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respectable man, and that he is sorry for what he has done ; and he has given his admission
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tissues of the body. The bacilli of tetanus are not distrib-
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wera in the room with the patient, no one took the dis-
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by the capacious splanchnic area, it is obvious that the
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5 in great numl)ers in the discharges and the tissues
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proved. The second case is that of a Russian lady, aged 44
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1.— Electricity in General Practice.— W. B. Neftel be-
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Lateral View op the Spinal Column.— 1. Atlas. 2. Dentata. 3. Seventh
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in all 5371 fince the commencement of the inftitution in February
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wounds from high explosive shells and other great missiles used
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of the nervous system, particularly of the peripheral nerves, are common.
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and Surgical examination, in addition to the usual written" and
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favoring: (1) The abolition of the office of coroner in
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to a tuberculous afiection. Other accessory* signs are, an abnormal trans-
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The contraction of the muscles ceases; the diaphragm relaxes;
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slightness of the illness precludes the suggestion of scarlet fever ; while its
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the space larger by a series of sutures through and through, making the
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Indians. This object is accomplished, in the first place, by the manage-
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diminis hed during the pyTexial period, the average daily
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influence, the treatment must be regulated accordingly. In all forms of
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Carey- Street) y London^ from May 3 1st to August 3\st 1810.
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action ; and the knowing of this is the knowing of some of the
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cate tests in chemistry. With this method we are able to detect quan-
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carry on the work for which the world waited and longed.
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should also be sought for in pathologic changes in the vestibular nerve or its termina-
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In approving the report of the Nominating Committee,
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the ventricular cavity, ^ve have just seen, is at this time one and undivided.
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smallpox was eliminated from the United States. It grew so
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good reason for supposing that bleeding is at least of temporary benefit ;
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peritonitis, in which autopsy showed no peritonitis, but
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quiet, to exclude all sources of cerebral excitement. An ice-'bag should
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contains bacteria; that these are mostly cocci and that they come
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skull and the presence in some cases of decided exophthalmos, the
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the menisci has been reported to be 90% to 95% (sensitivity
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flammation of the lungs, one with diarrlicea, and one with rlieomatism.
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a guineapig, and allowed to remain there for two days. It

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