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decomposition which are the more insoluble, the more poisonous, and

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this is not always a serious matter, but a soldier is only as good

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In my experience, latent syphilis is the cause of a great

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its hold ixpon medical men. The following pages are intended to aid

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liquids. Next into fibrous, gelatinous, starchy, oleaginous,

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terously, making, rather from necessity, lateral flaps of skin

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This period lasts from one week to ten days — a longer time than the

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daily. This treatment has gained favor in hospitals, and

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An overdose weakens respiration, and this is often seen in the

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established in the lay as well as in the professional mind that it is

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acid vegetables and fruits? I think, as a rule, they may be

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blood-vessels, and may infiltrate the upper as well as the deeper layers

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competent and intelligent assistants, a surgeon can do almost

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sought them out, and I trust that the lesson they teach will be im-

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Correct building of the limb is impinlaut if stability is to be

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peated by going over the body twice or oftener, the patient is dried.

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and omitting the tables accompanying the report, which seemed to

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Towards the ocean there was little beyond Vallejo Street,

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Clinical History. — The modes of invasion are quite diverse, but

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ones whom, as a rule, hypnotism may benefit and who sviffer

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slowly, the contraction of the muscular structure of the skin is followed

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Mastiff, en route for China, on his way around the world.

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It is highly contagious., and at times, usually during the spring and

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allowed to sleep for six or eight hours if he can do so.

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powerful means to stimulate the kidneys into action. This method is

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to hydrotherapy, this subject will, I trust, be so clearly brought out

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in ascertaining the source of the small remnant of phosphorus which

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the toxin upon the renal tissues. Both of my own instances proved

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needed treatment, and not the consumption), these patients might

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the spaces of Fontana, and that it may impede or stop the

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would probably kill a man, the fluid compares in virulence

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vomiting. Under favorable treatment improvement may take place,

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periglandular connective tissue. The inflammation is seldom severe

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reasons, which, in my opinion, offer some valuable lessons. He writes :

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