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84; and other or unspecified means, 58. Undoubtedly

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ence any difficulty along this line, having used the

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rhoea, general diseases, underfeeding, alcohol, obes-

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ings, public lectures, magazine and newspaper arti-

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urinary tract in the male, the pernicious advice so

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— Coutts, in his remarks, states that joint affections

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sel before the clamp is removed. Cocaine, one tenth

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for the lateral sinus are readily identified upon the

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and the medical officer in char^ of the exhibition is Dr.

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Clinically Efficient in Malnutrition as Is Nothing Else

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its clinical manifestations it is not unlike its more

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while lieing examined became worse. The examination

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portant cause of capillary obstruction is excess of

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])lcasures of the senses, and the failure to obstrve

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peated blisters to the first, second, or third spaces

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September, the mortality is approximately ten per cent,

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tion to the testimony of the attending physician than

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tion will be accepted as a confidential, professional

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2- On the Condition Called "Falling of the Womb," with

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by toxins. The impaired vision is due to turbidity of the aqueous,

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general diet kitchen, and on the sixth to a constant

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serve to assist the medical man in the selection of

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present plans the railroad will not get possession of the

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prostatic hypertrophy says that an irrigation of the

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assures him that he will go with his comrades anywhere, obey

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cases. 136 deaths. There were 3 cases of infantile paraly-

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a series of formulae best suited to his plates. It is

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min and so is important to the internal metabolism.

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tant in this as in any major surgical operation. If

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able to make some suggestions to Achille's demon in kitch-

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along the capillaries and alveolar walls. In some places

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I was quite unable in very many cases, in fact in a

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"606," November 9, 1910. Wassermann reaction two years

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16. Quincke. Sanimlung tilinischer Vortrdge, n. F. Ixvii,

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subcutaneous tissues down to the external ring. Two

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contained albumin (strong trace) ; one granular cast, and

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