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maintain an adequate supply of blood to the head. For this
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Clonic spasm of the eye-muscles is a rare condition, which is seen in
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ment exercises at the Pabst Theatre, May 0th, when a class of 19 in the med-
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but the reactions themselves have been thoroughly tested for a few
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Opera Postkuma in which the heresy of the heretic was put forth
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may last for weeks, and may be most severe. Violent nocturnal exacerba-
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his place. On the other hand, the man who has been on
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ness upon pressure over the mastoid process. Temperature, 101 ;
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a victim of a circumscribed neurosis, for which she had
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opens until it closes the village is hardly ever free from colds, and
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tion, and as a result sporulation takes place prematurely and
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in water without other food, obtained higher limits of assimilation, as
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conditions as nearly approaching the normal as may be.
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have been minimized, so that we no longer fear the opera-
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quoted, as also other instances, in which, when so excited, the
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102.) A case occurred to Dr. Wallace, of Dublin, in which a man fell from
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Anatomy of the Orprans of Digestion in the Vertebrata." Pro-
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tions ; and those workers will always prove to be the most prac-
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toes together. The examiner grasps the patient at both shoulders,
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excite gastric secretion in animals by irritation locally applied, although
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organs, and separated from the blood for the sole purpose of being expelled
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the subject in force in the United States, and said that
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assistants and dressers I demand great care in dressing, and the early
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strangled). (2.) From the very rarity of this occurrence it follows
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cal examining boards and state boards^of that^of the graduate in arts and philosophy.
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ation. It is not an uncommon effect of the portal congestion occasioned by
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most professional men would not hesitate to pronounce instantaneously mortal.
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arteries by Mr. Maunder, and whose cases were noticed in
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Analysis: sp. gr. 1022; reaction, acid; urea, 2.6 per cent;
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aa the other hand, lascivious feelings are occasionally strongly developed,
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such, are mostly tuberculous nodules. More frequently the crura are
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Union med.. Par., 1885, 3. s., xxxix, 815-818. — Eshncr
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present small hemorrhages, and, upon the surface, dila ted sta rs of Verheyen.
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