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is less abundant. (3) The monkey is not susceptible to that form of infection
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infection may be carried either by the lymphatics or the blood stream.
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answer, for by defeat of a baneful inheritance we mean the
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persons over sixty years of age; yet in many of the above-
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sprays, or gargles. As a rule the nose is best kept clean with a nasal douche
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to Asia Minor and Europe. This is usually called "The Justinian Plague";
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with this purpose in view the patient should have water offered to him at
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many cases. Horlbeck states that in the epidemic in Charleston in 1895
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As Morrow pointed out, this is probably not a new sore due to bovine lymph.
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cases in apparent demonstration of this fact. These cul-
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the ball to be made of infrangible glass, such as was invented
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sometimes over the whole abdomen, sometimes localized. There may be
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further interference. Such patients may make a good recovery, pass into a
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exposed directly for twenty hours to the gas were sterile, those placed in the
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may undergo a granular degeneration in situ and thus enter
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This condition may improve and gradually disappear of its own accord. It
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can be made positively only by obtaining the bacilli during life or at autopsy.
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quinquennial periods of life, 15 to 30 years, but during the
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By Dr. Van der Poel. — For purposes of sub-standard insur-
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or 46.42 per cent.; that heart complications are responsible for 102 deaths;
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then with convulsions in some cases, and these convulsions may have been
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being easily conceivable that these substances [crystals] may
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corresponded. Gibson has reported an interesting case of antenatal measles.
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great service to students from all parts of the world.
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and careful attention to the medical features, and will not
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Of 39 of this series in which this was determined, there was 1 perforation
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dysentery, w^hile in bacillary dysentery this is never the case and the ulcers
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cast with the loose agglutination of bacteria that is sometimes
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— "A Treatise on Surgical Tlierapeutics of the Domestic
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of methods which soon demonstrated the true nature of wound infection
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species. In pharjTigeal diphtheria, for instance, streptococci enter the
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following in 77, or 6 . 43 per cent. Of these, 53 died — 20 from hypostatic
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peared in a few days, leaving ulcerated spots that healed in a short time. This
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In the writer's series of 102 autopsies, primary buboes occurred in 101 or 99
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accompanying secretion of the finer bronchi is less than in pneumonia of
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and other cells, and a functional, by which is produced the change in the
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accepted on the same terms as males, on lo-payment life plan
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there were claims allowed for amputation from June 17, 1870,
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different writers, but I have conscientiously applied all of these
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kidjiey by the products of this organism. Cnronic renal changes have been
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splitting groups. There may be, and probably are, many other groups.
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process of this nature accounts in some measure for the so-called "growing-
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mulates in the eyes, the lips are covered with sordes, diarrhoea occurs, and
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Thus a highly acid condition of the urine with concentration,
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Bone and Joint Complications. — Goldthwait has reported osteomyelitis of

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