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Church, James R., Major, Medical Corps. Relieved from

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It will endeavor to instruct the public regarding the more

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At the periphery of the fatty tissue the cells were seen to

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lotii ubenorem secretionem, sudor es frigid os, de-

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3. Remarks on Contusion of the Back and Its Complica-

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cause vomiting, but this does not matter, as, in his

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koff psychosis the most characteristic form of alco-

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abscess does not have the characteristic odor of pus

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Hiss, Philip Hanson, and Zinsser, Hans. — A Textbook

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perience which he anticipates with the tube, it being

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of bullet and its relation to a localizing lead ring fastened to the

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several thicknesses of gauze and over this an end of

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Case XL. Male. set. twenty-four ; secondary syphilis ;

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8. Remarks on the Article on Means of Pleasure as an

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vice-president, Dr. L. D. Brose, of Evansville ; second vice-

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party of Russian gypsies from Batum, who proceeded by

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logist. In case of failure to replace the head of the

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early history. With this it can usually be made out

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other institutions advertised, they treated persons

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however, a number of dift'erent organisms are found,

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aminers, representing the State Homoeopathic Medical So-

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of blood pressure tracings, taken from animals which had re-

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that it will become operable. It seems, in the past,

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fying results are obtained by subcutaneous injections

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excellent accommodations. For terms and information apply to

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58. Richter and Spiro. Archiv fiir e.vperimcntclle Path-

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to view her afar off ; and are too much taken up with gen-

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here presented began with acute onset, with chilli-

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curative dose ; with this quantity no bad effects were

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migrants from America were forcibly prevented from land-

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Genth. — In Lansdowne, Pa., on Friday, September 2d,

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the truth of the second half of this statement. Final

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tion of sick leave revoked ; ordered to the Naval Med-

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they were allowed to live at Nagasaki and taught the med

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ever, no authority fails to admonish as to the some-

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perineal wounds were mopped with full strength tincture

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venesection is indicated, followed by free stimula-

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polygonal shapes of the clear cells and their relation to a small bloodvessel. Some

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enteric fermentation during the summer of 191D, and the

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