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percent sodium or potassium hydroxide solution. Replug the tube

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or remove the abnormal compounds. This is as yet impossible, as there are no

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nolphthalein solutfon and titrate the hot solution with

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with new tongues ; they shall take up serpents ; and if they drink

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course in nine days. Histologic examination showed intense

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to throw into the uterine cavity styptics as a dernier res sort. For

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(2) Indicator solutions. 0.04 percent solutions of brom cresol

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g. Observation of Mice. The mice must be observed daily

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to read such testimony, and to know that for such cases there is

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develop more acutely and run a course of a few weeks or a few

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pitals for the care of all domesticated animals are established.

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Medium containing 3 percent agar is . autoclaved and

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incubation. It is not necessary to refrigerate the tubes.

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cultures, globulindike substances ; in others, again, toxic peptones, so that dis-

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are longer (88-94 mu) but have a thinner shell, which may or may

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soon as changes which everyone would recognise as inflammation are set

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upon this property of the body fluids ; still it is important to keep in mind that

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late agar plates aerobically and in an atmosphere containing an

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Time does not permit any inquiry at this time into the reasons

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(3) Apparatus for preparing a saturated copper sulfate solu-

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in the first tube, and increasing by 300 million bacteria

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lecture, the greater part of which is devoted to a racy sketch of

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into an acceptable fungus isolation medium by adding

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Prognosis. — This, in primary and uncomplicated measles, is

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three weeks he was discharged from the hospital feeling greatly

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or from repeated attacks of acute inflammation, but on this account it is not

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which latter looked blank and weary, but had lost the redness

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the small intestine penetrate through the gut wall and migrate via

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Dr. Hayward would not publish these cases till he could try

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handling animals, living or dead, protect the hands and

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a normal heart mechanism is found. Here you can readily see

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such a position that the ends which are to be replaced into the

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of these are to be found in medical literature. Perhaps the best

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frigerator, for not longer than two months. Depending on the

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tween additions of the anhydride-sulfuric acid reagent,

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Clinic of Dr. Llewellyn Sale, St. Louis City Hospital

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by the way, — advertisements of rooms to let, and of pensions, or

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possible that the two belong together in a hitherto unknown

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