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no history of syphilis could be gotten : the patient did not present any ex-

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taken, also copious injections, given very slowly and at low press-

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puscles. Leucin and tyrosin are likewise frequently met with in the

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not been terminated by their aid. In the writer's own

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glottis, and (4) those in which splenic enlargement

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The subject ** Blood" affords another instance in point.

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fully recorded experience of the physicians of Lou-

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Purcell, James George, L.E.C.P. Edin., Mottram, Cheshire, of the

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Sinclair deals with it at length, and quotes numerous

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a meeting of fellows and members is to be held next

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ance had been matters of great pride to him, but now he

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their belief that it causes metrorrhagia and abortion.

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(BV, L). In the discussion of the peridental membrane

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dolens. Bull. m6d.. Par., 1892, vi, 1271-1273.— lie ni-aiid-

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initiated by a county medical society concerning the re-

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Patient Co. Successful transmission was also made with the liver

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HtJXTERiAN Society (Council, 7^ p.m.X S pm. Dr. Ward, ".\ Case of

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nor did plunging electric needles into the substance of the muscles accomplish

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little diminution of the pain. Morphia was again given and hot appli-

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See, also. Danger [Ferdinand-Pbilippe] & Flandin

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euresol and colloidal sulphur. Solutions containing gelatine have

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stated it was from fifteen to eighteen months. The average duration

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at least predisposing to the development of the dis-

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ent phannacopoeias. The Edinburgh Collcfre give the name of

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the sheath and the peritoneum divided after lifting

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trusion is through the natural anal opening and consists

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King, are not supplied with apparatus and work tables

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milk, apples, or hay. Its specific gravity, notwithstanding the hitge

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rizatriptan benzoate and msds

A Case of EryaipeUs. By Dr. Pmsanna LaPKnmar, L.M.S. ...

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by the subcutaneous injection of my own saliva, and

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general ride, that it proceeds pari passu with this process.

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of the attack. He adds, however, that this increase is not always to

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