Spugnort’s WoW Raid Guide General Information

If someone told you it was possible to win every raid on which you embarked, you’d think he was crazy, right? Well, not anymore. The professional gamers at Spugnort have put together a WoW Raid Guide that gives you so much in-depth detail about your raids that you are guaranteed success every time. Whether your raid is a solo endeavor or a massive twenty-five man effort, as long as you go over the detailed instructions in Spugnort’s Instance and Raid Strategy Guide you will know what you should do to prepare for your fight and what to expect from the boss you are fighting.

The folks at Spugnort know that every raid is a little different than the last one. The number of men might change, the terrain could be different, and you are always fighting a different boss. Therefore, their WoW Raid Guide is full of fight specific information to you will need to win all your fights.

They cover what you need to know to properly prepare. Spugnort will advise you on what healing, DPS, and tanks you will need. They also mention the specific gear you will want as well as the potions and elixirs you should drink before the fight and the ones you should bring with you.

Best of all, the gamers at Spugnort provide you with a loot table so that you won’t be surprised by what the boss drops.

Then they check out all your gear and give recommendations for what resistance levels you should try for. Finally, they go through all your consumable options and tell you what to drink before and during the raid.

Once you are all fitted out, the raid guide gives you a ton of information on the bosses you are preparing to fight. One of the coolest pieces of information a comprehensive loot table that will tell you what kind and how much loot the boss will drop after you kill.

The new expansion that is added to the picture soon that lets you level to 85 will be added as a update to the guide. Of course, you will find the land change all together, which makes things a bit different for questing. However, when it comes to the flying mounts you can now use them in azeroth with the new expansion comes out, which makes questing very easy. The guide for war raid guide will make every change you need to know about new raiding and everything.

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