10 Unusually Fantastic Motion Pictures For Your Entertainment Pleasure

Some excellent information about some of the greatest movies that you may have never heard of is right here. The Seniors – 4 collegians open a counterfeit sex hospital, which mushrooms into a multi million dollar corporation. The movie is alternately stupid and sarcastic, with some benign nudity thrown in. Cast includes Jeffrey Byron, Gary Imhof, Dennis Quaid, Lou Richards, PrisciIla Barnes, Alan Reed, Edward Andrews, Robert Emhardl, and Alan Hewitt. (87 minutes, 1978)

Xander ‘XXX’ Cage has been brought in by NSA agent Gibbons to help him with an urgent matter. He must help the MSA bring down a Russian crime ring, or face jail time. Agent Gibbons needs an mysterious person with incredible skill and talent to get inside the organization. Is XXX the right man for the job?

Dracula Dead and Loving It – Dracula gets the Mel Brooks treatment in this parody motion picture which invests so much time retelling the recognizable Transylvanian’s tale it forgets to be preposterous. There are some good minutes for Brooks’ fans, but just not enough. Cast includes Leslie Nielsen, Peter MacNicol, Steven Weber, Amy Beck, Charlie Callas, and Anne Bancroft. (90 minutes, 1995)

Inglorious Bastards – 5 cadets getting ready to be court-martialed in WW2 take off and try to make their way through France, hoping to get to the Swiss border. Cast includes Ian Bannen, Bo Svenson, Fred Williamson, Peter Hooten, and Michael Pergolani. (100 minutes, 1978)

Mamma Mia – Sophie is about to get married. Her single mom has invited her two best all-time friends to the wedding. Sophie has invited three men from her mothers past, eager to find her father, and have him walk her down the aisle. Old romances are reborn during the frenzied day before the wedding.

Days of Wine and Roses – Modern Lost Weekend set in San Francisco, with Lemmon marrying Remick and lugging her into a state of alcoholism. Practical direction and abrasive writing join for phenomenal outcome. Cast includes Jack Lemmon, Lee Remick, Charles Bickford, Jack Klugman, Alan Hewitt, Tom Palmer, and Jack Albertson. (117 minutes, 1962)

Ronin – Several experts are brought together to repossess a available suitcase. It seems the Russians want the suitcase, and ex KGB spies have it. Whatever is inside that case, it seems to carry a high price tag.

Rubin and Ed – Strange odyssey of 2 gentlemen on a mission to bury a dead cat. Can they ever find the right spot? Glover once made a notorious appearance on David Letterman’s TV show playing the identical personality he does here. Cast includes Crispin Glover, Howard Hesseman, Karen Black, Michael Green, and Brittney Lewis. (92 minutes, 1992)

Trading Mom – It’s about three siblings who couldn’t stand their mom. Spacek cast a spell which makes her-and all memory of her vanish. Here is a flat and inanimate story with meager production values. Cast includes Sissy Spacek, Anna Chlumsky, Aaron Michael Metchik, Asher Metchik, Maureen Stapleton, and Merritt Yohnka. (82 minutes, 1994)

Cry “Havoc” – Girl volunteers join some exasperated American nurses on besieged island of Baton throughout WW2. Exposes its level causes and integrates predictable stereotypes, however additionally presents pretty straightforward image of battle. Robert Mitchum has a small part as a dying cadet. Cast includes Margaret Sullivan, Joan Blondell, Ann Sothern, Fay Bainter, Marsha Hunt, and Ella Raines.

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