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Spatial Data Models

Spatial data models are the methods through which geographical entities are stored and shown in computer systems. There are different ways in which the data is represented in a computer system. First of all there is map data. Map data is one of the easiest methods to understand in basic layman’s views. This is because is blatantly demonstrates the locations and names of certain areas. This shows lines and geographical points that are easy to understand.

Along with map data, there is also attribute data. It is the type of data that is descriptive and will be GIS linked to map features. This type of data is collected by individual states, provinces and cities and can be used in census tracts. Your own particular organization’s databases will be commonly combined with the databases that are purchased from other sources and means. Along with map data, image data is another way to understand spatial data in a more easy way. Image data can be drawn from satellite images and aerial photographs. It can also be drawn from scanned maps, meaning that they have been converted from a printed format to a digital format.

Data models are agreed upon rules to ensure that country lines and province lines to not overlap. They are absolutely imperative in deciding what is in a GIS and for helping to support GIS software. Data models fall into two basic categories: vector and rastor.

Each model has its own specific benefits. By using vector, it is possible to represent data at its original resolution and form with out generalization. In addition, the graphic output from vector systems are generally more pleasing to the eye as they use traditional cartographic representation. As the majority of data is in vector form there us no need for data conversion. Vector allows for top efficiency in encoding of topology. However, the location of each vertex has to be stored explicitly with vector spatial data. In order for it to be most effective, all of the vector data must be converted into a topographical structure. Another disadvantage of the vector model is that continuous data such as elevation data is not effectively represented in vector form.

The rastor model has several advantages and disadvantages as well. Raster is beneficial to users because due to how the data is stored, the applicable analysis technique is generally easy to analyze and perform. Rastor maps are beneficial for mathematical modeling and quantitative analysis. Also, because the postal code map works on grid systems, they are very compatible with rastor based outsource services. But in spite of all of the benefits of a rastor model, there are also disadvantages. Because it is a cell system, the size of the cell is what determines the resolution at which all of the address verification software data is presented. In addition, if there is large amounts of data to process, that rastor system can make the task a little tedious because they usually only reflect one particular characteristic for an area.

Canadian Corporate provides leading location content and software solutions. Location intelligence includes: address validation, address database, geocoding software, postal code map, address verification and spatial data.

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Location Intelligence: More Than Just Plotting Map Coordinates

In this fast paced and ever-changing business environment that now spans the globe, location intelligence solutions allows businesses to turn data from numerous sources into a powerful means of making smart business decisions. Map visualization applications within location intelligence solutions allow a business to interpret and understand analyzed data to determine key relationships and issues that require urgent attention and implement solutions that achieve the best results.

Businesses have the ability to use map visualization such as address management online applications that includes gathering information about postal codes, transportation routes, retail districts, community features, location of key points of interest such as hospitals and schools, waterways, and many other relevant objects to determine marketing strategies, operational strategies, business development and implementation, and more. It makes the information easy to read and understand when viewed so that a business manager can make critical decisions through effective analysis.

Location intelligence has a number of benefits for a business seeking to improve operations, improve their bottom-line, reduce spending waste by implementing correct strategies, and reach more potential customers. With so much data mined from a variety of sources, location intelligence allows data to be linked directly, use interactive filters and controls to allow analysts to select and view analyzed information in real time and execute speedy deployment, and identify common relationships from different data sources. This significantly reduces the time and effort evaluating a variety of scenarios which makes for better decision making and implement the best strategy that will the achieve the most favorable results.

Location intelligence that includes map visualization and address management online allows analysts to evaluate multi layered data according to their specific needs in order to come to the best solutions to complex problems by displaying the data clearly on a map. As well, various business departments can integrate data from other departments to understand sales trends, performance trends, customer shopping habits and preferences, and other key areas to make better business decisions.

Location intelligence allows for the geocoding of data to allow for interactive mapping. That allows an analyst to reach conclusions based on location-based data visualization. The user utilizes data filters to show only the data that meets their specified parameters which is highly adaptable. The benefit is that the multidimensional data on a map allows an analyst to run different scenarios and generate possible outcomes so a business manager can make the soundest decision. For example, when a government allocates moneys in an economic stimulus plan for thousands of projects across the country, location applications allows an analyst to determine where the money disbursed will have the greatest impact.

Address management online provides insight into product demand, consumer lifestyle and behavior to provide a complete geographic depiction. Mapping and analytical solutions when analyzing data analysis helps a business predict customer needs and optimize marketing strategies. Address management allows a business to create a rich database of customer profiles that can be accessed in real time to better gain a competitive edge over similar businesses in the area by identifying current and future trends. As well, businesses can use the data to cut unnecessary operational expenses, streamline workflow, and generate more revenue.

Location Intelligence Solutions gives businesses the tools to make the most out of their data. They will be at more of an advantage to leverage the analyzed information to better optimize business performance, resolve problems quickly, and implement plans that result in business success.

Canadian Corporate provides leading location content and software solutions. Location intelligence includes: address validation, address database, geocoding software, postal code map, neighbourhood maps and spatial data.

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Mapping Postal Codes

In order to stay ahead of the competition, businesses must actively seek out and locate their targeted customer in order to effectively market their products and services. Today, there is much more involved to finding effective methods to reach potential customers than just advertising in traditional places such as the Yellow Pages. It often involves effective business analysis of various regions of the market. Fortunately, advancements in technology have now given businesses the ability to gather consumer data and target potential customers. One such technology is geocoding software.

Mapping postal codes allows marketers to target customers by gathering and analyzing such information as the type of dwellings in an area such as homes, apartments, and condominiums, dwelling characteristics such as if the home is located on a farm or in an urban area, and whether the home is a single or two person or more family, As well, there are specialty business mapping solutions that provide such data as demographics, consumer expenditure, location of retailers and other businesses, the distance consumers are to businesses in the region, types of businesses in the area, etc.

The idea behind postal code mapping is that it allows a marketer to make the most out of a sales territory, select the best retail locations, and create defined and targeted marketing strategies. For instance, if a business wants to open up a fast food restaurant, they will be able to acquire the necessary data to help them select the best location that attracts the most targeted customers. Part of this analysis will include such characteristics as the location of other fast food restaurants in the area, the number of homes with families in the area, and the average income of people living in the area. It may also include looking in an area that is near schools and other places where young people tend to congregate. By utilizing postal code map software, a business will have access to a wide variety of data that can be analyzed from a number of different angles for creating marketing and sales optimization strategies. The fundamental goal is to reveal new and innovative opportunities in a particular market place.

Today, there are a number of postal mapping options. For instance, a custom postal code map allows a business to view exact areas and the information about the area. One can view a province, municipality, town or city, neighborhood, school district, specific street, transport route, or specific landmark. A business can also take the gathered and analyzed information to optimize a sales territory, improve delivery, improve direct mail marketing, and better target a specific demographic. With all of the information gathered and analyzed, a business will be better be able to make effective business decisions, improve productivity, and have better evidence to support business decisions.

Today, businesses must meet the challenge of wide range of diverse regions and people. In the past few years, effective and innovative postal mapping software has been developed allowing businesses to easily gather information for marketing analysis. Then main benefit is that it will help a business gain a competitive edge.

Canadian Corporate provides leading location content and software solutions. Location intelligence includes: address validation, address database, list cleaning, postal code map, address verification and spatial data.

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The Benefits Of Business Location Intelligence Solutions

In today’s competitive business world, it makes sense for a business to identify current trends, determine what marketing strategies need to be implemented, and develop better problem solving strategies. Business Location Intelligence Solutions helps businesses achieve their goals.

Most businesses can benefit from technological innovations that will help them better understand their business market in order to improve productivity and generate revenue. One such technological method of gathering and measuring location data to better understand markets and customers in a particular region is a term called Location Intelligence Solutions. This term refers to using specific technology such as GIS to gather relevant data that contain trustworthy location content to better understand customers, markets, and services. The ultimate goal of location intelligence solutions is to improve business performance and increase profitability.

Most businesses possess a wealth of data gathered from particular geographical locations that can be helpful in improving their bottom line. For instance, the distance between a supermarket and a residential suburb will greatly influence the number of customers coming to the store compared to another supermarket a mile or two further away. Below are a number of benefits to using Location Intelligence Solutions:

Address Verification Solutions

A business can make better decisions by utilizing Location Intelligence using such innovative technology as address verification solutions. This technology allows a business to optimize services, enrich their database creating visuals of a single address and the surrounding area, and geocoding multiple addresses of residential properties and businesses in the surrounding areas. The underlining strategy is to reach more customers and maintain current customers by using the information gathered to better analyze and implement marketing strategies in that area that will attract customers and gain a competitive edge over similar businesses in the area.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Solutions

At the heart of Location Intelligence is a Geographic Information System (GIS). This is a technological advanced system of gathering information and incorporating it for the purpose of storage, analysis, distribution, and demonstrating geographic information. GIS data can display such features as transportation networks, residential and commercial locations, elevations, terrain and other essential mapping features. A GIS will consist of a variety of mapping and data gathering technology such as remote sensing, aerial photography, land surveying, wide-ranging geographical mapping, address verification that includes postal codes, and more.

Demographic Analysis Solutions

As it relates to a business marketing strategy, businesses can use GIS systems to analyze demographic data to find regions to sell their products or services. It can help with the establishment of businesses and the state of the potential job candidates in the area. The objective of GIS is to identify new market trends from the analyzed research to grow marketing content. For instance, this can be achieved by acquiring previously unknown addresses in the location of interest which results in a customized customer prospect list. As well, it will efficiently manage address content by consolidating data to find common and contrasting addresses. As well, businesses are able to see important and relevant patterns emerging. Data collected using the Geographic Information System will help businesses acquire a better market picture much faster and easier.

Maximize Business Models

By blending applicable location content such as postal code mapping into current business strategies and workflows, location intelligence can help businesses optimize capital investments, improve compliance, and generate more revenue.

In today’s competitive business world, it makes sense for a business to identify current trends using logistic location intelligence solutions because they are better able to determine what strategies need to be implemented, as well as develop better problem solving strategies. Location Intelligence gives companies the ability to unlock their business value by leveraging location content which results in improved business performance.

Canadian Corporate provides leading location content and software solutions. Location intelligence includes: address management, geocoding software, postal code map, list cleaning, address verification and spatial data.

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How Does Address Verification Software Work?

Today, it is essential that a business utilize address verification software to improve their bottom line. Because of such tasks as billing and shipping orders, sales lead generation, direct marketing to targeted customers, and attracting and retaining customers, a business needs reliable address verification software in order to generate revenue and reduce operating costs.

There are a number of ways address verification software works. For instance, when a business utilizes address verification software to verify a customer’s address, the software performs an automatic electronic data check for the specific address in its database. When a business uses the software to verify an address that has some of the information missing, the software program will find the missing information and then fill in the incomplete address. As well, when the only information available is the civic number, there is address verification software that can generate the address. This is very beneficial for businesses that ship large volumes of items as well as businesses that specialize in delivery such as couriers. The incidents of undeliverable packages will be reduced and the address database will be much more accurate. As well, address verification software can assist with generating sales leads by using postal codes. When one types in a particular postal code, the software will generate the complete addresses.

Address verification software is easy to customize to meet a business’s particular needs. There is even software capable of managing international addresses. There is very little training involve with learning how to use the software which will cut down on costs. As well, the software is easy to install, can work on nearly all operating platforms, and can be easily integrated into various computer applications and a business web site.

Another beneficial feature of address verification system is it improves employee productivity. For instance, forms can be automatically filled out using auto complete features. As well, an address can be verified as one is typing in the information. This cuts down on time filling out the forms and all information will be accurate and spelled correctly. The software can also run periodic verification checks in the database and update any old address data.

When a business has a large number of incorrect address information in its database, it can become quite costly. Address verification software can reduce the costs associated with the return of undeliverable mail. Software that is designed to collect and systematize customer demographic information can be utilized for target marketing and advertising. This type of software can also be used reduce instances of fraud.

There are many companies on the internet that specialize in selling address verification software that will help a business verify customer addresses. Many sites provide demo versions and free trials so a business can learn how the software works before they make their choice. Purchasing address verification software to assist with business operations makes for a wise investment. When using this software, a business will generate revenue, decrease operating costs, generate sales leads, and improve customer service.

Canadian Corporate provides leading location content and software solutions. Location intelligence includes: address validation, address database, geocoding software, postal code map, address verification and spatial data.

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