Repair A Computer Running Slow With Do-It-Yourself Methods

It doesn’t matter how good and expensive your PC is, it will slow down eventually with frequent use. It is because computers, just like a automobile, is supposed to be well maintained and serviced for it to function at its maximum level. Suffice to say that maintenance is essential for your Computer.

After constant use, your computer’s performance will start to deteriorate. Starting a program takes longer than normal (some applications could not be accessed at all) and error messages repeatedly pop up. Well, you can try some home fixes for the computer running slow matter yourself to improve your PCs speed.

Initial thing to check out? What you should try is to check out your drives to see whether they have adequate free space. Your PC uses this storage or memory whenever it opens a application or program (for other RAM or random access memory to assist your PCs memory card). Based on its capability, at least 25 percent of your hard drive space should be available for use at any time. If the computer’s hard drive has too many files and programs, then its’ high time that you delete or uninstall a few of them.

When removing programs, you must be careful as some applications are connected with additional programs (that removing them could make the additional program to be inoperable). Uninstall the ones that you hardly ever use and are not essential in the day to day working of your PC. Games and other graphic-laden programs will use a lot of the available storage space and utilize a substantial amount of available resources so keep these as small as possible.

Another fix for the computer running slow might be Defragging your hard drive or principle drive storage area. While there is existing storage space in the hard drive, accessing the data can be slower because of bad positioning or organization of the stored data. Just click “my computer” then click right on the drive you want to Defrag. After that click the tool tab and then “Defragment Now”. If your computer has a Vista system instead of the earlier versions you would click on “programs” next “accessories” and then to System Tools and click Disk Defragmenter and follow the directions given.

Solving some of your computer running slow issues is a project that you may want to perform on your own but be sure that you practice a little amount of caution.

If you’d like more help and advice on a Why Is My Computer Running Slow go to Computer Running Slow.

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