Repaired Vs. New – Which Is Top Quality When Buying Computers

Refurbish (v): to brighten or freshen up – Merriam-Webster’s Online dictionary. In essence, when one refurbishes an item, and for purposes of discussion, a computer, one is actually using an old item which has been subject to adjustments to make the appearance that it is new. When one purchases a refurbished computer, one also purchases a headache waiting to happen. So why is buying a new computer better than buying a refurbished one? The list below shows the reasons why:

1) A new computer assures you that the parts are all new and has not been subject to any misuse or wear and tear. Upon purchase, the computer comes with it a seal of warranty and a warranty card that all its parts are brand new and in good working condition. A refurbished computer, on the other hand, does not have this guarantee and may even be an electronic “Frankenstein”. Since a refurbished computer has already logged minutes of use, wear and tear, or even damage can be hidden. When this happens, the computer is more susceptible to bog down, or even lose information. On the other hand, a new computer removes any doubt as to its parts and ensures that it has the capacity to work as a new item should, without defects or hidden damage.

2) A new computer’s problems may easily be solved. At the point of purchase, a new computer comes with it a technical support system which refurbished computers do not have. Once your computer experiences a glitch, help is just one phone call away. And the problem is easily identifiable. On the other hand, a refurbished computer, with all of its different parts and cosmetic changes, aside from being more susceptible to breakdown, is more prone to hidden glitches (such as viruses or systems malfunctions) because of the previous use of the hardware. So when a refurbished computer has a problem, there is no twenty four hour, seven days a week help desk to call for assistance. In the end, one has to diagnose the problem through trial and error, and this not only increases cost but also inflates losses.

3) A new computer’s cost may be front loaded, but in the long run it would be more cost effective. The argument that it would be more cost effective to purchase a refurbished computer than a new one is misleading. Firstly, though it is more expensive to purchase a new unit, this cost is only a one time expense at the start. Costs for maintenance and repair are practically nil since it is a new item. And this translates to productivity for the purchaser. On the other hand, a refurbished computer may have low front end cost upon purchase, when the computer bogs down, the cost of repair is magnified by the loss in productivity. Also, it is much more expensive to maintain an on-call technician to diagnose a problem unlike in a new one, the help desk can easily provide solutions.

So why is a new computer a more cost effective investment? It is because of the warranties and the free of charge help desk. Though initially it is more expensive to purchase a new computer, the long term benefit far outweighs the cost of purchasing a refurbished computer.

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