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Previsualization: Learn The Secrets Of Successful Documentary Storyboarding

Filming a great documentary needs great attention to detail -careful research, enthusiasm for the subject matter at hand, as well as painstaking planning can combine to produce a wonderful “slice of life” – one which truly resonates with viewers. However, you have to approach the pre-production part of the project properly – a part of getting it right relies on excellent storyboarding. Comprehensive storyboards will allow you to organize lots of various kinds of information – you will also be able to plan out the entire pre-production process.

Most documentary film makers strive to create a specific focus or point-of-view (Dylan Avery, creator of the 9/11 conspiracy documentary, Loose Change, is one example of this style), while other people will strive to avoid bias or editorializing. Whichever strategy you are taking, you will need to undergo a process of previsualization before your can craft truly efficient storyboards. This particular previz phase is generally a brainstorming phase, one where test interviews are often conducted (with or without filming the topic).

The aim of previz is to structure a specific focus, and also to locate subjects who will share their lives to the level that is required to produce a meaningful documentary. Throughout previz, consider locations, research, “casting”, as well as camera shots and angles. Spend a little time thinking about soundtracks, music, and any special effects. Establishing the tone and organizing your vision is the aim of previsualization. Occasionally, this is done in a group setting – true brainstorming is a team activity. However, you can also work alone – putting your research in a linear order and also dreaming up ideas can be quite helpful as your get ready to do your storyboarding.

These days, documentary directors are avoiding the tiresome storyboarding methods of past years. Rather than finding a live artist, and coping with delays and drama while awaiting sketches, they’re choosing film storyboard software which takes the artist out of the situation. Web storyboard software has come a long way – right now, it offers a complete complement of pre-loaded artwork, including characters, background, and also props. This software was created to pay for itself over time, by eliminating the requirement to outsource drawings. Additionally, it streamlines the creative process – you can produce finished storyboards in mere minutes.

Whichever storyboard method you choose, be it old-fashioned paper storyboards or modern digital storyboards, you need to pre-plan every second of your documentary – frame by frame. Take into account every element of each shot or scene, and add dialogue and music too (obviously, this is easier with digital storyboards – the software makes it easy to add or change sound effects). Play with ideas while you build your storyboard – you can capture the substance of your artistic vision by means of experimentation. This may lead to a more streamlined, cost-effective filming process. You’ll save time, money, and energy when you create refined storyboarding that organizes all the multitude aspects of your documentary – before the cameras begin rolling.

Today’s award-winning and critically acclaimed directors and animators make use of previsualization technique that visualize scenes in a movie prior to filming begins. Look at Free Demo here: Film Storyboarding Software

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Ink Cartridges And Quality Printing

Today millions of enterprises and individuals use a printer right along with their computers. Printers and their required ink cartridges are a multi-billion dollar business. In fact, over the course of a printer’s lifetime the cost of ink cartridges will end up being far more than the cost of the printer itself. Faced with that kind of expense many people are looking for ways to reduce the cost of printing while maintaining the best quality documents.

Ink cartridges from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) will provide the best quality printing. The OEM has created the cartridge and formulated the inks to the exact specifications that will work efficiently with its printers. The cartridges and ink formulas are all patented and held as trade secrets. These are elements that are designed to give the best result with the OEM’s equipment.

Unfortunately individual OEM ink cartridges are the most expensive option as a source of printer ink. One way to save a little money on the cartridges is to buy them in bulk amounts. Especially if the majority of a company’s or an individual’s printing output is in black, then bulk purchasing of black ink cartridges can save some money. The rate of use of the cartridges has to be carefully monitored since cartridges tend to dry out over time. The cost savings gained by bulk purchasing are negated if the cartridges end up being discarded because they are dried out.

Alternatives to OEM ink cartridges are compatible cartridges which are not produced by the original manufacturer but are engineered to the same specifications. These are new ink cartridges that have not been recycled or refilled but are filled with ink that is compatible with the specific printer. The ink is not made by the original manufacturer. The cost savings realized by these compatible ink cartridges are quite substantial, perhaps forty to fifty percent less than the OEM cartridges. Because these cartridges are engineered to the same specifications, the quality of the documents printed is usually just as satisfactory.

Another choice to reduce printing costs but maintain document quality is the use of remanufactured cartridges. These are OEM ink cartridges that have been cleaned and thoroughly checked. Any part of the cartridge that is worn or damaged is replaced and the cartridge is filled with new ink. The new parts and ink are guaranteed to meet or exceed the standards of the original manufacturer. Adhering to the manufacturer’s quality standards ensures that documents printed with these remanufactured cartridges will be of high quality.

There are many companies who offer these generic ink alternatives. Customers can search the internet to find them. The quality of an internet company’s products can be inferred from its production and sales policies. If the company produces its ink cartridges in an ISO-9001-certified factory, that fact shows that correct quality standards are followed. Also an offer of a money-back guarantee indicates that the company is quite confident of the quality of the product.

It’s reassuring for companies to see that they can still produce good quality documents using less expensive printer ink cartridges.

I know of a site that is one of the United Kingdom’s largest vendors of genuine Canon ink cartridges and other colour ink cartridges, with over 50 million worth of stock available for next day delivery, including nearly 13 million worth of printer consumables.

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How Does A Flatbed Document Scanner Work?

It may shock you to find out that scanners have been around for almost 100 years – but with developments over the last few years, scan quality and functionality has rapidly increased, whilst making it more affordable to have within the home as well as the office.

So, How Does a Flatbed Scanner Work?

In terms of home and office computing, a flatbed document scanner is simply a device that can scan and convert photos or paper documents into a digital format. It is composed of a glass scanning bed (or plate), underneath which is either a bright light to illuminate the glass and a moving optical detector to scan the image – or a moving set of red, green and blue LEDs, strobed for illumination with a photo-diode for light collection.

How To Use a Flatbed Scanner

When a user wants to scan, the user lifts the hinged lid of the scanner and places the document to be scanned face down on the glass scanning bed and an opaque cover placed over it to exclude ambient light, ready for the image sensor and light source to pass beneath. The image is only visible to the detector because of the light it reflects – transparent images require special illumination from the top-side. Once the photo or document has been scanned, the image is sent from the flatbed scanner to the attached PC where it is displayed on the monitor screen ready to be saved, modified, e-mailed or printed.

How to choose a Flatbed Scanner

If you are looking for a scanner for use at work or in the home – you firstly need to know what you want to use the scanned images and documents for. If you are planning to print or display high-quality images from high-quality scans or photographs and you require no loss of detail, then you will need a flatbed scanner with a high colour-depth (48-bit or higher) and a high resolution (9600dpi or higher). If you are planning to archive your scanned text documents or add scanned images to electronic-documents and presentations, choose a scanner with a lower colour-depth (24-bit or lower) and a lower resolution (around 600dpi). These will produce satisfactory scans. Today’s scanners also come with a wide variety of features, to make your scanning experience easier and simpler – they have features such as zero warm-up times, 3 second previews, 1 second scans and auto scan. Others also have built-in film adaptors and the ability to scan to e-mail and searchable PDFs. If you need this kind of functionality, make sure you find one that delivers for you.

The advantages of a Flatbed Scanner

There are many advantages of choosing a flatbed scanner for work or for the home. Firstly, with double-hinged lids, scanners allow you to scan thicker documents, books and even three dimensional objects. Secondly, flatbed scanners allow you to adjust the document into the correct position via visual markers. Also, with built-in negative and film holders, yesterday’s memories can be scanned into a modern digital format – and by removing the lid, it can work as an improvised digital camera by taking an image of a three dimensional object

The disadvantages of a Flatbed Scanner

Flatbed scanners have two main disadvantages. Firstly if you are planning to scan many documents, because each scan has to be performed individually, then this can take time – however a sheet-fed scanner is the recommended replacement. Some scanners can also be quite large – especially A3 models – but as they are usually quite thin, they can be quite easily be stored on their side.

The death of the flatbed scanner was announced far too early with the revolution of the digital camera – especially as today’s scanners have developed much higher colour depths and resolutions. Their ability to digitise 35mm film and negatives and to scan documents for e-mail has made the flatbed scanner even more important in the modern home and office than ever before.

I know of a site that is one of the UK’s leading A3 flatbed scanner and Canon flatbed scanner suppliers, with nearly 60 million worth of stock available from stock for next day delivery, including over 12 million worth of ink and toner cartridges.

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Saving Money On Ink Cartridges

The price of printers has gone down considerably over the years. Quality printers used to cost hundreds of dollars. You can now find a high quality ink jet printer for less than one hundred dollars. What has not come down in cost is the price of ink cartridges. This is where printer companies are still able to make a profit.

It is inevitable that printers will run out of ink. The cartridges will need to be replaced. The printer that seemed like a bargain now requires you to spend money on more ink. Over the life of the printer you will spend a lot of money as the ink gets used.

The manufacturer of your printer is often times the manufacturer of the replacement ink cartridge. The big printer companies recommend you use their product. Ink made by the manufacturer of the printer will usually be more expensive. The printer companies claim that it is better than what you can get elsewhere. This may be true. World wide companies such as Hewlett Packard and Canon will specifically recommend that you only use their product as a replacement.

There are alternatives that can save you money. These alternatives include using refill cartridges. You can either try and refill a container yourself or send it away to a company for a refill. There is a risk that you will be unable do it properly and you end up damaging the printer. Printer companies will not honor warranties for repair if they are damaged by the use of a refill that is not made by them.

Another choice is to buy discount cartridges. These companies will sell you ink at lower price than what the brand name printer manufacturer would. You can save money. You need reassurance they are actually selling the authentic product. If they are merely refilling cartridges this might damage your printer and void your warranty.

You need to be aware that the large printer companies are taking more and more steps to keep a hold of the lucrative ink market. One tactic is to make the cartridges almost impossible to open and refill on your own. They might also make the printer unable to communicate with a replacement once the cartridge has been opened.

One way to save money on your ink is to make sure you set the printer to the economy printer setting. You do not want to print at a higher ink density and quality than you need to for a certain document. This will save quite a bit on ink. Most economy printer settings are pretty good quality.

It is inevitable that you will need to replace your ink cartridges. There are choices that will save you money up front but you are also taking a risk. The risk you take is that your printer will become damaged and the manufacturer will not fix it if you have used products not made by their company. You might consider just searching the internet for the best price on the brand name ink that matches your printer.

I know of a site that is the UK’s biggest supplier of genuine Canon ink cartridges as well as other brands’ colour ink cartridges, with over 50 million in stock, all available for next day delivery, including 12 million worth of printer consumables.

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Meet The New Machiavellian Strategies Formulator James Scott, CEO Of Princeton Corporate Solutions

I’m a fan of all things Machiavellian, the only downside, well, he’s been dead for a while so I had to settle for ‘The Prince’ in audio, video, books, mp3 and every other way I can get my political strategies kick. I found myself being drawn to type in certain keyword phrases and came across a company called Princeton Corporate Solutions, a boutique corporate and political strategies firm working globally with political crisis management and domestically on the IPO scene.

I had the pleasure of being introduced to the CEO of this company, James Scott, while I was in Midtown, Manhattan last week. I was coming out of the Yale Club and saw a group of 10 or more consultants standing next to a Lincoln Town car and inside, there he was, on the phone and puffing the infamous Baccarat Churchill, sunglasses and completely unaware of the group waiting to talk to him when he got out of the car. I heard the name Machiavelli a dozen times in less than 60 seconds and I was hooked, I had to find out who this guy was.

After a few minutes, he stepped out of the car, the first person to greet him was an NYU student who asked him to sign her thesis paper (that’s not a joke, that actually happened). He signed someone’s copy of ‘The Art of War’ and even the box of an audio version ‘The 48 Laws of Power’. All you could hear is ‘Mr. Scott, where are you staying?’ and ‘Are you going to be speaking in the city’ and so on.

He took off his sun glasses and put on his black rimmed specs and imagine my dismay when I saw he wasn’t even 40 years old, handsome, exquisitely dressed and a look that could hypnotize a cobra, I had to meet him.

If you are an economic or political strategist, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve certainly heard of him. He’s called on by governments who need economic turnaround strategies. He’s called on by publicly traded corporations for crisis management and to give his blessing to the board on their new CEO choice or bless the CEO’s decision to make a move against another industry player. He works his magic when a pre public company needs to be globalized with strategic alliances to set a solid pathway to a fast tracked success. He can pick a board of directors for a new company going public that would bring a tear to the eye of any shareholder. His crisis management will shift the defensive position to a company’s largest competitor. He’s taken what started as hostile takeover and turned it into the most financially prosperous year his client’s corporation has ever had.

James Scott has a reputation for perpetual success and the inability to lose. He is what every CEO wishes they could be and what every board wishes they could hire. You’ve never seen focus until you watch his eyes when counseling COO on how to grow a company by 30% in a year while cutting 15% of its workforce and shutting down 11 locations by off shoring, carefully identified partners for hard-hitting global alliances and other strategies that defy logic but seem to work every time.

After about 20 minutes things calmed down and I was accompanied by a friend who is with one of the broker dealers downtown who knew him and I asked for an introduction. He was walking down to a cigar shop down the street (one of those members type places, the name escapes me) we walked with him. During the five minute walk his phone rang a number of times and in that time I heard him speak Korean, English, Spanish and Mizo (a language spoken only in one state in the northeastern section of India called Mizoram). The phone stopped ringing long enough to say hello and get a quick intro.

I shook his hand, introduced myself and asked him “What is your secret?”, he chuckled and then asked me, “What is the difference between a tactician and a strategist?” I said, “I don’t know” he responded, ‘Neither does anyone else and that’s the secret’. After that he went down the steps to the members lounge and I’ve only been reading about him ever since.

It’s funny. I thought I had it all together until I came across this man. I felt that I had general economics figured out and that I was on a fast paced road to success and I find myself pondering the reality that I’m 64 years old and I haven’t even scratched the surface.

I found some more on James Scott, CEO of Princeton Corporate Solutions , and the Princeton Youtube Site is here.

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ILife With Its Suites : IPhoto, IMovie, IDVD, Garage Band And IWeb.

Apple is a multinational corporation that creates consumer electronics, computer software, and commercial servers. Its main sources of revenue are from the iPhone, iPod and Mac product lines.

A Mac is designed for a long, productive life. Designers and engineers spend countless hours ensuring that each Mac is precisely built – inside and out. From the down-to-the-micron fit of each internal component to the finish of the enclosure, every detail matters.

iLife is a suite of six digital media applications that let you organize photos, music, and videos; create home movies, songs, and podcasts; and publish your projects to the internet and DVDs.

iWeb allows users to create and design websites and blogs without coding, and includes a number of themes, each of which has several page templates with coordinated fonts and colors. Users can customize these pages by replacing placeholder text and by dragging and dropping their own photos and movies into the document. Templates include blog, podcast, and photo and movie gallery pages, as well as standard “Welcome” and “About Me” pages.

iWeb themes is a great alternative if you would like to get a nice-looking site without paying a fortune for a stylish and elegant website. The good thing with iWeb themes is that they can be customized. You can move every single element as you want and you can rotate elements and place them somewhere else. You can also add and remove things from them, which is great. You can actually make even free iWeb themes look like your own, and that makes these free iweb themes very popular.

Each free iWeb theme incorporates a number of different graphic elements that can be removed, moved and changed in size, opacity or color. Some of the themes incorporate a variety of backgrounds, so web sites can be filled with different amounts of information.

The main feature of free iWeb templates is quality. Lush and eye catching colors, ease of use, high adaptation and simple modification are only a few things which we define as quality. To build a website using our iWeb Templates will not last long and all that time will pass with fun and in an excellent mood.

Websites are built for different reasons. Holiday maker, sports or art fans prefer to show their lives in pictures, texts and videos, whereas business people present the company. The website should be impressive, stylish, but not overcrowded or empty. It should look elegant. And here is the space for free iWeb Templates, which are composed by professional designers.

for more information please visit iweb themes.

For more details please visit iweb themes.

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Refurbished Cheap Laptops

Nowadays the laptop has become the latest gadget and essential accessory for any professional and student. On the other hand, the prices of high quality laptops are very high, and everyone looking for cheap laptops that do the job. A great way to find cheap laptops is doing research on refurbished laptops. Today everything is done on the computer, and desktop computers are not mobile enough to suit everyone’s needs. There are also things to consider when buying a refurbished laptop. In general, if you want to invest in a cheap laptop, but want to look for cheap laptops with an option, refurbished laptops are the way forward. There are three different types of cheap refurbished laptops, laptop manufacturer refurbished, refurbished laptop computer by a user, and finally custom refurbished laptop.

While mentioned above, there are three types of refurbished laptops. If they are restored, you can find the latest laptops at very low prices. The firs, manufacturer is, is basically when a fault is in the laptop, a scratch on the body, or a problem with the display, for example, and sent back to the manufacturer to be fixed. The laptop is set then reloaded, given a new serial number and ran numerous tests to ensure it is in his prime. The other is the refurbished laptop user’ these laptops are sold and upgraded, from where they are sold at prices much lower than others with the same qualities.

The firs, manufacturer, is basically when a flaw is found in the laptop, from a scratch on the body, or a problem with the screen, for example and is sent back to the manufacturer to be fixed and then fixed, reloaded, given a new serial number and numerous tests ran to make sure that it’s at its best. The last type of refurbished laptop is the custom refurbished laptop, this is when you give the specifications of what you are looking for, such as screen size or memory, and it is made to fit your needs.

Also as mentioned above, there are things to watch out for when buying cheap laptops that have been refurbished. Make sure that there have been no more than 3 users, the more users the more problems. Its best if you are the second owner of the laptop, as this minimizes future issues with the machine. Another thing to consider is to make sure that the laptop isn’t more than 2-3 years old, unless the hardware has been refurbished as well. Hardware lasts no more than about 5 years, then it starts to have issues, and if the laptop is about 4-5 years old, you can expect to have to get it fixed soon.

You can find cheap laptops online or in any store that sells laptops, just ask the clerk if they offer refurbished laptops and you will be amazed at the prices. Because refurbished laptops are great cheap laptops, which in many cases run with the high standards of many brand new laptops. You may find many cheap laptops, but make sure that you ask all the necessary questions, such as how old the laptop is and how many owners it has had to make sure that you don’t end up spending more money on it in the end than buying a brand new laptop. Make sure that you shop around and find the best prices that according to your requirements.

Sue Mitchell is Leading Writer on SEO, having a large number of articles published on various well reputed internet sites. Check out for Her articles about Cheap laptops

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