Assistants may earn thirty thousand, and if you’re the boss of the camp, or supervisor, you may earn approximately sixty thousand.

If you want an offshore oil job that doesn’t force you to have to deal with actual drilling, consider painting. Your tasks will consist of painting the oil rig from high up using harnesses, with or without scaffolding. You may be provided with an assistant to help you with your tasks. You will be given a large amount of freedom, as your only real boss would be the operations controller or barge engineer. This is an oil rig job that pays well, with a salary of $40000, and without the hassles of other oil rig jobs.

From there, users can select as many engineers, maintenance personnel, crane operators, engineers and ship. For these positions, the salaries of offshore oil work, mid-range, high and very high $ 60,000 ‘s again, or dirty your hands in many other positions, and the risk of injury or death or can not have something available.

Even though it’s necessary to have a GMDSS Radio Operator’s License, a radio operator is an offshore oil job which is likely the most simple to perform. The oil rig job involves communicating with the helicopters, lifeboats, rigs, and additional emergencies, in addition to making time cards, and other administrative tasks which other individuals don’t have time to do. As you’re constantly dealing with individuals, great skills for communicating is a bonus. The salary for this position is approximately forty thousand.

An additional oil rig job we should mention is that of a medic. Although this doesn’t mean you need to be a physician, it’s necessary to have a large amount of training, and you might also have to be safety training coordinator of the rig. You must maintain track of every medical supply, repair little to mid range injuries, and do regular check ups. This is a great offshore position and you may earn up to sixty thousand. Thus, as you may see, there are several position opportunities which do not involve the rough neck tasks.

Quentin J. Brooks is an professional adviser when it comes to offshore oil job recruitment. If you are keen in oil rig jobs then i would suggest you check out his resourceful webpage now.

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Play Free Classic Arcade Games And Have Fun

The new millennium saw the millennia of different PC games. However, before computers became a common household member, the only games kids knew as well as the whole generation of Americans had grown up playing were what we call now as classic arcade games.

Classic arcade games were once played in a bulky boxed shaped machine that has a large video output. The main controls for the game consisted of an input system that uses a joystick and several buttons. The joystick is utilized to control the in-game characters to whichever directions the player wants it to go. It also has some buttons which are usually assigned to in-game actions that the player can perform.

Most arcade games usually run in a token system. This system allows players to initialize the game for a certain amount of time or until his in-game lives run out. At that time, this kind of gaming system is the only trend in the industry of video games. The profitability of having video games is very high that most businessmen decided to adopt video game machines for their establishments.

However, the lineage of classic arcade games all began with the largely popular games popularly known as the “amusement park midway games” such as shooting galleries and ball toss games which saw the limelight at the early 20th century. The 1930s saw the very first pinball machines operated by coins. Though made of wood with mechanical functions instead of electronics, these games became a big hit. The late 1970s saw the replacement of mechanical pinball machines with electronic games.

The change in the fortune of free classic arcade games happened with the inception of Atari in 1972. Atari created the first coin-operated game machines, starting with the electronic game called Pong. This game was a very huge hit and this led to more home game systems into the market.

Many classic arcade games like Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, and Space Invaders became very popular in the late 70s and early 80s, giving way to a game revolution. The last breath to the classic arcade games was provided by the introduction of two-player fighting arcade games such as Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter II, King of Fighters and others in the early 1990s.

This is not favorable to those who became affectionate of the free classic arcade video games that are phased out, because the possibility of the owners returning it is very slim. In addition to this, this trend applies to most arcade centers. This means they may not be able to play these older free classic arcade games ever again.

Luckily, gamers can now play free classic arcade games in their personal computers. This is done with the aid help of modern data transferring methods. Now both adult and children can enjoy free classic arcade games with the likes of pacman, streetfighter, space invaders and others.

Frank Hunt is a gaming enthusiast and provides helpful information about arcade video games. To learn more simply visit his website Don’t reprint this exact article. Instead, reprint a free unique content version of this same article.

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A Beginners Guide To Mafia Wars

This is a basic beginners guide to Mafia Wars on Facebook. The tips and strategies described in this article can be applied to all versions of the game. Lets get this ball rolling so login into your Facebook account and start up the Mafia Wars application.

The Facebook version of Mafia Wars automatically finds all of your friends and family members who are playing this particular online game so immediately you will have some form of help. The goal of Mafia Wars to rise to the very top and command the most powerful family in the Mafia universe.

Since you are just beginning what you should be focusing on is jobs that will earn you experience and cash. Since your energy level is pretty low look for jobs that does not take a lot of energy to complete. The good thing about energy is that it will replenish on its own every few minutes.

Property in Mafia Wars is a big deal but as a new player you will not be able to access this part of the game til you reach level four. When you do hit this milestone try to buy as much property as possible for the second you do your bank account will accumulate at a much faster pace.

Everyone assumes that fighting in the Mafia Wars universe is how you reach the top quickly but this is not true. When it comes to fighting never pick a fight with someone who is at a higher level for the majority of the time you are going to lose. If you feel the urge to fight find an opponent who is similar in size and strength.

The Godfather is a key player in Mafia Wars as he basically dictates what takes place around him and how fast that you will climb the ladder of power in the game. With the Godfather what you want to do is keep him happy by going above and beyond all of his requests. This is a royal pain but in the end it will payoff huge.

Since Mafia Wars is so popular a number of trainers or bots have come out to give you the complete advantage over other players in the Mafia Wars universe but they will also get your account put six feet under. There are a number of strategy and cheat guides created by the top players that will help to accelerate your progress while making sure that every cheat and techniques is 100% legal.

Looking to find the best deal on Mafia Wars Strategy Guides, then visit to find the best advice on Mafia Wars Strategy Guides for you.

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Premium Quality Compatible Xerox Phaser 8550 Printer Ink Color Stix

Brand Replacement Xerox Phaser 8550 Solid Ink Colorsticks for the Xerox Phaser 8550 color printer produce superior, sharp colorful outputs. Compatible Xerox Phaser 8550 Solid Ink ColorStix Cartridges are very reliable on virtually any printer paper. Replacement Solid ink colorstick cartridges for your Xerox Phaser 8550 printer are discount priced to provide you the professional edge of colour for virtually the cost of a black only laser printer. Full page color at high speed printing guarantees you are never waiting for even the largest jobs to print.

Ordering printer cartridges online is the best way to reduce your printing expenses. There are numerous options available: Original printer ink cartridges, reconditioned printer ink cartridges, compatible cartridges, ink refills, or cartridges recycling programs. Brand Replacement Xerox Phaser 8550 Solid Ink ColorStix for Xerox Phaser 8550 solid ink printer provide bright, professional colourful print. Generic 8550 ink color stix cartridges are discount priced to give you the high quality edge of colour for about the price of a black only network printer.

When searching cheap ink cartridges, you should browse through many websites. You are going to find a myriad of internet shops that sell printer ink toner compatible with many different printer manufacturers. Similar as with offline retailing, you’ll regularly discover that online stores provide top products, guarantees, and superior customer service. Expedient free shipping is usually included.

To verify savings and quality, simply check possible ink distributors. Learn about each distributor’s history, customer feedback, and supplier’s reputation. Do they offer same day shipping and a hassle free return policy? The more you learn about each distributor, the easier you will be able to decide who to purchase from. Very often, less known providers can offer extremely prices as the quality is not good. Finding a excellent ink provider means receiving what you pay for. You are going to be confident that your new ink cartridges will perform just like the expensive originals.

Very affordable offers on purchases of toners and ink cartridges from internet stores have made numerous customers to select from the least expensive replacement ink toners that are reliable and productive. There are internet shops that offer ink toner at affordable prices and still stick to the high quality and satisfaction of the users.

Just like with many types of modern gadgets nowadays, well known types of printers have relatively unique cartridge designs. Hence, the lack of standardization implies that you have to know the make and model, of your printer whenever you need to buy toner cartridges or ink cartridges. Whenever ordering toner or printer ink cartridges on-line, it’s important to have this info at hand. You don’t need to go through the hassle of buying the wrong toner cartridge and having to return it for a replacement.

To produce refurbished replacement ink toners, original toner cartridges are disassembled, cleaned and repaired under rigorous quality control criteria by the well known distributors and then filled with best quality ink or toner ink to produce remanufactured products that are of a high quality. Regularly the reconditioned replacement cartridges are equal to, or even excel the performance of Original ones.

Money Saving Opportunities and Free Shipping Coupons. Therefore, in order to save on your shipping bills, and as a part of planned money saving strategy, you may look for free shipping coupons for your favorite internet store. And it is also a idea to search for free shipping deal on a exact replacement toner.

Generic Xerox Phaser 8550 Solid Ink Sticks for Xerox Phaser 8550 color printer produce superior, sharp vibrant prints. Generic Phaser 8550 ink colorstix cartridges are cheap priced to provide you the professional edge of colour for approximately the cost of a black only network printer.

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Mobile Computing With Today’s Technology

We are learning that in today’s manufacturing and automotive markets, many companies are switching to Toughbooks for their computing needs. Field services are also joining the group of smart business owners. These laptops are guaranteed to work for you no matter what profession you work in.

Technology is becoming increasingly reliable where laptops are concerned. There are computers with a fanless design that keeps you computer free of dust and debris. This invention will provide you a longer life on your laptop.

I know that we have been having a blistering winter so far and we all know how the heat and cold can affect our laptop. Well, that’s not a problem with a few of the Toughbooks laptops that are built to withstand extreme cold and heat. Can you current computer work in the -20 Celsius?

In order for businesses to stay competitive they need to continue to update their mobile computing systems. With the rapid changes in technology, it seems that our laptops can be out of date before they even get their first scratch. Providing your employees with hard working computers can be the key to growth in your business.

There are several professions that require vehicle-mounted laptops in order to do their jobs effectively. There is a Toughbooks laptop that is designed specifically for this type of work. The unit is equipped with vibration protection and is also integrated with GPS.

There are laptops used in the automotive industry for research and development of auto engines. In addition, they come in handy for simulations and optimization. These laptops make the job of the manufacturer easier in their trying work conditions.

It’s always been known that laptops can get damaged if they are dropped or come in contact with water. There are newly designed laptops on the market that can withstand even these situations. These laptops are top of the line designs that have been tested to endure even the most extreme working conditions.

With a wireless antenna connected to the LCD screen on certain models, you will find connectivity issues a thing of the past. Providing you with a constant connection to the Internet, you are able to work more efficiently from the field. Remote computing made easy is what it’s all about!

Computer designers and manufacturers seem to be covering all the bases when it comes to mobile computing. They are not leaving out the busy executive who desires a rugged computer for both in and out of the office. Whatever your working conditions, we are sure that you will find a computer that meets all your mobile needs.

Looking to learn more about Panasonic Toughbooks? Check out this great site about Panasonic Toughbooks, Laptops Computers for Sale. This site has everything you need to learn more about Toughbooks and Panasonic Toughbook CF-T8 Laptop Computer.

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How To Easily Find The Person Behind A Missed Phone Call With Phone Cell Number Lookup

Your cell phone is ringing, you hear it, but you don’t know where it is…. Does it sound familiar? I’m sure this doesn’t only happen to me. Then when you finally find your cellphone there is a number you do not recognize on your caller id. What to do? Well, you can either wait hope that the caller left you a voice message with a phone number wait until they call back again as you don’t really want to return a phone call from an unknown person. Certain phone calls I’m happy to miss… such are calls from telemarketers or other sales offers, but other calls I absolutely do not want to miss.

Another way that I recently discovered is to use a free phone cell number lookup service to find the person behind the call.

Also known as a reverse phone lookup, this process simply means using the unknown phone number to look up details about the person or company that owns that phone number. Ever wonder how 911 operators can automatically tell where you are? Reverse telephone number software is the answer, and can find the location and information of both listed and unlisted numbers.

Reverse telephone directories for public use have been around for years, and are often printed and distributed by phone companies, just like regular phone books. With the arrival of the Internet, this process has become much much easier, thanks to websites that offer you paid and un-paid phone cell number lookup services.

Almost all of these companies operate their websites in a similar manner. Once you have the phone number you want more information on, you type that into the search box on the companies website. Depending if you have chosen the paid or the unpaid version, you will get a different result. The paid version will of provide you with a much more detailed information.

There really aren’t any free phone cell number lookup services, with “cell phone” being the key phrase. This is because it takes a considerable amount of time and money to create a large cell phone database, and users are required to pay a small fee to use the database, which generally goes toward website maintenance.

Residential, business and toll free numbers can be looked up for free, generally on websites operated by your regular phone book companies such as Superpages and Yellowbook. While free phone cell number lookup services aren’t really free, the small fee charged by these websites is more often than not completely worth the price. These service are fast and very easy to use.

Learn more about Phone Cell Number Lookup. Stop by Elmis Strom’s site where you can find out all about how to Find The Owner Of Any Cell Phone Number

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Building Your Own PC

For those who have never tried, the thought of building their own computer sounds like a very daunting task. However, it is really not so difficult and almost anyone with basic technical knowledge can do it. The reason being that PCs come in modular designs, meaning that they all work in pretty much the same, and that putting one together is, more often than not, just a simple assembly process.

The five core pieces that make up a computer are the case, motherboard, processor (CPU), memory, and power supply unit (PSU), so it is best to purchase those first. Of those, buy the CPU first, followed by the motherboard, as they are essentially the ‘heart’ and ‘brain’ of a computer. You need to be careful in your purchasing decisions of these two parts, as not all CPUs are compatible with all motherboards. Memory compatibility with the motherboard can also be an issue, so that should probably be the third component that you buy.

The computer case and the PSU should be your next purchases. While they are often sold as a single assembly, do not shy away from purchasing them separately. The PSU is very easy to install and purchasing it separately may open more possibilities to get a better unit.

Once you have all of major components that make up a PC, the next step is to choose and add in other components, such as the hard drive, monitor and speakers. These are manufactured to work on pretty much any PC, so compatibility is not an issue, and you can make your purchasing decisions based purely on preference and budget.

Having bought all of the required components, you will then need to piece them together. This is what worries most people, but those concerns are unfounded. Firstly, there will always be easy to follow instructions to accompany every component that you buy. Secondly, there is no soldering or special tools required, as everything simply slots / screws together. There is a need for a little caution though.

When fixing the CPU on the motherboard, make sure the alignment of the pins is perfect. It should drop in very easily. Forcing it in will damage the CPU. Also, be careful while connecting the power supply. Like the CPU, there should only be one way it can go and nothing should be forced.

Static electricity is another thing to be aware of, as it can easily build up and may give you a nasty shock, or damage some of the components. This can easily be avoided though, by either wearing a pair of gloves, or by purchasing an anti-static wristband.

If possible, it is always advisable to have a techie friend on hand for those moments of doubt. If not for the assembly process, they can be useful when it comes time to install the software which most find comparatively more difficult.

Before building a computer, check out ‘Computer Tower Stand‘ for information on computer components, tower stand upgrades, and the building and upgrading of computers.

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Eight Extraordinarily Impressive Flicks For Your Entertainment Enjoyment

American’s fancy stars and movies, so what could be better than a good film? Here is a short list of some terrific films from the past, sorry if we missed your favorite.

Encino Man, When Stoney and Dave are digging a hole in Dave’s backyard for a swimming pool., they come across, a primitive man, frozen in a block of ice. When the ice thaws, the primitive man, they name Link, comes to life. Can Link find out to live in the contemporary world?

A memorable from the year 1958 “House on Haunted Hill”. Zillionaire Price offers group of folks $100,000 each if they’ll endure a night in a spooky old mansion with a haunted history. Cast includes Vincent Price, Carol Ohmart, Richard Long, Alan Marshal, Elisha Cook, Carolyn Craig, and Leona Anderson.

Everyone’s all-time favorite Jerry Maguire. Jerry is an agent for a top Sports Management group. When he is terminated, he expects his client to come along with him as he sets out on his own. All of a sudden Jerry finds out that he has no sincere friends in this ruthless, dog eat dog, business. Down to one client and one assistant, Jerry fights to build himself a business.

Basic is a memorable film from the year 1995. While things go awry throughout an armed forces work out, base captain Daly brings in Travolta, the best interrogator he ever had, to query the surviving members of the squad, whose tales do not add up. Essentially a whodunit, this movie keeps us guessing, as a good intrigue should. Cast includes John Travolta, Connie Nielsen, Samuel L. Jackson, Giovanni Ribisi, Tim Daly, Roselyn Sanchez, and Harry Connick.

Fade-In is a peculiar little flick made concurrently with Blue, in reference to love event between film editor Loden and guy she meets when performing on site. Not very great, however a total curiosity on no account discharged theatrically. Cast includes Burt Reynolds, Barbara Loden, Noam Pitlik, Patricia Casey, James Hampton, and Joseph Perry.

Bopha, restless, engaging rant with Glover and Woodard who portrayed Nelson and Winnie Mandela in the TV film MANDELA starring as a married couple living in a tranquil South African township. He’s a patrol officer who contains the status quo; their world is certain to fall down while their youngster Ezia takes part in a uprising differing to the control and curriculum of the regional off-white-run school. Cast includes Morgan Freeman, Danny Glover, Malcolm McDowell, Alfie Woodard, Marius Weyers, Maynard Eziashi, Malick Bowens, and Grace Mahlaba.

Hootenanny Hoot is a unforgettable motion picture from the year 1973. Unsurprising comedy about college hootenanny show carried to TV is made endurable only by presence of Money and other nation/people actors. This is one of Sam Katzman’s “normal” low-budget motion pictures. Cast includes Gene Nelson, Peter Breck, Joby Baker, Rita Lee, Pam Austin, Johnny Money, Sheb Wooley, The Brothers 4, and Judy Henske.

Leaving Las Vegas – Ben plays a complete alcoholic. He has ruined his life, so he takes what money he has left, and goes to Las Vegas for one last celebration. His first step is to hire a street hooker, an equally troubled soul. The tie between these two will lead to ruin or salvation for them both.

And there you have a very short list of some very great films featuring some very cool actors. We like our And there you have a very short list of some very famous movies featuring some very cool cars. We fancy our cars.

Acquiring videos and motion pictures off the internet is fairly simple and quickly obtainable. Movies online for free no downloads is also simple. The greatest means is to download the videos from the internet first to the computer.

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The Uses And Versatility Of Memory Cards Australia

When you are looking for a great way to store your pictures, movies, music, and information in a versatile and durable format, getting memory cards Australia is a great option. These cards are tested rigorously and can be dropped from up to ten feet without any damage occurring to the data that is being stored in the cards.

Many people were first introduced to digital cameras with the inclusion of 3 1/2 disk. Many people still use these cameras because the photos are very easy to download to a computer. However, the disks are bulky and when you collect enough disks to take on a vacation, they can consume their own piece of luggage.

If the disks were left out, or dropped, the pictures that had been taken were lost. This meant that a person had to be careful with the disks and often needed to have an extra bag for disks if they went on an outing. When you made a video using the disks, you were limited on the recording time that was available which made capturing special moments difficult.

Memory cards are the size of a postage stamp. They hold more memory than the 3 1/2 disk and are much easy to use. You can get the cards with 32mb memory up to 12gb. There are several different types of cards. The Type I cards have a larger storage capacity while the Type II cards are thicker and used on specific pieces of equipment.

Multimedia cards (MMC) have a capacity of 32mg to 1gb and are commonly used in cameras and PDAs. The can be used in the SD card devices but often have less capacity. There is also a reduced size MMC that has the same features as the larger card, but is about half the size. These cards are often used in mobile phones that have multimedia requirements.

The secure digital cards (SD) weigh as little as 2 grams and most people get the 1gb capacity although they are available with higher capability. There are several advantages for selecting memory cards in lieu of other types of memory products.

One of the problems with other types of memory devices is that the internal pieces of the devices can break when they are handled too much. The SD cards are non-volatile and have no moving parts. They are extremely energy efficient and don’t need any power to retain whatever items have been downloaded into the card.

The growing popularity of the SD cards have resulted in more equipment being manufactured with SD slots in the device. A person will find that in addition to digital cameras, there are slots in laptops, PDAs, camcorders, photo printers, and more. The slots provide the added convenience of allowing easy transfer of data from a mobile device to a home computer.

When traveling, the benefits of the memory cards Australia becomes very apparent. A person can pop several cards into a small carrying case and have them on hand to supply any mobile device or camera that they have with them. The cards are affordable and will give you an easy way to make videos, take pictures, download music and collect data whenever needed.

Find your Micro SD Card now and simplify your life! The R4ds version 2 has been made to meet your requirements and needs easy and fast!

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Earning Extra Money With Data Entry At Home

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, caring for preschoolers, or someone just out of work and looking to increase your income, you’ll find that the Internet can help you. There are many types of work available for people who have certain skills. For example, you can be earning extra money with data entry at home.

The fact is, people who do work from home can work according to the schedule they like to make. So, whether you’re busy or not at all, this has gained notoriety in terms of employment, or self-employment. Anyone who takes on work like this can work as little or as much as they like.

In order to take on this type of work, you should have some acquired skills. If you don’t, you can certainly work on them. For example, a skill that is imperative in this line of work is typing. You should be able to type quite quickly.

Basically, you would be assigned work that you must finish within a certain amount of time. So, the quicker you type, the more money you make.

It’s also important to be organized and be very realistic about the amount of work that you can produce. Furthermore, self-discipline is extremely important. Whether you are doing this on a part-time basis or full time, you must be responsible and be able to deliver the accomplished work by the deadline. Some people have a very hard time being disciplined to work on their own and seemed to run out of time.

Being realistic with your time management is the key to success. Before taking on any amount of work, you should know exactly how much time is required of you for your other responsibilities, be them your family, your employment or what ever. From there, you can see how much time can be allotted to your extra money making business.

If you have a family, your home-based business is going to affect it in some way, and vice versa. data entry at home Or are they giving an approximate guideline to achieve this You may want to consider working your business part time while holding down a full time job.

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