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Best Techniques To Give Speed To Your Computer.

It is most probable that every computer’s performance slows down after a while. The things, which start happening and annoying you are invasion of pop ups, the time programs take to load and you might hear strange sounds coming out in some computers, while they boot.

You do not need to be a professional to work out and solve these problems. After you have finished reading this article, you will be confident enough to resolve the problems and speed up your system to its former speed.

You can start by defragmenting your system (Go to Start then programs, click on accessories then system tools and choose Disk defragmenter). It does take a few hours but worth it as once finished, you will find the speed of your system has increased. Before defragmenting your PC you should delete all unwanted files though, this also helps in the process of defragmentation. If you add a RAM, it will also speed up your system.

Regular deletion of cookies and temporary directory on regular basis and clearing internet cache also speeds up PC. The temporary directory has hundreds of files stored, which should be deleted to quicken browsing. If you use Win2000 or XP, the first thing you should do is to make the hidden folders visible before you delete the temporary files, which you do by going to C: then to Documents and settings then select USER, after that go to Local Settings and then Temp folder to delete all files.

Installing a good Antivirus will also save you from different kinds of viruses, spywares and malwares, as these also slow down a system. Secondly, spywares make the pop ups and websites open, even when you are not in connection with the internet.

MSCONFIG is a utility, which also helps in speeding the system as well as processing power as it switches off unwanted programs at start up. Go to Start – Run – type MSCONFIG and press ok.

Uninstalling unwanted programs and files also speeds up the system. Go to – Control Panel – Add/Remove and select the programs you want to remove. You can speed up your PC by using Disk Cleanup option, go to Start – Programs – Accessories – System Tools – Disk Cleanup. Fancy graphics also slow the system, so turn them off.

These are some pointers to increase the speed of your system and if these do not work, install Windows Vista or XP on your old Windows version for surprising outcomes.

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How To Improve Computer Speed – Ways To Do It

Your pc slows down for many reasons – deteriorated parts, hard disk failure and bugs. But that’s the type of slow that’s typical. What we are talking here about is the kind of bogging down that happens very fast, the kind that pushes you to find answers on the question, how to improve computer speed. You can start with the following recommendations.

Diagnose your pc for problems. Slowing down may happen as a result of installing a new hardware or as a consequence of congested registry. If you can’t pin point where exactly the problem is coming from, use some diagnostic tools.

Check your pc for malware, adware and spyware. These little programs can automatically slow down any computer. Use a malware, spyware or adware detection software program and see if these nasty little programs are the culprits. If you detect any bug in your pc, disable it immediately and check your pc further for other problems.

The next possible culprit is the connection with other computers. If you have a home or office network, regardless if it is still working or not, your pc is likely to connect with it during Startup. Make sure that all connections are disabled. If you are connected with the internet, remove the connections for a while and see if doing so will resolve the problem. And while you’re at it, scan your computer’s connection to a root kit as well. Root kit is a tool that enables other computers to access your pc remotely. Scan for root kit using an antivirus detection program; programs like this usually work well in detecting root kits. If one is found, disconnect your computer immediately and reconnect only when you’re 100% sure that your connections are clean.

If you don’t get any result in doing these things, try checking your registry or your hard disk, the problem could be lurking there. Utility tools that are designed to clean up the hard disk and registry can effectively clear the errors in these areas. There are also tests that are available online.

In general, two types of test of available – the short version and the long version. Scan your hard disk using the short test. Doing this will only take up to two minutes. If the short test fails to identify any problem, you may consider leaving it there or run the second test. Clearing the short test does not necessarily guarantee that your computer has no problem. To be sure, try restarting your pc and run the long test after a few hours.

Detected errors clearly show that your pc needs immediate replacement. Consider backing up your files and start searching for a new hard disk or, if you have the budget, buy a new pc.

If your need to buy a new pc or hard disk, don’t be bothered. Look at it as a good opportunity for you to start new with a fresh computer. Also, consider this the ultimate solution to the problem how to improve computer speed.

Plenty of ways have been developed to provide solutions that bother most computer users. Some of these solutions on how to improve computer speed are covered in my website, be sure to drop by.

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Simple Ways to Speed Up Your System

Most experienced computer users know about several assorted ways to optimize a pc for the jobs at hand. An operating system will generally include an assortment of unnecessary tasks that hold back your performance in specific programs. Over time, internet use can lead to some significant changes that slow down your machine. When I need to speed up my computer, I employ certain tactics that often deal with simple problems. Let’s take a look at some events that can have an effect on my computer speed.

Get Rid of Extra Programs in the Boot Cycle

Your start up process will commonly include a lot of programs. If you are an advanced computer user, you’ve likely optimized your boot programs and processes to meet your specific needs. On the other hand, many average users are unaware of this possibility. When I want to speed up my computer, I always make sure to get rid of all unnecessary programs from my boot process.

For example, you can use the MSCONFIG command in Windows to select the programs and processes that your computer automatically runs at start up. As you add further programs, many will attempt to bury themselves in your start up processes without your knowledge. You don’t have to run all of your software at the same time. It’s prudent to just use boot processes that are needed by all of the applications that you use. There are some services that are required for nearly every program on your pc. You will have to keep these. Still, you want to just cut out the rest of them. You can simply fire up each program yourself when you want to use it. Do a little research to find out which programs you truly have to use during the boot process.

Organize Your Hard Drive

One thing that affects my computer speed is the condition of the files on the hard drive. As files are written to the drive, a natural disorganization happens. many inexperienced computer users are unaware of the fragmentation that can plague your hard drive. Files will be positioned in an increasingly messy manner as you download and save further ones. The most effective way to deal with this issue is to defragment your hard drive once in a while. This will organize the files in a more consistent way. This will allow your hard drive to load them quickly. This is one of my favorite ways to speed up my computer.

Get Rid of Temporary Internet Files

Since most internet users take advantage of several websites that make use of temporary files, it’s ever more vital to get rid of them from time to time. However, this can be hard to do. There are freeware programs that can be used to erase temporary files. These files can hide themselves in your media players and other difficult to find places. Choose a trustworthy freeware program that erases them all and use it once in a while.

Protect Yourself Against Viruses and Spyware

Viruses and spyware are terrible for my computer speed. Because of this, it’s critical to use programs that work to keep your pc clear of these devastating and harmful files. Spyware is one of the most universal problems that influences pc performance. If your system is bogged down with spyware or other harmful programs , you can count on it to working very slowly. Everyone should protect their systems from these harmful programs.

In Conclusion

While I use several different methods to speed up my computer, these are the simplest ones for a typical to do. However, there are still a number of problems that need professional help.

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Dual Core Processing Systems

Many of us like to play video games and do other graphic intense processes on our computers. The problem is that computers are changing so fast and software is changing all the time that your current computer might start feeling sluggish or slow. If this is the case it may be time to get a new computer. What kind of computer should you get? The answer is dual core.

Many people who are in the market to buy a computer confuse a dual processor computer with a dual core processor computer. There is a big difference between the two types of technologies and we discuss the differences.

A dual processor system is a computer that has two separate computer processors which are often on two separate motherboards. Think of a dual processor system as two computers that are hooked together to help each other with some of the work load, even though they have separate operations they each have to take care of.

A dual core processor system is different than a dual processor system. In a dual core computer there are two processors on the same motherboard which are on the same die and share the same front side bus operations and commands to operate programs and operating systems. This means that there is one computer but two fast processors to share the load of the one computer and it’s tasks.

Just because you have a dual core coputer will not make your system feel lightning fast however. Software programming is the biggest player in the computers ability to have lightning speed. The software must be created to utilize the multi-threading technology of the dual core processors. If the software is not utilizing the processors it will feel really slow to you. Remember, it’s not your computer that is slow, but the software. Windows 7 promises to fix many of these issues and should run much faster on dual core machines than its previous operating systems.

If you love gaming and want to have awesome graphics and fast frame rates, make sure you upgrade to dual core technology. You’ll never look back!

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