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toms of pulmonary affection ; but after death the lungs were found very

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Lower Bengal are often accompanied by much visible perspiration through-

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six or seven weeks. In subcultures the growth tends to become more voluminous,

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liberal views, and disposed to have the profession sustained in anatomical

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seat of inoculation is the first to become enlarged. The enlargement of the glands

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informed that this is his usual method of operating, with similar results.

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It seems that some of the older European physicians ordered calomel

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and yet, by a gradual retrograde movement, the parts concerned in labor

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This case fully demonstrates Mr. Bell's views of the distinct functions

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there were no discoverable peripheral changes ; while he found, on the

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sioned by the enlargement and inflamed state of the tumors. The in-

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Queenstown, Molteno, near the Stormberg Eange, 3544 ft., and

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1 think that injury is often done to persons who habitually use these ar-

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ence over the bladder. I punctured it, and drew off the fluid collected.

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tween aasertions, based on superstitious impressions, 'and those founded on

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of lead- workers die either at birth or shortly afterwards from convulsions.

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at no very great elevation, and Braemar are the two best known. The

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school of medicine, the old school of Lexington has been nobly sustained

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The number of cysts discharged in this case was nearly or quite 200,

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more especially from their lingual approximal surfaces by means of

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to the ordinary methods of physical examination, though in young infants

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mesenteric glands, the lymphoid tissue of the intestines, the medulla of

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organic matter in a much higher degree thad diluted acids. A solution

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in the same region, which may be mentioned. Manitou, about 5 miles

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upon the clear spaces as degenerative in character.

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plegias." A few lines lower down he adds that the disease is more often

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sunshine. In a country like England, where fog and mist are very

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A disproportionate increased frequency of the respiration has been

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author has brought together into a portable form, it is denominated the

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Pathology. — When death has been caused by corrosive sublimate there is

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Martin and other recent French writers have described as tetany certain

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his back and lower part of his belly ; but these attacks went off, by rest

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Bkomine has, on two or three occasions, caused fatal poisoning from

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typhoid, the teeth generally are found affected by caries, although they had

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delirium died, and 70 per cent of those with stupor or coma.

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This case, gentlemen, of acute disease of the heart, occurring in

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in preparing their flour, which consequently contains sand, the teeth are

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Iodine in Strumous OpIUhalmia, — In strumous ophthalmia constitutional

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invade the body, although in exceptional instances they may penetrate as

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the crepitations and cracklings accompanying middle ear catarrh, are in

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