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Lycurgus where they had a special camp. There are chapters in the

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are for the interest of its readers and do not represent

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by a course of treatment for the underlying consti

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the Safety Institute of America the American Society of

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is sometimes greatly increased and the muscular walls hypertrophied. There

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causation by deficiency of diet. He I emarks there is no more evidence

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tained after the most careful analyses that milk imtensi

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disease is trichinosis. Tracing back history and description

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appointment was all the more acute because there was and is every ground

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the bones can no longer afford a firm attachment for the

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cially such as involves the sensory branches of the pneumogastrics that

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as they are already exposed to your view. Anaesthetize

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other muscles supplied by the musculo spiral nerve.

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the November Review on infectious anemia typhoid fever also

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necessary or safe. Still the author appeals with apparent con

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account of this in the Transactions of the Medical Society of the

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under the bridge of tissue thus formed its upper margin

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coldness and in severe cases lividness of the face and hands. Per

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lating the mucous membrane of the mouth and stomach.

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ally severe over the heart. There is a sensation of suifocation the

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obtained with x rays in metastatic cancer in lymph glands. This

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part to the analysis of secretions excretions etc. while the

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and the tissues better able to resist gouty degenerative and deposi

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I have ventured to denounce in others of advocating exclusive

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clinics would become as celebrated as their progressive spirit deserves

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of the Academy. As an author and bibliophile he was emi

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disease upon the external surface of the body. Cancerous disease of

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mentioned clause in the penal code will be so modi

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Ten c.c. of the urine which has been freed from albumin are

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antenatal hygiene by care of the expectant mother and which reads

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tant factors in the production of the disease. Of the general treatment

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ology which shows us that the pueumococcus is the most frequent

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may be concluded that given a sufficient amount of the killed culture

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Board in New York City for examination for promotion and

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Water meadow hay is not considered good as it is want

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The Swine plague in Austria on the Decline. The swine

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doubtfully illuminate a narrow circle might with even moderate

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acid upon the gastric walls. One drachm is about the

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