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How Does A Flatbed Document Scanner Work?

It may shock you to find out that scanners have been around for almost 100 years – but with developments over the last few years, scan quality and functionality has rapidly increased, whilst making it more affordable to have within the home as well as the office.

So, How Does a Flatbed Scanner Work?

In terms of home and office computing, a flatbed document scanner is simply a device that can scan and convert photos or paper documents into a digital format. It is composed of a glass scanning bed (or plate), underneath which is either a bright light to illuminate the glass and a moving optical detector to scan the image – or a moving set of red, green and blue LEDs, strobed for illumination with a photo-diode for light collection.

How To Use a Flatbed Scanner

When a user wants to scan, the user lifts the hinged lid of the scanner and places the document to be scanned face down on the glass scanning bed and an opaque cover placed over it to exclude ambient light, ready for the image sensor and light source to pass beneath. The image is only visible to the detector because of the light it reflects – transparent images require special illumination from the top-side. Once the photo or document has been scanned, the image is sent from the flatbed scanner to the attached PC where it is displayed on the monitor screen ready to be saved, modified, e-mailed or printed.

How to choose a Flatbed Scanner

If you are looking for a scanner for use at work or in the home – you firstly need to know what you want to use the scanned images and documents for. If you are planning to print or display high-quality images from high-quality scans or photographs and you require no loss of detail, then you will need a flatbed scanner with a high colour-depth (48-bit or higher) and a high resolution (9600dpi or higher). If you are planning to archive your scanned text documents or add scanned images to electronic-documents and presentations, choose a scanner with a lower colour-depth (24-bit or lower) and a lower resolution (around 600dpi). These will produce satisfactory scans. Today’s scanners also come with a wide variety of features, to make your scanning experience easier and simpler – they have features such as zero warm-up times, 3 second previews, 1 second scans and auto scan. Others also have built-in film adaptors and the ability to scan to e-mail and searchable PDFs. If you need this kind of functionality, make sure you find one that delivers for you.

The advantages of a Flatbed Scanner

There are many advantages of choosing a flatbed scanner for work or for the home. Firstly, with double-hinged lids, scanners allow you to scan thicker documents, books and even three dimensional objects. Secondly, flatbed scanners allow you to adjust the document into the correct position via visual markers. Also, with built-in negative and film holders, yesterday’s memories can be scanned into a modern digital format – and by removing the lid, it can work as an improvised digital camera by taking an image of a three dimensional object

The disadvantages of a Flatbed Scanner

Flatbed scanners have two main disadvantages. Firstly if you are planning to scan many documents, because each scan has to be performed individually, then this can take time – however a sheet-fed scanner is the recommended replacement. Some scanners can also be quite large – especially A3 models – but as they are usually quite thin, they can be quite easily be stored on their side.

The death of the flatbed scanner was announced far too early with the revolution of the digital camera – especially as today’s scanners have developed much higher colour depths and resolutions. Their ability to digitise 35mm film and negatives and to scan documents for e-mail has made the flatbed scanner even more important in the modern home and office than ever before.

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The Multiple Benefits A Duplex Colour Laser Printer Offers

A duplex colour laser printer allows for printing on both sides of the paper at once. This feature can be a real advantage in a busy workplace or even at home. Such machine was used before for commercial purposes only. But thanks to technological advancements, compact versions of it have been made available.

There are many benefits offered by such machine. Perhaps the most evident of all is the time-saving benefit. In a non-duplex printer, the paper has to be inserted once more to the document feeder to print on the other side of the sheet. In a busy work environment, such can prevent wise spending of time. A laser type of printer is already known for its ability to churn out pages at a fast rate. An included duplexing unit augments that feature.

Paper can be effectively conserved. That’s why the monthly budget allotted by the office for such consumable may be minimized. With other printers, the back side of the paper is completely wasted. For instance, it takes 100 sheets of paper to print 100 pages of documents. However, only 50 sheets of paper are needed for such task when a duplex type of printer is used.

Aside from duplex printing, a laser machine is also admired for its host of other superb features, making it better than most other printers. It’s known for its superior printing speed. It turns out pages that are completely finished, rather than slowly doing it line after line. Likewise, it’s deigned to produce minimal noise. Such may be especially beneficial when it’s intended for home use, or in an office where distractions can be inconvenient.

The toner used is relatively more affordable than imaging units used by other printers. Likewise, it lasts longer too, so constant replacement or refilling or toners may be avoided. That’s why it can be very beneficial for an office requiring colored printouts on a regular basis. Because of its technology, it’s possible to enjoy professional-looking prints each time.

However, a few drawbacks are also around. Because of its sophisticated imaging technology, a laser may come bulkier than most other types of printers. This is to house the relatively large hardware needed. Such makes it somewhat inefficient to move the machine from place to place. Likewise, service or maintenance can be very expensive. Again, this is due to the sophisticated technology that’s found within it.

Although it’s no secret that this machine may be quite expensive compared to others, it’s well worth it in the long run. Since the operator need not spend a lot of time next to the machine printing back-to-back pages, the office’s productivity is kept intact. What’s more, office supplies are conserved. With all these productivity and cost-effective features, shelling out additional money for procuring such machine is well worth it in the long run.

These few drawbacks, however, are easily outweighed by the many benefits a duplex colour laser printer provides. It works fast, it churns out quality prints, and it saves precious time and money. When buying one, it’s also essential that you consider other features than can work to your advantage. Some of them include networking options, compatible media types and sizes, resolution, etc. are one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of different types of duplex colour laser printer, as well as our best selling one, a Samsung colour laser printer, with over 50 million of stock all available for delivery on a next day service, including 12 million worth of printer consumables.

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Benefits To Know Concerning A Rolling Laptop Bag

You might not be surprised to learn that people use their laptops every single day of their lives. Not everyone, of course, but many laptop owners. With that being said, you have to find a way to travel with it easier and keep it better protected all at the same time. It is time to consider a rolling laptop bag.

There are all kinds of information regarding these bags that you might want to take the time to consider. Through the course of these upcoming paragraphs, you are going to get a good look at what these bags actually are and what they are going to be able to do for you if you were to purchase them.

You have to understand that there are a few different reasons that it might be difficult to always tote around your laptop with your when you head out places. You have to think that most laptops are pretty heavy, they are very delicate, and they are not incredibly easy to carry based on the shape of them.

These bags are designed to address all of these issues equally. If you were to purchase one of these rolling bags, you are going to find that the weight of the laptop will no longer be an issue. You should also learn that the shape of them will not be an issue either, as they fit into the bag that you pull behind you.

In regards to the fragile nature of the laptop, you have to believe that the designers of these bags have considered the cargo. The interior design of these bags will ensure that impact is quelled before it reaches the computer, and that this computer would not be exposed to various other elements.

Your laptop might be your livelihood. It is for many people, anyhow. While this might be the case, you have to find a convenient and safe way to travel around with it and that, is a rolling laptop bag.

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Computer Backpacks Save Many Things From Damage

Computer backpacks are one of the most common and useful accessories for carrying extra stuff around with you. Backpacks come in many designs including frameless, those that contain an internal frame, those that contain an external frame and body packs. However, in a number of situations none of the traditionally designed backpacks are going to be useful to help you. Normal backpacks are not designed to prevent damage to expensive goods such as cameras and laptop computers. If you want to easily carry your laptop around you are going to want a computer backpack. They provide an easy, light-weight, mobile and protected way to carry around your laptop computer.

Electronics are now more affordable than ever but the average consumer will do their best to make it last as long as possible. If you are used to owning electronics such as computers and cell phones then you will already know that they are highly susceptible to shock. Shock is what something goes through when it is dropped. The force of the impact is enough to render your computer, or other item, completely useless.

You can purchase a number of differently designed backpacks for the purpose of carrying your laptop. One of your options is a shoulder bag used to carry your computer. However, this creates unnecessary strain on your shoulders and back and prevents you from carrying heavier laptops and their accessories.

Backpacks that lack a frame are useful for carrying low weight goods and for general usage. Frame supported backpacks are useful for carrying heavier loads and providing more support for the pack. However for some goods you are going to need a backpack that is specifically designed to carry valuable items. For example, smaller and well padded compartments and well protected pockets are useful for carrying valuable items such as cameras and laptops.

Without padding and protection for your high end goods, you are highly at risk for damaging them during transportation. Most backpacks do not provide adequate straps to keep a backpack still during transportation. Backpacks specifically designed to hold laptops will include straps to prevent your goods from moving during transit. Further, they will include small pockets, flaps and compartments to store accessories within.

It is important to make sure that when you purchase a backpack for transporting computers or other electronics, you need to insure that it is constructed of high quality materials. If the bottom of your backpack were to fallout and break, you would risk damaging your goods as they fall onto the ground.

One strap backpacks are generally lighter and made from lighter material. Two strap backpacks are more likely to include a frame. This makes them heavier but able to bear a heavier load also. It also provides a protective shell for your laptop and its accessories.

There are a great number of places that you can purchase computer backpacks. Computer stores and electronics stores will offer a great variety of different backpacks to choose from no matter what type of laptop you own. It is much more likely that you will be able to find a good price by going online. To find the best deal you are going to want to figure out what your needs are and to look at both online and your local stores to compare prices properly.

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What To Look Out For When Buying Laptop Computers

Buying a laptop computer is an extremely hard and overwhelming ordeal. Depending on your available budget and inclinations, there are many factors to think of. Considering the money, it is also a critical decision that needs to be considered at great length. Think of the following aspects anytime that you are buying inexpensive netbook or laptop computers.

The more money you spend on a laptop, the better and more advanced device you’ll end up with. But, for a bargain, you’ll still be able to get a good deal if, of course you know what you are looking for. Cheap laptops range in price from two to three hundred dollars but can greatly vary in their specifications. For a cheaper price, you should still be able to get one with a good processor. Dual processors will allow the machine to run smoother and faster. The speed of the item’s processor can be checked with the rest of the computer’s details.

Random access memory, also known as RAM, should also be contemplated before buying a low priced machine. This RAM is what determines the quickness of the laptop’s running applications. Good three hundred dollar computers should have at least one to two gigs of random access memory.

If device’s screen size is a key aspect to you, be careful when looking for less expensive computers. Mini laptops are becoming more and more popular and are good products for their price. Only, they feature small, ten inch screens for a cost that is nearly the same as a full sized computer. For the same cost as a mini, you will be able to get at least over a fifteen inch screen.

It’s a good idea to look at the device’s hard drive size as well. This determines the amount of space that the device has to store music, videos, pictures, and other various files. More can always be added later but buying one with a decent amount is a better bet to begin with. There are numerous different brands offering bargain priced machines that also feature hard drives with one hundred to three hundred gigs.

Although most laptop computers come equipped with optical drives, there are still many that do not. Check the computer’s specs for not only the presence of one but the speed and type as well. Good optical drives are able to both read and write CDs and DVDs. Of course, if this aspect of a computer isn’t important to you, it can always be ignored.

Those who are intending to use their laptop for playing high resolution games, a computer with a quality graphic card will have to be obtained. Good ones will let you enjoy powerful sites and games. More expensive ones will grant you to play higher quality applications on the laptop. Good computer users know that it’s sometimes less expensive to buy the card and computer separate from one another.

Lastly, the accessories of the device should be chosen. If extras like video cards, wireless capabilities, and web cameras are important issues to you, look for computers that have them included. The presence of one or more of the desired appliances, in many cases, will not effect the price of the product too much.

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Tips For An Efficient Computer Workstation

A computer workstation generally consists of a personal computer sharing a network with other computers. A typical workstation is an office where each employee has heir own computer and they are all linked to the office’s server. The servers hold the data and the employees work on their computers at their workstation. How the workstation is set up is essential to creating an efficient computer workstation.

The following are a number of tips to creating an efficient computer workstation:

Operating Systems at a Workstation: A workstation can use any operating system as long as the operating system can communicate properly with the server. For instance, a server can be Linux, but a windows operating system can still be used at the workstation. As well, a Mac OS can also get data from the server.

Purpose of the Workstation Computer: Computer workstations are created for a specific task or tasks. It is important to know what the laptop computer will be used for so that you get the appropriate computer parts. For instance, will the workstation be used for graphic design, computer processing, or another function?

Establish the Most Favorable Measurements: You will not want your workstation to be overcrowded. Measure your space to determine what equipment will fit in the workspace so that you are comfortable. You will have to consider such components as: computer software, computer hardware, computer accessories, and whether you will be using a laptop computer or desktop computer. If you are using a desk top computer you will have to consider such components as the monitor, hard drive, and keyboard.

Purchase the Essential Computer Components: When acquiring the appropriate computer parts for your workstation, you have to consider such features and devices as speed of the processor, motherboard, RAM, hard drive, memory, power supply, video cards, sound cards, DVD drive, and computer hardware and software. It is highly recommended that you get a fast processor with plenty of cache. As well, memory, the processor, and the motherboard, should all be compatible.

Set-Up the Computer Workstation: Once you have assembled all the necessary components, you can set up the computer workstation. Connect the power supply making sure the wires face forward and fans face to the back. As well, make sure you choose the right voltage setting. Attach the CPU and memory to the motherboard. Remember, the motherboard will have to be configured.

Install Drives; Install each of the drives and configure them as a slave or master. Install the video card and the audio card. Attach the power cords from the power supply to the hard drives and the motherboard.

Attach Computer Devices and Power Up: Attach the power cable, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers. Turn the computer on and listen for the spinning sound of the fans and hard drives. Turn on the monitor.

Depending on your needs, you can have a simple set up or a more elaborately designed computer workstation. When you create an efficient computer workstation, you will be able to make sure you have all of the essential components so that you are comfortable and able to maintain optimum productivity.

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External Hard Drives: What To Look For

Shopping for an external hard drive can be a difficult process. You want to find one that suits your needs. External drives are handy for both professional and personal uses.

When you are working with digital files it is important to back up that information. CDs can be made with digital files and documents, but they are also easily scratched or broken. Hard drives on computers can also get clogged quickly by all the files on it.

This is where external hard drives come in. They are handy with backing up important files from your computer so you can access them or have them available for the future. They are also handy in case accidents happen, such as accidentally losing or deleting files on your computer.

External hard drives make it possible to have copies of your files. Find a drive that fit your needs. If you are only using a file to back up a few files you don’t have to invest in as fancy a hard drive system as a professional trying to protect his professional portfolio.

Start by looking at storage capacity. Storage of 1 TB will allow you plenty of room to put all your movies, music, pictures, and documents on it with no problem. You can put thousands of items on your drive and not have to worry about clogging up your computer with them.

Also search for a drive that is compatible with your computer system. Some external hard drives are compatible with windows systems, but are not with Mac users. Find one that fits your computer before you buy it.

Next is to find a style of external hard drive that you like. Find one that matches the environment it will be in. If you are using it in your office, for example, you would probably not want to buy that bright pink model. Instead, find one in white, black, or even a professional metallic finish.

Also find a drive that has a strong back up system. Back up software with hard drives should be used to backup their files automatically. That protects the files by copying the files ahead of time in case of emergencies.

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Purchasing An Inkjet Printer: What To Look For

Many people are unaware of the differences between printers, we all know that offices tend to use bigger machines, and home printers tend to be smaller, but are unaware of the differences different printers can make. Most homes have an inkjet printer, these fit comfortably on to a desktop surface allowing for you to sit in the comfort of your study and get things done simply. Below are some of the pluses:

Price: purchasing the printer is fairly cheap, you can find a good inkjet for under $100 and they tend to come with free ink. However the good news doesn’t just stop here, ink cartridges for these types tend to be cheaper and last far longer. Bearing these factors in mind they already beat the bigger, bulkier more expensive models as you do not have to continually pay out large sums of money.

Size: The size is perhaps the most fundamental aspect of this. It is significantly smaller than printers which do a similar job which is incredibly convenient. You can place them close to you or on your actual desk so you do not get the extra hassle of having to walk to and fro, around the room picking up your print outs.

The Cartridges can be Re-filled: Unlike laser printers, you can buy refillable ink for your inkjet printer, instead of having to buy new cartridges. This can save even more money. Refillable tools are often very cheap (cheaper than the cartridges themselves, at least).

Many of us are put off of printing at home due to the noise it makes, with inkjets you need not worry about this factor at all. They print very quietly which means you will not be forced to shut the door and hope no one gets annoyed by the sound!

If you care about the environment, as most of us like to think we do, then you can do your part by not throwing away so many printer cartridges. As you can recycle the same cartridge by refilling you will indirectly be doing a “green” act.

If you look at the above facts it is clear that an inkjet printer should be a strong contender, if not the only contender, when considering purchasing a new printer. They are far better than others and have many benefits. Do not take my word for it however as we all have a different opinion, find the one which works best for you!

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Why WXGA Displays And AWXGA WIKI

I believe that awxga displays are the best of the the many monitor displays, certainly with laptop computers. Sure, there are many LCD monitors to choose from in the marketplace, and you will find a wide range of price, size, resolution and aspect ratio. Let me explain here.

If you are not familiar with the terminologies in computer monitors, let’s start off with the basics. There are two types of monitors available on the market. One is CRT and the other is LCD. CRTs are those big bulky monitors that were used in older computer systems. The advantage of CRTs is that while they are bulky, they produce fluid frame rates.

If you are not familiar with some of the terminologies let me introduce aspect ratio to you. It is the image in ratio of its width to height. When looking at most LCD monitors, you will find a standard ratio so you don’t need to be very concerned with it, but for your information the aspect ratio is 16×9. These LCD monitors are the most popular today, and can be found in anything from TVs to computer monitors. XGA is short for extended graphics and WXGA is the widescreen extended graphics array. Awxga is common in notebook computers.

WXGA means you will have a wider viewing angle. A WXGA panel has a resolution of 1366×768 compared to most LCD panels which are 1280×720 resolution. Today most movies are made for the widescreen resolutions so you probably would not be satisfied with a regular LCD panel, in fact you will notice the sides will seem cut off. AWAGA display will allow you to see the whole screen which will allow you to get more enjoyment out of todays Blu-ray movies and DVDs.

The widescreen will consume less power than the LCD monitor. I also like the widescreen for another reason. It does give me the ability to have a larger work space on my desktop. If you use your computer for business this can be a very good tool for organization.

AWXGA Wiki will have comparison charts on the number of pixels, colors and screen sizes for you if you desire to look at your options. When using my monitors for games I find the WXGA is not the best. Games often require great color and these displays are not created for this color. I might add though, that I use my laptop daily and I am sure glad I paid the extra cost and upgraded to the WXGA.

Ultimately you should choose the monitor you purchase based on what you will be using it for. I highly suggest the WXGA, WXGA or the WUXGA if it is offered on your laptop. Again, you can get more information on wxga displays by visiting awxga wiki. Go there to compare them to other displays.

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With A PDA, You Have Great Functions Anywhere

If you’re considering going digital, you really need to consider getting a PDA. These devices are perfectly amazing!

iPAQ functions as a pocket personal computer as well as a personal digital assistant (PDA). Introduced initially in 1999 by Compaq, it combines mobile phone, palm top computer, PDA and smart phone. It has such facilities as GPS, wireless networking, a card reader and Bluetooth interface. It incorporates the functionalities of multimedia using with Microsoft Windows interface. iPaq operates on an Intel Pentium III processor or an Intel Celeron processor. Its processing speed ranges between 500 MHz to as much as 1 GHz. It has a memory ranging between 128 MB to 512 MB. Its memory can be upgraded. Initially developed by Digital Equipment Corporation Western Research Laboratory (WRL), iPAQ is now marketed under the HP brand by Hewlett Packard after it acquired Compaq.

PDAs advanced from its humble beginning as the Personal Information Manager with applications including diary, address and phone book, a notebook, handwriting recognition software, some games and common reference material to take in such programs as Diary/scheduler, Notepad, To-do list, Finance software, Drawing application, Organizer, Calculator, World time, Alarms, Voice recorder, File manager, Printer connection and Data synchronization. Email and web browser were added with wireless connections. Word processor, PowerPoint, Spell checker, Custom dictionary, Excel and Spreadsheet are the other programs that were included. Addition of Global Positioning System (GPS) made it possible for getting customized maps and directions, organizing detailed travel plans and tracking of movement. Addition of Palmtop Software’s Route Planner application made drawing out route map possible for traveling.

Some of the top handheld PDA gadgets are HP iPAQ 111 Classic Handheld, Palm TX Handheld, Palm Tungsten E2 Handheld, Nokia N810 Portable Internet Tablet, HP iPAQ 210 Enterprise Handheld, HP iPAQ HX4705, HP iPAQ HX4705 pocket, Asus A626 3.5-inch PDA Windows Mobile 6.0, HP iPAQ HW6515, HP iPAQ HW6900 Mobile Messenger, Dell Axim X51v, HP iPAQ H6315, HP iPAQ 2215 Pocket PC, Palm Tungsten E2, HTC Advantage X7501, RIM BlackBerry Curve (8300), Palm Treo 755p, Apple iPhone, Nokia 02700T6 N810 WiMAX Edition Portable Internet Tablet, and Sony Ericsson C905i Unlocked Cell Phone and many more.

The PDA application now covers many day to day activities of and is spreading out to even more areas of life and work. It covers such activities as shopping, mobile banking, specialized Internet services as stock quotes, weather, foreign exchange rates, maps and sports scores. The PDA is doubles up as an e-book reader, a mobile web browser, a photo wallet and an alarm clock along many others. With rapid convergence of technologies and programs, PDAs is becoming smaller, compact and handy.

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